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  1. how? oh wait, they haven't gotten their coffee yet From 11:45 p.m. Friday, March 17 to 5:00 a.m. Monday, March 20, Coney Island-Stillwell Av bound trains run express from Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr to 59 St.
  2. in latest update, they reminded everyone that monday is on sunday schedule.
  3. did you guys see the annual arrow cars to dc sunday? they also used the marc train up this way. This all for extra trains for amtrak on sunday after thanksgiving.
  4. i was gonna say the same thing because he used the word game as he was heading downtown. too obvious.
  5. good point. i meant marc not marta. i don't know why i type that but at least you got my grip.
  6. This not about Amtrak. I have a question for MARTA and MBTA. In some of youtube and i had passed MARTA twice while i was riding Amtrak. Does some of their trains go into non electric territory. The reason I am asking is because the electric is right above them. Since I am from Nj, some routes are in electric territory while some trains go beyond non electric territory.Just curios if they do the same.
  7. newark penn station is still flip flap. Not digital yet
  8. wow what a change for the 832,833 and 835. I think it make sense with 835 and 833. The 832 could be a little eh especially if the traffic is back up on route 35.
  9. What up with the F train to Coney Island Saturday afternoon? I was at Penn Station on the A train going toward Jay street. I want to take the F because of the express service to coney Island. Believe me, i made a mistake here that you don't need to tell me about. Anyway as i was at Jay Street, a C and another A train came thru but no F. I waited 30 minutes for the F train. After it finally came we sped to 4 th Ave then local to 18 ave. We then sped to King Highway and crawl to switch over at Ave X. Then normal to Coney Island.
  10. i guess someone need more coffee or was falling asleep From 11:45 p.m. Friday, July 15 to 6:30 a.m. Sunday, July 17, and from 11:45 p.m. Sunday, July 17 to 5:00 a.m. Monday, July 18, 36 St-bound trains will stop at 53 St and 45 St.
  11. to OP was your train was in middle track? If it was, that was weird why they skip 62 street and bay parkway. two major stops (express stop format) i think the OP was trying to ask if anyone experienced skipping major express stop other then usually skipping local like someone mentioned going to 125 street without stopping at 86 street.
  12. help please! Here the scenarios I have apple mac pro i have apple iphone I heard that hmmsim can have bve route, so i went to bvestation to download hmmsim NYCTA A route From here i am lost. i tried everything i could but not sure where the step i miss. i don't have the converterbve because it won't open due to microsoft. All help is appreciated
  13. It about time for them to do this. I have the NJT and it so much easier. You can buy the ticket while you are at home killing time before you go. The pro of using the app 1- no waiting in line 2- if train is already there no worry to go to vending machine 3- it hold your ticket on file if it not activated 4-no worries about exact change to hand over the money 5-reciepts in email When i use the NJT app, I don't activate my ticket till i see the conductor coming near me because there is a timers on the tickets especially when you need to transfer to another line.
  14. unusual situation for the first time i seen this post MTA Service Status Delays Posted: 07/03/2016 8:01AM Due to track maintenance at Queensboro Plaza, trains are running a single track operation causing delays. Trains stop on the Manhattan bound lower level platform in both directions. Allow additional travel time.
  15. most wifi are free. If it it free, i used it. It best to use free wifi because when you search thing on cell phone , your data timer kick in. Most cell phone have certain data time allowance. Wifi can take that pressure off. However there some wifi have little restriction using certain app.
  16. In our wired world, much of the city's sprawling subway system is maddeningly offline. Riders can occasionally catch a signal as their trains rumble beneath the streets, but most of the time, the internet is out of reach. "I think they should improve the system so you can have the Wi-Fi inside," said one commuter. But now, the MTA has begun testing whether to fully enter the internet age, installing Wi-Fi on four cars along the E line. The test, though, is being done on the sly. There are no signs announcing the service. It came as a surprise when NY1 told straphangers in the test cars. Read more: Source
  17. i like the r160, and the first car of the holiday train(the one with fusion seat. I love the horn on that train as well. Also i like yje train with big wide rail fan window from floor to ceiling. No the slanted one. Worst is r44 and 46. It make me sick every time i see that train.
  18. The one thing my friend told me when he was working for njt. People wait for trains and busses. Trains and busses don't wait for you.
  19. Using the smartphone is alway the easiest way to pay. It work great. no need to pull out extra cards while your in the station. The purpose of smartphone is to prepaid in advance and activate when it time to enter the subway. It only take two seconds. I used this a lot on njt app and love it. The other advantage is it on your own time when you don't have to wait at the machine to purchases a fare. When i went thru Secacus Juntion few times with phone app it work and never have error reading. If you are using it on the phone, you need to be smart on how much time you can be on phone. Smartlink card can work in same way. All they need to read the barcode. That my two cents.
  20. can anyone tell me why 834 is the only bus route that have a stars in the back of the bus. all the other like 817, 831, 832, 833 and 835 have the number in the back. It just the 834? i find that weird. also i think the destination sign should say highland or red bank at all times since most of the trips run via new monmouth road. They should add via tindall road instead when they need to cut thru that street. I understand tindal road was the main road before the township want the bus to pass the senior citizen on new monmouth road.
  21. there was a robbery near that stop and suspect fled on track and got hit by the on the southbound track. he surrender to police.
  22. true but i seen them got terminated there many time. while i was waiting for another train in 1988.
  23. i am surprised no one mention 36 street as temporary terminal. Back in old days when the train terminated there. The was shuttle between 36 street and coney island via west end line. Also no one mention that the brown terminated there as well. That was when the brown was serving between brooklyn and metropolitan ave. Now it just a late night service for the shuttle to 95 street. That is the weirdest worst terminal to me.
  24. terminal in definition is a place where the train end to disembark and embark passengers. it had nothing to do with the crews changing at certain point.
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