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  1. Why would you think that? Not many people applied?
  2. Well the title of this thread is “Deliveres, Moves and Transfers. My question was about deliveries.
  3. Excuse me if this was already answered but will SI get any of the “Cuomo” buses?
  4. Why are they giving NYPDs exam to bus operators?
  5. My payment status was just updated to success....
  6. How often is the mta employment website updated? I logged into my account and paid for this exam received my email stating that it was accepted but the site says payment failed....is this something that will update or do I need to contact exams?
  7. Hey SevenEleven I just applied to this most recent TA exam. I’m really hoping to go to SI for work specifically Castleton. How is it working on SI? How often do you cover runs from the other depots?
  8. Just paid for the exam. I received an email back when the filing period started stating to wait a week after the filing period to pay for the exam. Something told me to log into my online account and there was the message saying to pay for filing. So I guess it’s now official I applied for the test
  9. I was at Atlantic Detroit desiel in Pistcataway on Friday and saw 6503 and it's going to Coach USA in Elizabeth. There were a lot more in the back but I couldn't get back there
  10. Suburban just interviewed quite a few drivers from Rockland/Red and Tan. They may be able to survive for a little while since the runs that are left are NJT contracted lines....wishing the drivers over there luck
  11. Hey all, I'm taking the BOSS exam on Saturday...finally lol.
  12. They ran on SI seen a 74xx on the X22 running on the turnpike
  13. I agree completely. Every mega bus crash has been off route. Having sat thru the same class I can tell you the don't like GPS and drill into you if you go off route call your dispatcher
  14. I was the last bus to leave Atlantic City. We were taking people from Atlantic City to New Brunswick and the GSP was totally deserted.
  15. LOL...I can't...drops mic If we on these discussion forums find your never-ending bus routing ideas to be asinine, what makes you think an actual b/o won't..... Leave the guy alone. That dude man.....(all I can say) Ok... so I am not the only one who feels his questions are crazy...some of the things just doesn't make any sense...
  16. I drove up there on my bus on Monday and they are putting down the bus lane for the Bx41 SBS
  17. As a bus operator (Suburban Transit) I'm not shocked she didn't ask for directions. Whenever I have to go off route for whatever reason I make announcements and try to keep my passengers up to date on the progress. MetLife stadium on the 113? She had to have totally missed 495.
  18. Hey for Suburban Coach USA we don't have 8839 still at Rockland Coach...also you can add 8884, 8886to Suburban. Drove both buses on our Downtown run
  19. Add this to Suburban Coach 8881 8781 8843 this are at Suburban Also 8838 and 8880 are at Suburban
  20. Seen it yesterday while driving my bus across 42nd Street...
  21. Academy Perth Amboy running NABI's on 814,815,810 and 811.
  22. Im a bus driver for Suburban Transit and all the NJT MCI's and some NABI's use the Holland in the PM to NY because of traffic at the Lincoln. When going to the PABT I also use the Holland, though it is tighter, there is less traffic.(Until you get to 40th Street)
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