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  1. As much as hurricanes are serious business, Sandy is the name of one of the people that i hate in this world. How fitting that is amuses me...
  2. n50, the only one that does not go to a major hub outside hicksville, or that it runs n-s
  3. Well, I mean even w/ the supposed "big injuries" and "lack of skill" they forced overtime on the patriots, that ain't N easy thing to do... Thier schedule is extremely easy from here on out maybe except the pats rematch.
  4. IDon't care what any cocky gaines fan thinks, the jets have the ability to go 12-4... With a 1% chance of it happening They better beat Miami...
  5. I don' really care, but seeing the same few teams win it all every time is a bit boring (same could be applied to baseball lol)
  6. The Best the AFC has to offer is (in my opinion) Patriots (who barely squeaked by the Jets) Ravens (who are not the AFC Title team they were last year) Texans (Blown out by Green Bay) Steelers (Cant win on the road) Broncos, Jets, Bengals, Miami, & Chargers (inconsistent) look forward to a long NFC era, men. In other news, Oakland comes back from something close to a 20 point deficit...
  7. Meh. OT loss to the Patriots...sucks, but could have been worse.
  8. n51. only one not running to jamaica and does not run weekends
  9. 49ers hold on in a low-scoring game,13-6... Seattle is 0-3 in the division but 4-0 outside it...
  10. Detroit sweep the Yanks... serves em right imho, cant wait to see the Mets become the better NY team eventually
  11. I think this week's AFC East rivalry game will be close... and then the Jets play Miami coming off the Dolphins bye :eep:
  12. you play in the same division as Manning #2... what can you really do, its almost impossible to win a NFC Wild Card
  13. It takes forever for an train any time but rush hour, even then, it's long...
  14. For some reason, I think R142AM will stick!
  15. Why can't the Jets beat the Patriots sooner? And then again on Thanksgiving...

  16. It always seems FOX5 has something to b*tch about or some stupid story (don't get me started on Greg + Rosanna...)
  17. funny thing is his brother is a Bengals fan and his dad a Cowboys fan talk about out of towners....

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