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  1. Why is it that every time a new train model comes out, the railfans always praise the company who built the trains for "their" great design? Isn't it the designers within the customer's company that well, come up with the design?
  2. Had a train operator that bypassed Van Siclen Queens bound at full speed and braked head end into Cleveland comfortably. Now if he can do this, surley these slowww train ops can do it too, RUNNING LOCAL.
  3. So if the rail broke, who'd be at fault? The manufacturer or the track workers?..
  4. Chicago.. what's up with the youth over there...?
  5. Teacher always said "no ones gonna pay you to stare outside a window" The cab of an ES44DC/AC
  6. Slow ass walkers, especially when going through Broadway Junction. If you know your ass can't handle walking/running up the stairs, then don't even bother, stick to the escalators..
  7. Its not always about being nice. You can be a gentlemen, but at the same time don't be a push-over. Don't agree to her every will. I have more to say but I'm honestly a bit lazy to type in more..lol. But anyway its annoying whenever the topic of "girls don't like nice guys" come up.. Most of the time the "nice guys" are just too-passive push-overs.
  8. A video is also included in the link. What do you guys think? I personally enjoy seeing most subway dancers perform and usually have no problem giving them a single if I have any to spare. And as the woman being interviewed said, I also feel that it's part of our city's culture. Thou I can understand how one coming from a long, tiring day of work can find it annoying - it's just one of those things you gotta deal with living in such a city.
  9. Dark skinned black women are the most attractive imo with their rich, smooth complexion. Man don't even let me start with the pics When white men date out, they usually go for the real chocolate blacks, not so much of the caramel ones. At least from what I've seen.
  10. man is the train really that heavy for you to be braking three car lengths before the station...? slow ass operator
  11. No misunderstanding sir. The ride was fun. Thou I do understand your perspective on this.
  12. You don't know how hype I was to have a T/O that didn't even bother to slow down when skipping stations during skip stop service.
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