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  1. novabus has posted a corgi bus in other threads it is a fishbowl for pennsylvania railroad, but none for NY. but they are getting very expensive now that there are no more corgi US buses being made.
  2. try testors decal bond spray Welcome to Testors
  3. yes i do collect models, just the corgi US series i have all the yellow coach , old look , fishbowls and flixable clippers they made. i say made because corgi have now stopped all the bus range for the USA. R.I.P pictures as they are not NYC forum may not like.
  4. The model you have is from the corgi sub range " fallen flags" catalog No 54502 pennsylvania railroad fishbowl gm5301 54605 reading lines railway fishbowl gm5301 54006 wabash railway old look gm4507 54106 new haven railway old look gm4509 53907 baltimore & ohio yellow coach 743 55006 pacific electric pcc street car all produced in 1996 and 1997.
  5. Depends what wipers you are looking for ie:- fishbowl ,oldlook ,scenicruiser.have you tried Corgi USA Classic Die-cast Replicas dmouse got mirrors for his fishbowl from them . if you go to their web page then click contact us send e-mail of your want (wipers ) include picture if possable helps them to identify part . fishbowl and scenicruiser they should have , only stopped making them in 2010 others are to long ago.
  6. WOW! bombardier have just lost the thames link contract in uk to seimens to supply trains in london. how! if that is the type of train they are useing in toronto.
  7. could it be down to cost, manufacturer's engineer down to cost not up to strength and quality?
  8. thankyou for the NYCTF welcome.
  9. the red and tan i am looking for is the Hudson bus lines of union city NJ would have posted picture but not allowed to yet ( new member) see avatar thanks.
  10. That was going to be my next suggestion hornby ,it is also a very hard bus to find ebay prices around $100+.
  11. can anyone help. does anyone know what font was used by red and tan on the roof of there buses in 50s and 60s the old look (td4509) and fishbowls please , want to make code 3 . 1/50 scale model need font for decal. thanks.
  12. is your bus the x27 manhatten express if so it also came with a booklet , about Mr F Devine a MTA driver of 30 years.
  13. Hi just to say Hello to everyone I live in the UK and collect corgi buses old look and fishbowls this is the first forum i have joined .
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