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  1. What happens if somebody fails on day 10? Does mta fire the person or you have to resign?
  2. Guess it depends on your instructor, about the mistakes on day 6-7 prob small things theyd let you pass by, but those major things are a big no no on day 6-7 just focus and ull pass :cool::cool:
  3. Days 1-5 are training days, day one you will learn the basic of the bus and its functions, and turns, your instructor will teach you everything, just be patient and pay attention 100%. Days 6 and 7 are there "testing" days, you will drive in manhattan for about a hour and the instructor will tell the other students to be quiet in the bus as it is a testing day, any mistakes you make such as jumping the curb not leaving 4 feet of clearance on your right side or if he/she has to pull the trolley brake, going past a yellow or red light you will be extended to day 9. if you make any mistakes on day 9 its on too day 10 your last and final chance, try to make it on day 7 :cool:
  4. Yeah i hope he passed the training too, even if he didnt make it in 7 days they give you two extra days to try to qualify, day 9 is on a friday and day 10, on a monday which is in zegera, Day 10 there is no room for error, you gotta give 100%.
  5. Yes the q 44 runs 24/7 every day of the week, while there is no direct bus on zegera ave the q 44 lets you off on the corner of the service rd and zegera ave and you can just walk 2- 3 blocks down to zegera.
  6. You can park your car in queens at 14th ave and parsons blvd and take the q 44 over the bridge to zegera ave and walk the two blocks. after your 7-10 day training you'll be back at zegera for about 2-3 days and if you live in queens or bklyn you can save $ 13 a day on tolls.
  7. I am on grand jury duty untill September 23, i have a pre application employment letter to attend mta for bus operator (list # in high 900's) i aleady told grand jury i will not be able to attend tomorrow,....do i tell mta i am on jury duty? what do i do?(lady at jury duty said if i need another day off just tell her no problem) i dont want to be passed on because i have jury duty.....and how long does the proces last for? would i be starting training past sept 23,...sorry i am very nervous and i am a new member i love this site! got alot of info from here, and fyi everyone go to social security office get your work history for past 10 yrs,....ud be surprized what jobs you forget to include!,...one last question,...sorry it says to include violations i had a mta seat on subway seat and nyc pink summons for open alcohol yrs back i have no idea what dates i put it down ( to be honest) anyone know where i can search for these dates and yrs....thats it thanks alot guys.....
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