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  1. Oh wow! You should have taken it! Seniority is everything on this job and that's determined by your pass number, not your list number. It sucks to have a medical hold because you're losing seniority. You had a chance to leapfrog over some people in seniority. I would have told my job something good so i can go to MTA.
  2. A license to operate a motor vehicle is not necessary. I disclosed my traffic violations and suspended license. I got hired.
  3. Wait a minute. You got a "call" to "start" on monday? I, and others as well, were told of our start date after we passed the physical and final processing. How could that be?
  4. I think they tell us by Tuesday what division we will be in.
  5. Were you there on Thurday Sept8? Thats when i went for final processing. Yea, I'll see you there man. I'm Orlando.
  6. Hey everyone! Glad to be here and thrilled to be a part of the MTA. My Conductor training begins 9/26. Any tips? Anything I should look out for or pay special attention to?
  7. Congrats! I start my training class on 9/26 for Conductor. How long before they tell you what division you're headed to?
  8. I have to go to Livingston Street tomorrow at 7:30AM. I hope it all goes well.
  9. So can the background check company, Yale Associates, find out if you have been fired??? I think that companies can only verify time of employment and last salary.
  10. On the initial 5 page application I checked off NO. But now looking back, a termination might pop up. Do I have a problem? This sucks. I had to go down to the SS office to get a full employment history because i can't remember every job i've had since 1993.
  11. I don't think that companies give out "reasons" for termination anymore. But i can't even remember a lot of jobs i've had after high school. I graduated in 1993. So i had to go to the SS administration to get a list. I was charged $50 and to tell the truth, I have no idea what to write for "reason" for leaving because i can't remember lots of this stuff.
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