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  1. LOL no that wasnt me. I haven't driven a state bus in a long time. I normally go downtown or to 42nd and 1st Ave. Whats going on with you and shortline? Will i see you at the training school?

    1. BZGuy


      I'm still waiting on them to set something up. Last time I talked to the the HR guy in Mahwah they were gonna see if they could just skip sending me to Elizabeth and send me right to line training


  2. Nice good luck with your interview. Surburban is great. I'm assuming that you.don't have to do charters if you didn't want to. But we are getting lots of.charter jobs.


    Starting next week I will get to drive the D4500s with the 10 speed. That's the bus I have been waiting on. Then on to the J model and the Van Hools.


    That bus lane is really something else. I'm getting used to it more but its still scary. And I believe that the training is in Elizabeth. At least that's where we all were in January. If you do go there maybe we will see each other since we (Suburban) park our buses there til the afternoon.

  3. Oh yea...first time in the bus lane I was nervous as hell. Then the helix and tunnel. The Port wasnt as bad but that 4th floor can get real tight. Just did a few runs today in and out the Port. Mostly so far I've been Downtown Wall Street and Crosstown to United Nations. Oh the Holland Tunnel is extremly nerve racking...

    How are you making out with Shortline?

  4. Well it all depends on your garage. Shortline uses MCIs. Since I'm with Community I'm using the RTS

  5. No bother at all. Yes the guys that are there at training all have CDLs. 4-6 weeks is a lot. Im in my 4th week now training for Community Coach. But shortline usually pulls out there drivers between 3rd and 4th weeks depending on how well you handle the bus. You being a driver should have no issues.

  6. Thank you so much. Excited and nervous all at the same time

  7. I was looking into different companies. I actually just got hired at Community Coach today. Still waiting for MTA though

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