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  1. Awesome profile picture, my friend

  2. awesome signature pic

    1. lilbluefoxie


      thanks :) I made it myself

  3. N51 Saturdays would be the most convenient thing since Internet

    1. BM5 via Woodhaven
    2. VWM


      Now there's something i'd like to see...

    3. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      seriously n20s are like going with standees from flushing. I also want to know how the n6x is doing

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  4. n45 fanning coming soon for all you Orion V fans out there...

  5. Anything that is 1 hour + on YouTube is horribly addicting...

  6. My London pictures are now up! One in the World Transit, on in NYC Subway, two in the Off Topic Lounge.

  7. Photobucket is not working... d'oh!

    1. Broadway Local

      Broadway Local

      I can't even log into photobucket.. -__-

  8. London pgotos coming soon : when I find my camera...

  9. Steppin on the beach do-doo-do-doo!

  10. After looking at Goji's "69" bus thread I realized Ithat I hat 1,069 posts.

  11. Aftermlookingnat Goji's "69" bus thread I realized Ithat I hat 1,069 posts.

  12. Aftermlookingnat Goji's "69" bus thread I realized Ithat I hat 1,069 posts.

  13. Achievement get: 1000 posts!

  14. Leaving for London on sunday

  15. My math teacher called me to tell me me I got a 100 on my math final. Thought I was in trouble for a sec -_-

  16. what do you mean by every bus is the same?

    1. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      There's only 3 types of buses out at Long Island and all the routes operate with those 3 types of buses. The point of codebreaking (whick KR & I coined the term) is to codebreak on buses and throw up routes that you dont see those buses use, like say a B68 with a Nova LFS or LFSA!

  17. I want to be our Nassau County Codebreaker.

    1. lilbluefoxie


      unless he gets the bus drivers to put up the discontinued routes, if they are even still programmed in, like the N3, N94, etc.

    2. User
    3. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      Those routes are probably gone by now, after all, Nassau is in the process of updating all their signs.

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  18. The ability to change the color of this site is crazy. (Paint bucket in the upper right) NYCTF in Green!

    1. Threxx





  19. VWM

    cities in motion is truly the best game. EVER.

  20. Trip to London at the end of June!

  21. Last Day of School today... Finally

  22. Birthday Party tomorrow! :D

  23. VWM

    Cities in Motion is Great! Too bad I've only got the demo version...

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