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  1. But remember that d.c.a.s isn't going to be handling MTA exams anymore, TA is transitioning everything over to themselves. With exams and everything else employee related transitioning over to the BSC it basically confirms this. I'm not agreeing with their decision I also took the exam in 2009 but but even with that it's not a promotion they want you to resign from title before you take the job (this applies to off the street C/R's who took the off the street T/O exam)
  2. Yes it is, and it was offered a couple of times this year and hopefully will be available in 2013, did you apply for the track worker position in July-August?
  3. Hey Jazz, Well to become a T/O you have to take the exam for the title when it becomes available. The only problem is the last exam to be offered in 2009 was the last open competitive exam for the title, meaning every T/O exam being offered in the future will be strictly promotional. In the mean time you should try other open competitive exams to get your foot in the door. You can see what exams are available on this website http://www.mtabsc.info/ , and a useful place for study materials would be "the civil service book store" in lower manhattan. I hope this information was useful to you and good luck
  4. I got the same letter like a year ago, and then last week I called DCAS (just out of curiosity) to see if I was still on the list, and I was. I even when down to 1 centre street to speak to them personally and they said I was on the list and eligible they gave me my list# and score. So I would call just to make sure or go down there personally
  5. Just want to Congratulate PabloM,Latinojetsfan and the entire CRB34/35 class for making it through school car. Next stop T/O
  6. Yo man, OFFICIAL!!!

  7. I see you got that title change, see you in class monday homie

  8. I would say by Spring or Mid-Summer, but always call the MTA H.R employment line to see what number they are up to.
  9. Hey guys lets not get into any of that nonsense, this forum is to provide information for the C/R hiring process especially for those who might not be as informed as others. cr33pshow they're going to be doing 2-3 more classes this year for school car. Then from what I was told by my TSS they are going to be going through the open competitive list alot faster next year, as long as your in the top 2000 you should be good
  10. Im sorry to hear about your loss, Be strong for your family and also yourself and I hope that you can get back into TA Prayers and best wishes friend
  11. I was there on the 17th and I got a call on the 19th, but before I got the call I called H.R to ask how long it would take to get a call and she told me 7-30 days. The number I called was (347)-643-8500, I hope everything goes well
  12. You will probably get a call when they get the results of your drug test, then a H.R rep will call you and tell you when to report back for medical/processing. But don't get to excited and forget to have all your I.D or fill out that booklet they gave you completely, thats the most important thing to have especially when they go over your employment history, and any violations (even traffic) that you may have accumulated over the years.
  13. I haven't been on the site much in the last couple of months and the reason for that is I have just become an Conductor for the NYC Subway! They called me in May, passed all of my medical stuff and I started training on June 27th. I passed all of my exams and for the last week and a half, I've been on the road solo. Congrats, I start training next month really excited and I really like the information that I get from the members on the site. This forum has really helped me out alot
  14. I was in the Mid 200's but from what I hear from other people that I met at 180 Livingston that they might be in the 300's by now and training is 9/12. When I took the D.Test I got a call back in 2 days but it can take up to 30days for them to contact you
  15. Got through Medical and Processing and got sworn in today Orientation/Training starts next month really excited to officially be a Conductor:cool:
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