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  1. They've done something TA workers do too much under explained and over simpiflied. I assume they meant that with a light train. Even with my next statement I agree purposeful over runs in service is a bad idea. While on probation we still fall under schoolcar so honest mistakes made now don't have the same weight and level of punishment as when probation finishes. Not saying do things on purpose tho. Schoolcar teaches us how to stop bit we don't see how that compromised based on factors you haven't experienced. Everyone warns about NTT in the rain but too many mention it's just as dangerous underground if cleaners are power washing the station.
  2. They don't call back entire induction classes to reinstruct them. They call back classes to test them. At this point Gibbs is pissed about the incidents. They give both yard practicals, and the road practical depending on the errors accumulated by the class including ones without incidents. This HAS happened twice as far as I know last year and the one prior.
  3. Here's the real when it comes to school car. The TSS there are knowledgeable but not all of them have the ability and or the patience to teach. Combine that with the way the syllabus is designed you don't really move trains often. and as such a typical person doesn't know if this job is for them or not until around yx roughly 4-5 months in. Plus classes are too big and in the beginning whether it's intentional or not you end up in this study to pass instead of study to know. It's not impossible but there are too many hiccups in it's design. But then there's the individual person, because of that whole study to pass ideal, when they do they seem to let all that knowledge fall out their brain to the wayside.
  4. That varies like crazy. I've seen some post that claimed they got contacted the next day after it closed. I've also seen some get contacted in months and this is for the same posting.
  5. Yeahs..A lot of the posts on DL are wild. That one about socio-economic I'll assume is joking. NYCT has many problems but one thing that is fact and impressive is that it has some really low requirements to gain jobs that pay anywhere from the low 20 to 30 per hour. While it's not really one thing, I assure you it mainly the momentum thing. Once you guys get into school car and you get onto the SMEE there is a delay on the speedo when it is working, and TSS will tell you to "feel" the train. It'll make more sense once your in. NYCT does a thorough enough background check and weight things properly...most times. Being safety sensitive, yes they don't want reckless ppl. However this company offers substance abuse programs for all.
  6. Hey bro. So are you RR proper or more like the Metro? Even the US RR aren't as strict as we are and that includes LIRR and MNRR and they're owned by our same parent company. Different guidelines different lvls of discipline I suppose.
  7. The reason they want drivers licenses is due to the belief that if you have a DL you've driven a vehicle so you should be able to somewhat judge momentum for going and stopping. They've had too many slide out of stations because they didn't grab enough brake and process that isn't enough or grab too much too early, release too much too late on trains that don't like that. Add in the fact schoolcar gives a needlessly over the top impression that honest mistakes claims jobs doesn;t help matters. Now I've seen plenty of ppl w/o licenses go on and become excellent T/O with no problems. To those of you coming on w/o licenses or lil to no driving experience, First Congratulations. Second operating commercial vehicles of any type is NOT physically demanding, it is mentally demanding. Get your rest, watch your diet.
  8. I never heard from my recruiter again. Already have the B/O experience, now adding T/O experience to my repertoire. I was called to start processing for NJT LE. Assuming this doesn't go belly up like MN. I'll make a post. Too much is unknown about hiring process outside of LIRR
  9. Welcome to Transit. When it comes to Service Delivery assume the most restricted. So until a HR personnel or another NOE comes out stating otherwise, it's safer to assume a license is required and anyone who got in without it is either due to oversight or the desperate need of bodies for TO.
  10. No they never did. I've reached out to my recruiter via phone and email and I've never received a response. I'm so use to simply never hearing from railroad hr that this was so bizarre. The obstacle course isn't difficult. If you can follow directions, climb a ladder, and step over anything the height of a standard desktop tower it's all good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Surface superintendent. One specifically assigned to your garage. I don't know list number. When I got called list wasn't certified yet. Found out I was in mid 200s about a month or so after I started school car. Your just gonna have to grab ahold of a schoolcar TO and ask them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. That's hard to say. I know 2 B/O that took promo test and were both on sick control. One ended up on it from going sick off route too often but got bumped back up over 50% of sick days due to the yearly fresh 12. The other went sick nearly 30 days over the span of 2.5 months and wasn't getting slips. 1st one is in school car right now, the other got passed over. The 2nd one told me he was informed by the superintendent that they reached his number but won't take him as of right now due to how bad his sick time is so he's trying to be "good" for a year and reinstate his name. Now with him I'm unsure if the superintendent approached him or he inquired about it and was informed of his status. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I agree wholeheartedly and of course will do. I don't want to return to surface. I ignore all the negativity working here, but one thing I dislike is our coworkers being so quick to try and talk other co-workers out of trying new positions. Especially when they go on hearsay and other short sighted opinions. I know it shouldn't but it does. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. As someone currently in the T/O training. I can assure you in the first 2-3 weeks you'll have a lot of info thrown @ you, it'll make your head spin and think "what did I get myself into?". But the first time they take you out to that train and walk around it and take it down the road most if not all that info starts to make sense. While the training is intense, it is NOT hard. Anyone who has problems either don't commit enough time to study or simply doesn't ask enough questions. Now while ppl do make mistakes. Those claims about how ppl got into serious trouble for "minor" things are exaggerated. When they call you you'll see what I mean. Like hitting a red signal, now unless there's a malfunction it's impossible bcuz the signal/s before that tells you expect the next one to possibly be red. Doesn't seem minor when looked at that way now does it? Plus it was 3 times on the same line? And your right RTO has so many promo options I'm amazed. TSS alone has at least 5 different specialties, plus you can be a dispatcher. Coming from surface I find it astounding how much you can be down here. Simply from reading your posts I can tell you'll be just fine down here. I hope I get a chance to run into you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. No that's top pay for the road. You'll start @ a reduced yard rate. I'm @ 33 and change but I'm a promotional so I don't know what the intro rate is. You won't see the road rate until near end of training when your road posting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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