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  1. It might be a bigger issue then that. I've heard that noise even in the summer months. It's been happening for a few years.
  2. I say yes to that and add that there's a good amount of graffiti on the windows of M7's (the Long Island Railroad on not MNR) and the C3 double decker cars. They should replace the plastic more often. The maintenance of the M7's is going down also. A lot of M7's I've seen have flat wheels, so when they pass by all you hear are the wheels thudding against the rails. There's that and the fact that the train that I was on going to Babylon had a bad skweeking problem in the gangway area.
  3. XDE-40's New Flyers that the MTA wants to get. Saw it in a report that they put out, that they wanna get about 270 of them. I like the ones that are running out of GA, saw one yesterday on the B62, #9406.
  4. They're putting the blue, yellow, and sky blue scheme on the Orion VII NG's?
  5. Doing something with B46 is the best option. You could use the middle track that is used to store trains as part of the line if you extend the but It would be too much money for that so it's not the best thing to do. Putting 60 foot buses on the Select Bus Service and the local is something that should be done. The MTA should have the B46 SBS go to the Williamsburg Bridge bus terminal.
  6. That or the fact that prior to 2010 the M1 ran along Broadway along with the M6. Would actually make sense to bring that route back because there are a few places that I could see a bus stop between CPS and 47th street along Broadway.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if one didn't just collapse entirely while running in the tunnel. Those things buck like a horse when leaving a station.
  8. In regards to what B35 via Church said, I guess they figure that most routes that run along the M100's route are more practical to use ie the Bx15, M60, and M101. The only problem is that a lot of people want to get to areas along the northern portions of the route especially around Broadway. I've seen a lot of buses that are jam packed in the northern portion of that route going either NB or SB, and I've seen a lot of M101's that are totally empty. Also I believe the M100 ran at 5 to 6 minute intervals not so long ago. I guess it's just another route that the MTA wants to relegate to the back burner.
  9. Before that 2 minute operating window from 6:45 to 7:25 M15 select buses had little to no ridership, then at around 6:30 ridership spikes so on the whole the service cuts in the morn are justified. And on the Q44 the only thing that MTA did was switch headways times from every 3 to 4 minutes to every 4 to 5 mintues.
  10. No one says anything about the M15 getting new stuff . Oh and to the guy that made the emojii's of bus routes you left out Q, M, and S routes.
  11. Not entirely, that's really only an idea circulated here in parrot. Look at the M15 Select, 2 minute headways during the AM rush; that's just silly. Then look at the Q44 they didn't really decrease headways on that line once it got the Novas so it's not really a general statement of fact or a truism for that matter. They allow you to board the locals if you show them your ticket or at least they're supposed to.
  12. Honestly the S79 needs to function like what the +SelectBusService+ was invisioned to accomplish. Which was implement a BRT type of system in NYC meaning off board fare payment at all stops and "roomier" buses ie articulated ones on line that are branded as such. The line currently does not have any of the features of SelectBus and really behaves like a limited. The only saving grace is that I believe that they implemented traffic signal priority on Hylan Blvd which helps but doesn't make a big difference. What I said IS the problem with SBS and the MTA needs to fix it because lines like the B46, Bx6, Q70, and the line mentioned above are not performing as good as they can just because the MTA doesn't want to invest a little capital. Oh and for Gods sake the Q44 and the Bx12 get new buses while the M15 stay with same old ones, come on. Bull.
  13. Yeh and it's because of several rounds of service cuts. A year or two ago the MTA cut service on the M66/M72 and worsened service. A year before that they cut service again. It like they want it to turn into a rush only route. I could actually foresee an increase in ridership on the eastern portion of the line now that the second avenue subway is opened. The on the westside the ridership is decent so I see no reason for the service cuts. On the bunching issue for the M1, all of the fifth avenue routes face bunching problems when they merge together at 110th and because of traffic between 72nd and 59th. The M1 bunched a lot more then it does now because headways where higher, there's a vid of this somewhere on YouTube. This fact shouldn't really affect service improvements because too many buses turn at 8th street anyway which kinda runs the use of the terminal. Oh and just as a personal note. I just remembered that's it's Canal and not Worth street where the MTA is turning buses.
  14. I'll only talk about Manhattan here but the MTA realy screwed up on this one. Reducing M72 service is foolish. At any point during the day that line sees a lot of ridership. If ridership is dwindling at any point during the day (usually during noon) then thehandicapped and elderly take over other riders places. Honestly I liked the pre 2010 setup where you had the M30 and M72 serving the east side, crowds over there really got intense during the morning rush. They've been cutting service on that line for years and it sucks. The cuts on the M10 are also really bad because service on the B and C lines between 116th street and Columbus Cirle is infrequent throughout to say the least and a few people, myself included would rather bus it then have to wait for the train. Oh and on the M98 why would they continue to damage service on a line that has suffered a slew cuts since, again, 2010. I would like to see the M98 extended back down to it's old southern terminal at 34th street and lex. with a possible extention west towards Penn station, where the M4,Q32, and BxM2 currently terminate. Would provide a needed relief on the M101 and might help spur ridership that has been going away from the 3rd avenue/Lexington avenue corridors for years. Who wouldn't want more limited service on a line that makes a bunch of stops and is plagued by slow speeds. The only real positive aspect of these "improvements" is the M1 extention down to Broadway/Worth. Even with that the M1 would be much better off if it went to City Hall or Chambers Street. Ideally I would like to see the MTA add service on buses throughout Manhattan not take it away and I would also I would like to see the MTA create new routes or routing options like the M55 (even if that route is qualified as a cut).
  15. Ridrship is already fairly high at that station. During off-peak hours you see moderately packed trains arriving and departing the station. And, from what I've heard, during the rush hour(s) there are a lot of people who use that station and call it their home. With the developement of the Hudson yards neighborhood being finalized and with Moynihan station in the works the ridership at that station is definaly going to increase dramaticly in the coming years. If I could make a guess then I'd say the ridrship there might surpass the ridership at Times Square 42nd Street (the lines former terminal).
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