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  1. Oh, the stupidity. GAMESHPERE! ITS'S SPHERICAL!
  2. 1) TEbow/Pats yeah, he's a tight end and he'll flop there as well the patriots defense is horrid (See Week 7 vs. Jets) and Tom Brady-Welker+Injury Prone Recievers=Distaster 2)Jets RBs This is a legitimate issue for the team. Mike Goodson could've been a starter, if not for the fact that he was arrested. Chris Ivory/Bilal Powell streaky, not meant to be starters. Joe McKnight is better as a kick returner
  3. Wouldn't be a shock if it was daddy's girl in a giant SUV...
  4. drivers are horrible all over LI. They speed on side streets, swerve on parkways, and worst of all CANNOT MERGE. On top of it they are the most ignorant, impatient, full of themselves drivers out there.
  5. might be an OCD type of thing, but N87 still isn't on the site's map.
  6. now THIS is what i'm talking about...
  7. I don't know if it's just me... I foam over all types of signs. From symbols to big green exit signs. So, does anyone share this opinion?
  8. Why don't we have one? To start things off , my grade is going to tomorrow's Mets-Reds game. We get to see Harvey
  9. It just seems to simple to work. Lets plug it up. With a balloon.
  10. To be quite honest, I don't usually like people wearing a hat above the point of being perpendicular to the ground. But that's just where I live. Don't ind backwards hats, though.
  11. VWM

    Simcity 2013

    Realistacally, how is sim City? I want to try it, but i'm not sure if i want to after the reviews its gotten.
  12. I think i've missed a lot during my hiatus, but how is New(Old) South Ferry?
  13. Usually an Orion VII on the N51. Occasionally an Orion V on my way home
  14. This is some crap weather to walk home in...

  15. You don't seem to get no one goes from Merrick to sea cliff, or take the bus to do it.
  16. It's good to be sort of back

    1. Threxx


      Why were you gone so long?

    2. VWM


      I just forgot about it I guess... School is a big factor too

  17. I;m going to have to say I disagree with this one. While cutting it off-peak I understand (personally, i'd make it bi-hourly) but to extend the N27? First off, that's heinously long and second, no one wants to go to Roslyn on Sea Cliff from Merrick via bus. They'd use thier car, people here are the stuck up rich-type.
  18. last time I checked they had a few in Merrick
  19. Eh. I say keep N6X reverse peak only at 30-minute headways and get the N6L back in gear.

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