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  1. Here is the official statement from NJ Transit regarding the 119 line: New 119 Bus Route
  2. Great pics! I can't believe the RTS is back!!! And that Prevost is pretty hot; would not mind seeing those in NJ Transit colors... not so sure how I feel about that Designline concept though. Would have to see the real thing and even then... hmmm.... ;-)
  3. I also thought they were transfer slips when I first started riding the bus since I know some transit systems, particularly in Canada, issue you a transfer automatically when you board. I have come across a few drivers who actually made sure passengers took them when they boarded, but never asked to collect them when they get off. Most buses (even the new NABI's) also have a sign in the front that says "Hand Receipt to Driver When Getting Off". Not once have I ever seen anyone actually do that.
  4. So did I! I had a whole plastic container filled with them from when I was in high school in the late 90's. Also had a few from Rockland Coaches and Suburban Transit (not sure if they still issue receipts).
  5. Well I do not work for NJ Transit and I'm not going to lash out. I didn't know it was a sensitive issue; it was just an observation that I was curious about. I'm not looking to start any trouble or get anyone in trouble. Sorry if you took it that way.
  6. Okay here's a thought regarding bus fare receipts. My understanding is that the official policy is that passengers are to take the receipt issued by the fare register and return it to the driver when leaving to ensure that they've paid for the correct number of zones. However, this policy is not enforced at all, at least from my own observations. Many passengers don't take the receipt at all and the driver just places them in the yellow envelope. I believe it used to be enforced back when PS and TNJ ran things but NJT seems to have let it slide. NJT has the system in place to establish a bus version of POP; they can hire a team of fare inspectors to randomly board buses and ask to see passenger's fare receipts, much like the SBS system in New York. Of course this means spending more money to hire, train and pay a new team of employees, but what do you guys think of this?
  7. Great stuff, thanks for sharing! I do have that book Public Service Trolley Lines in New Jersey. I should go back and look up this line for a little more detail. Such a shame that it was torn down, as it looks like it was sort of like Hudson County's version of the Newark City Subway (except, of course, all elevated/surface). Had it been preserved, rail transit in Hudson County could very well have evolved quite differently than it had. Perhaps it may have survived as a single line, or incorporated into a larger transit system. Who knows where the line may have been extended to if the opposite forces prevailed.
  8. Well the 756 is also a useful route that I think could maybe use a little streamlining, or perhaps splitting into two different routes. One version could run the current route from BCC to Riverside, then get back on NJ-4, take Teaneck Road to Tryon Road to Palisade Avenue through the center of Englewood, then down Broad Av to Fort Lee Rd and end in Fort Lee. The other version could take the current route to downtown Englewood then proceed on Palisade Avenue to Englewood Cliffs. Just an idea. Here are a couple of others: -An off-peak 196: Run the current express route to GSP Exit 160, hit GS Plaza, then head up NJ-208 (making stops along the way), serve Oakland, then proceed the normal route to Warwick, NY. -93H - Possibly rerouting it so that instead of turning from Bay Av onto Broad to Bloomfield Center, it continues straight on Bay Avenue, right on Grove, left on Walnut, left on North Fullerton, right on Bloomfield, end at Park & Bloomfield in Montclair Center. -Extend the 97 route to Paterson along Valley Road, stopping at MSU along the way.
  9. A better idea would probably be to run the 126 to Newport-Hamilton Park full time.
  10. Hey all, I am a new poster here but have been following for some time. Anyway, here are some of my ideas for new NJT routes: 20 Montclair-Hoboken: Basically a new incarnation of the old DeCamp/Carefree 22 route, except that it would begin/end at Hoboken Terminal with limited peak-hour service to Journal Square. It would begin at Park & Bloomfield in Montclair Center, travel down Walnut Street, then Grove, then Glen Ridge Avenue, continue onto Belleville Avenue and Belleville Turnpike. This route would serve as somewhat of a partial replacement for the lower Boonton Line as well as fill in lots of missing gaps along Belleville Ave corridor, connecting several north-south bus corridors (Broad Street, Franklin Ave, Union Av, Washington Av and Kearny Av/Ridge Road). 77 Newark-Clifton-Passaic: A ressurection of the old 112 Newark-Clifton. This would also replace the 74 Union Av service. Would begin at Penn Station, operate via Raymond, Broad, Central, Norfolk/Clifton, then onto Mount Prospect, continuing onto Union Av, then Centre Street, Washington, Kingsland, Cathedral/Passaic into downtown Passaic ending at the Passaic Terminal. 710 Montclair-Hackensack: Would be a more express version of the 709 which is extremely local and extremely slow. The 710 can begin in Montclair Center, run down Bloomfield Avenue, then Broad Street, then Watchung, then via the GS Parkway to exit 159, get off the BP Expressway (I-80) at exit 62 (Saddle River Road), then run via Railroad Av, Rochelle Av, Farview, serve GS Plaza, Ikea, then operate via NJ-4 to serve the Bergen Mall, continue on NJ-4 to Hackensack Av, then run into downtown Hackensack to the terminal. 820 New Brunswick-Bound Brook-Bridgewater Would operate via Easton Avenue between downtown New Brunswick and Bound Brook, then would operate to the Bridgewater Commons Mall basically along the 114 route/NJ-28 corridor. A route from New Brunswick to the Shore area, along the NJ-18 corridor. A route from North Jersey to the Cherry Hill/Camden/Philadelphia area as others have mentioned. Such a route could have certain trips begin either in New York or Jersey City/Newark (like the 319) then operate via the NJ Turnpike stopping at Newark Airport, Downtown New Brunswick, Cherry Hill Mall, Walter Rand and presumably Philadelphia. Not sure if there'd be much demand for a direct route to Glouceter and Salem Counties from New York/North Jersey but would be interesting to ponder... I also think it would be wise to create a route, or series of routes, along the I-287 corridor, linking major employment, population and recreational centers such as Parsippany, Morristown, Bridgewater, Piscataway, New Brunswick and Metropark. I'll probably think of some more in the future!
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