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  1. So I just picked up a Garmin Nuvi model 465 for doing charters. After doing some research, I choose this model. It's the least expensive Garmin Nuvi "trucking" GPS that they sell at 350 dollars. It seems to be their original base model. I got lucky and found one on Craigslist. So far it has been alright. It has the blue tooth capability to link to the cell phone which is nice. It has speed limits and current speeds as well as traffic delay estimates and lane assistance for upcoming turns. It also has estimated time of arrivals which helps to let the passengers know when they ask. The best part is that you can put your "truck" details in like height, weight, width, etc... Just a couple things that I am not completely thrilled about. For one, when heading to New York City from Atlantic City it tells me to get off the Parkway around mile marker 100 and go to the Turnpike. This is WAY out of the way. I assume it is because trucks can't drive that section of the Parkway. Another thing is that one time it brought me around the corner of my destination when the people were on the other side. It was close but no cigar.. Like I said I am pretty happy with this model and at this point I do need it being a charter driver and not knowing where I am going. Of course a map is another tool that I need as well as map quest, etc... I could recommend this GPS to other charter drivers as long as they have a good grip on common sense and some knowledge of the highways. Does anyone know of any GPS units that are more specific to bus routes?
  2. I just checked the cabinet and Wild Harvest is the organic Acme brand. There is some Cascadian in there too. There are not many locals here that even know what a gmo is so it's pretty easy to catch a sale. I wish there was a whole foods closer but the closest is about 50 miles.
  3. Oh I can't remember the names but I try to do Wild Oats or the cheapest organics I can find. They have sales every once in a while at the local Acme. Truth is Cream Of Wheat is my favorite or even some Oatmeal.
  4. Hi, I am new too. Congratulations on getting the job. Good Luck with it.
  5. I'm just going from memory and it's been a couple years since I drove the X3 transmissions but they were not the best for city driving. They are great for over the road, parkway, turnpike, etc... but in town the transmission shifting can be a little bumpy unless you master it and still, it is a little rough. I loved driving them and the whole "green" zero emissions thing is great but still my opinion is, they would not be the best fit.
  6. I am surprised that they have let it go on this long. Them kids better get it together before they call the army. Some disturbing scenes going on there. http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/16046551
  7. Hi I am new too. It seems like a nice forum with heaps of information.
  8. I agree that the pay should start off higher beings that drivers are responsible for transporting up to 55 passengers. 40,000 per year is 20 per hour. That seems about right in my opinion. Still I would be grateful just to get back on the road for 30,000 about now... Well, I got instructions of how to apply from them. It's about a fifty mile commute from where I live so its going to be my last option at this point. Thank you for the information. Charter wok does sound appealing to me especially with their nice busses at Academy. Thanks for the tips on applying for New Jersey Transit as well.
  9. Can I nominate Judge Harry T. Stone from Night Court?
  10. I dabble a bit in the markets... I'm not predicting to call the timing on a bounce but I believe the market will rally back after it does put in a bottom and test/possibly break above the past three year highs. However in the bigger picture, I am looking for a major deflationary period that lasts at least one to three years, essentially round two of the 07-08 crash. But watch for the Fed to roll out Q3 before that happens. If my guess is right, the Fed will be perceived as having once again "saved" the market, so the battle cry will be that if the market crashes enough, then the Fed will save us. When you start to hear that, get ready for all hell.
  11. I airbrush as a hobby. Here is a Raccoon that I did a couple months ago. Here is an Owl Shoot I guess I will throw up the Beach Cruiser too...
  12. I am currently seeking employment in the Atlantic City area. Does anyone have any insight about the companies down here? I sent my application into New Jersey Transit. I'm still waiting to hear back from them. I have zero points and one year experience. Has anyone worked for Academy? They have runs out of Atlantic City but from what I have read on this forum, the pay is peanuts? Can anyone verify this? Also I put an application in with Shoreline though I have not heard back. Are there any other companies out of Atlantic City that I have not thought of? It seems like most of the work is in New York or Philadelphia. I really don't want to commute all the way to Philadelphia unless I have to. Thanks
  13. Hello, I just joined and I have been browsing through the forums while waiting for my account to become active. It seems like a good group and I plan to be checking in and keeping up with you folks. I am from the Southern Coast of New Jersey but it is always good to stay in tune with the drivers up in the city. I have driven motor coaches out of Philadelphia and Atlantic City so I have been to the port and out to Long Island. I prefer the charter and casino runs between New York and Atlantic City but city driving is good too. Gardenhands-
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