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  1. Merry Rabbit Day to all!

  2. The empty wheel-barrow makes the most noise...

    1. mark1447


      I think u said that to me a few days ago. What wheel-barrow (or in general)?

    2. DanTheTransitMan


      What are you asking?

    3. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      I guess he's asking who are you referring to in-particular....


      Anyway, agreed with the saying.... I personally like Tzu's one more, as it's more direct:


      "He who knows, does not speak.

      He who speaks, does not know."

  3. On the Brighton express with R160 cars, couldn't get any better :)

    1. Brighton Express
    2. mark1447


      Late Late Late!!!!! Get yo a$$ home ;P. On the other hand forgot something about yesterday! Ill get to u soon.

  4. Tomorrow, June 26th, I will walk from the northern-most tip of Manhattan to the southern-most tip. Along the way I will be doing some bus fanning. If anyone is interested in joining me comment on my status if you would like to attend.

    1. JubaionBx12+SBS


      the walking part sounds great. I am woefully unprepared for busfanning though

    2. DanTheTransitMan


      If you like, you can still tag along.

    3. JubaionBx12+SBS


      i'll be busy tomorrow but it sounds fun. Enjoy.

  5. Whoever believes in the notion of sanity and who makes claim to it, is in fact insane.

    1. mark1447


      Dude what gives, you deleted me off your forums friends list, im blocked and I cant message you?! What gives man? Please hmu dude! o_O...

  6. Anyone wanna meet up I gonna be in Queens? Hit me up.

  7. Thanks again for the heads up!

  8. I went to the nostalgia train ever week. When did you go (besides last week)?

  9. Thank you, this sign looks fantastic!

  10. Sorry I didn't respond to you in time, I did actually fan today. I will also be fanning tomorrow (12-26-11). Would you like to come along?

  11. Glad I saw you today on 42nd street! DId you catch the Vintage Bus?

  12. Same here! I'm glad I saw you too!

  13. Thank dude this sign looks better then the original! And thank you for going out of your way to make it!

  14. Nah, I just live around the M15. The only reason I know about the crash that happened is because I saw it. When I get older though, I want to be a bus or train operator.

  15. Thank you R44 CNG this thing is really great!

  16. Cool thanks man looking forward to it. :)

  17. I like watching them but I do not intend to do any.

  18. Glad to be part of these forums thanks for asking! I'm good how are you?

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