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  1. Don't worry we all are nervous in the bus lane. Having oncoming bus traffic moving at 45+mph makes for an interesting morning. Not to mention when traffic comes to a dead stop and you are moving at 30....I've scared myself a couple of times!


    I have my official interview with ShortLine on the 19th. I did talk to one of the dispatchers for a couple minutes when I dropped off my application and he said training should be easy since I've been driving so long. He thinks I'll only be in Paramus for a week or two before coming to Mahwah to do line training. Plus I decided to be nosy last week and rode up to Monticello and back. Those D4500s with the 10 speed semi-automatic transmission are great!


    How Suburban work? The only reason why I wouldn't go there is that I don't really want to do charters. If I could just do the commuters then I wouldn't mind that at all.

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