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  1. thanks guys. everything is working out great learning the T/A way at Zerega. a lot of great people and instructors. A {quick note}any document you get from mac-1 or any deparment in the MTA must be save because they do lose documents.that way you have your copy. it happen to me but it's a learning process.:eek:
  2. hi, all they are calling for bus maintaner group A-and-C training stars on october 24, i got call down for the final process.:tup:
  3. hi, all they are calling for bus maintaner group A-and-C training stars on october 24, i got call down for the final process.:tup:
  4. hi, i just got clear by the MTA psychiatrist. said for me to go back to mac 1 in three days and continue on which is great. I know that there is a class going in for training starting on {oct 23 or 24}for bus maintaner group A-C . i WOULD LIKE TO GET AN OPINION. should i go for my cdl licence out here or take a couple of classes out here and wait for the mta 7 days training classes ???
  5. Hi, i got a question hoping someone has some infomation for me. THANKS IN ADVANCE. pre employment medical hold soon to be clear, job title: {bus maintaner group A} Does bus maintaner group A have to do all the same bus training as the bus operators do to get thier CDL license thanks again,
  6. HI ,

    I was reading some of your blogs and am seeking advice. Currently I am being interviewed for a " Bus Maintainer Group A". I passed most of medical, and all other requirements from MAC1, 180 Livingston, however they put a medical hold until I bring back a certificate they have asked me for. I have a CDL permit, with passenger endorsement. Do Bus Maintainers have to take the same training that bus operators take? Would you know the process and can provide some helpful input? Thank You

  7. sorry not position,but job opportunity. once i get clear of this medical hold if position is filled what are the procedures. Can I go back on waiting list? The positon/ job opportunity is Bus maintainer Group A.
  8. Hi, I am currently on medical hold. I have done all the paper work, went to appointments and because of past situation been placed on medical hold. The issue is that in the past ,18 years ago I was arrested for substance abuse. I had a record however , I took all dispositions from courts to pre- employment assessment. I did not lie in the application or pre-employment. Gave dates and information necessary. However, MAC send me to see the MTA psychiatrist and they send me to seek counseling. (Relapse prevention) Which is not needed because this was 18 years ago. But I am still attending the counseling. The MAC 1 doctor told me to do two weeks of counseling to start off and to return to them. I have been working steady for 17 years at a private job. {The position that I am applying for is Bus Maintainer Group A. My question is :" When I go back, If the position is taken, what will happen then?" or what can i do. all feedbacks are welcome, thanks
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