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  1. Extend the to Coney Island via Sea Beach and 4th Avenue Super-Express (No Stops Broad St-Coney I)
  2. Version 2.0 RELEASED :cool: link Service unchanged Service Extended to Jacob Riis Park Weekdays Extended to Clinton Wharf Extended to Inwood- 207 St ( Extended to Norwood 205 St Rush hours Service Unchanged From V1 <D>West End Express Peak Direction Service Unchanged <F>Culver Express Peak Direction Service Unchanged from V1 Runs Crosstown From Astoria to Broadway, replaces 125 St Shuttle Service Unchanged from V1 Runs Along 2nd Avenue to 125 St Extended to Clinton Wharf All Times Weekends and Late Nites Runs CLinton Wharf-57 St Unchanged Extended to Brighton Beach. <L> Canarsie Express Service Implemented. Runs 2nd avenue Local From 125 St to 14 St. (Phases 1-about complete 3) Sevice UNchanged from V1 Extended to 230 St/ Alley Pond Park Middays Extended to Bay Pkway. Evenings Extended to 36 St Weekends and Late Nite Extended to Broad St Now Sea Beach Express (P) Service Unchanged from V1 Service Unchanged Service Unchanged from V1 Rush Hours Extended to 242 St Van Cortlandt Park Runs Express in Bronx Reverse Peak Direction (From Manhattan AM to Manhattan PM) Runs Express on Dyre Av Branch, Late Nites + Weekend Terminates at St. Nicholas Av, Otherwise Service unchanged from V1 Service Unchanged Implemented <4>Woodlawn Express Peak Direction (5)Extended to Oriental Av Rush Hour. Middats, Evening, and Weekend Extended to Avenues T-U/Kings Plaza. Late Nite Shuttle Extended to Brooklyn Bridge Extended to Bowling Green All Times Extended to Javits Center, Service unchanged elsewhere from V1 For Mets Shuttle Service and Yankees Shuttle Service, See Map 42 St Unchanged Franklin Unchanged Rockaway Shuttle Unchanged From V1 125 St Shuttle Discontinued Sheepshead Bay Shuttle Discontinued
  3. i got footage of a train leaving Long Beach station before the storm.
  4. VWM


    make your own thread for that, please don't use other people's threads.
  5. I like the idea, but I am WAY to lazy to draw around everything to make the and extentions. This was hell to edit as is. As for Avenue S and U, I might combine them
  6. Just imagine it's there. I'm too lazy to draw it
  7. VWM


    I'm a person who used to live in NYC now i live on LI, new to the forums....
  8. nice pics of the double decker! I see them go through my town all the time ( they don't stop there) always wanted to ride one.
  9. hey, this my nyc subway map so feel free to comment and send suggestions if you want <<link below>> http://sfong213768.deviantart.com/#/d479yb7
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