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  1. If you were in riding any bus in Manhattan at exactly 7:19 pm you can hear the radio announce as of "1919 126 ST depot is officially closed" :'(
  2. M9 SBS60 M98 soft opening until January 3 , M35 M7 M1 SBS15 January 4 at least for a year then they will decide what other lines will come out of Clara Hale not to mention another depot closing in a few years will indeed move into Clara Hale. I picked into Clara Hale I cant wait
  3. If I wanted to follow one my lines ....... MCH: m35 sbs15 MTV: m116 Quill : sbs60 m15 100 st :m31 Or just go to Brooklyn
  4. I always waited when I saw the lights #B36
  5. Means less runs for us to pick so..................
  6. Follow the link Its pretty much self explanatory I know you guys have our back TWU Local 100 is trying to gather signatures to show that people do support us we doing it paper style but I figured why not try an online petition .................. http://www.change.org/petitions/governor-andrew-cuomo-support-twu-local-100?utm_source=guides&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=petition_created P.S. If you don't want to use your actual address use my depot address 2460 2nd Avenue New York N.Y. 10035 Thank you
  7. Its not mandatory ,you can either put in for OT work or they will post it at the window where you report for work that's how I do my OT for example on Tue I did a run on my day off 630am to 200pm 2 trips on M15 then I saw a open piece on SBS 1 trip from 3 to 530 pm then saw a piece on M60 2 trips 630 to 11pm plus 1 hour on fuel line for a grand total of 17.5 hrs for a total of 26 pay hours
  8. Congrats to those who have passed recently its a cool job
  9. Whoa look above seems like the same person trying to get info, so Bus Operators shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no more talk about this "Thing of ours" close thread now
  10. Damn no More Easy Money OT for me Shuttle was cool It will be missed
  11. I did a trip last week on a Hybrid ( I enjoy a packed bus ) we were short buses and they also had an RTS that day also not to mention A SBS with a paper sign that read Local, brutal
  12. Just go over to my thread and most of these questions will be answered
  13. Dont think so I remember only reading section 1-5 and 10 or 11 for the permit but you dont have to read the whole book
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