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  1. The Orion VIIs need a wash after all this snow... Pet peeve of mine is when that salty residue is left on a car/bus
  2. Its purpose would be served best to be a "glorified (S)" and take strain off the buses.
  3. I don't know what I was thinking, but i was looking at a 2004 subway map (still during bridge reconstruction) and had an idea for a new line/ service. Brighton Culver. This would be changed once the is extended to 96th Street. The would resume service, operating weekdays from Astoria-Ditmars to Brighton Beach (Queens Lcl, Manhattan/Brooklyn Express) It would run the same hours as the . The would then be relocated to the Culver Line. It would go to Kings Hwy (peak direction express) Rush Hour/Midday. Evenings it would terminate at 2 Av.
  4. All of the fantasy planning came back to me. It's time.

  5. That moment when Robinson Cano holds all the leading stats for Yankees Batting. Check here is you don't believe me. < http://espn.go.com/mlb/team/stats/batting/_/name/nyy/new-york-yankees > Also Kuroda has no run support, and that's bad.
  6. So... they had the Hernandez jersey swap yesterday... over 8,000 jerseys were returned.
  7. We dont have bus bullet for Nice yet (like this -> ) We should have this
  8. There was once a handicapped guy who boarded the n51 who claimed he had a transfer from the n70 but didn't show it. Driver let him go, but not without a warning. That's all I've got.
  9. Went fanning in the adirondacks, what fun

    1. NYCtrainfan01


      Got some photos?

  10. R188 interior (8) to Powells Cove Blvd (8) Whitestone (8) the next stop is (8) 149th St-Murray Hill (8) 4:17 PM

  12. I'll make a fantasy map of some fantasy world completely out of my head... and i'll draw signs for major exits and intersections... I might have gone too far.
  13. So NICE fare is $2.25 still, ok. And the 3 transfers within NICE is confirmed, yes?
  14. maybe... Much easier would just have the n45 extended to Newbridge Pool. That'd be great.
  15. VWM

    Made some fantasy maps.... btw MEGA MAN IN BRAWL!

  16. Emergency backup, much?
  17. I'm tempted to take the n88 to JB but there's 2 Problems: A) n51 -> n19 -> n88 is $10.00 round trip (NICE went to $2.50, right?) B) not taking my bike (call it prejudice, but not taking a chance) C) a bit too far to walk from Merrick to Freeport LIRR. Guess i'll just take the car...
  18. I've been gone a while... What signs are available currently?
  19. I really hate what's "cool" with my grade right now...
  20. Smartest thing to do is have an out-of-system transfer between: South Ferry ( ) and eventually again Bowling Green and here's the best part... you don't have to get rid of it...
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