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  1. I don't know what I was thinking, but i was looking at a 2004 subway map (still during bridge reconstruction) and had an idea for a new line/ service.


    (Q)(W) Brighton

    (B)(F) Culver.

    This would be changed once the (Q) is extended to 96th Street.


    The (W) would resume service, operating weekdays from Astoria-Ditmars to Brighton Beach (Queens Lcl, Manhattan/Brooklyn Express) It would run the same hours as the (B).


    The (B) would then be relocated to the Culver Line. It would go to Kings Hwy (peak direction express) Rush Hour/Midday. Evenings it would terminate at 2 Av.

  2. Yeah, Flagstaff is home to part of the famous "Route 66", and its a big Tourist spot in Arizona. They keep things very neat and organized here. The first time i saw this set of signs, My jaw almost dropped. I thought it was so cool.

    I'll make a fantasy map of some fantasy world completely out of my head... and i'll draw signs for major exits and intersections... I might have gone too far.

  3. SMH at Aaron Hernandez. There's dead body, a car that's rented in your name parked in the middle of nowhere and you give authorities your broken phone.



    Emergency backup, much?



    <_<Really though..... <_<


    Oh, the stupidity.



    ^ Uh...That's a f*ckin' WIN!



    Screw the XBOX ONE and screw the PS4 and screw the Wii U.  Definitely getting this GameCast for reals.



  5. 1) TEbow/Pats

    yeah, he's a tight end  <_< and he'll flop there as well

    the patriots defense is horrid (See Week 7 vs. Jets) and Tom Brady-Welker+Injury Prone Recievers=Distaster

    2)Jets RBs

    This is a legitimate issue for the team.

    Mike Goodson could've been a starter, if not for the fact that he was arrested. Chris Ivory/Bilal Powell streaky, not meant to be starters. Joe McKnight is better as a kick returner

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