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  1. this is what it looks like from google street view. It kinda make sense to remove these staircases . Removing one of the staircases will allow the stock exchange to expand the blue tent
  2. For the B38, will both routes get the artics or only one route? Would be interesting to see the artic try to turn around on Cornelia St/Onderdonk Ave/Catalpa Ave like what the current B38 does
  3. a similar problem exists in the trades too (plumbers, electrician)..there is something about the millennials that do not want to work in these fields
  4. Does anyone know where the Q58 stops at Metropolitan Av at Rentar Plaza is? I know the Q54/Q38/Q67 bus does stop near Rentar Plaza like where the M train is. This is what is posted on the MTA website about the M shuttle bus when the M train is not running:
  5. In the past, when train service was suspended due to track work or other constructions the shuttle bus used to be free. In the PDF document, it says this: If you have a metrocard, it is a free transfer from the subway to bus so it is not problem swiping the card again. I guess the days of just hoping on the shuttle bus if you are in the area for free is now gone
  6. This been going on since Saturday..the buses is still running on a detour and there is still no notification posted. The mta should had plenty of time to post something
  7. When a bus has a service change and is running a detour, why is that information never posted on the MTA website or the Bustime web page? Today, i noticed the Q54 was bypassing 80st and Cooper Ave and driving straight across Metropolitan ave, skipping all the stops around Atlas Park area. Bustime only has this: Why was the bus on a detour? there was no problems with the roads in the area
  8. In queens, i had to take the Q47...4 bus skipped my stopped, lucky the 5th stopped. Had to wait about 1 hour for the bus to finally arrive. horrible service overall.
  9. TSP is a project for the NYC DOT. They are the ones who needs to install and implant the system. The MTA is just a user for this service. MTA should do more to pressure NYC DOT to roll out TSP
  10. i think that is the sensor that triggers the annoying please do not stand in the rear doorway area recording.
  11. now what i should if i have to wait over 1 hour for a bus, wait another 1 hour for a bus to hopefully come?..i am forced to take uberlyft due to non-exist service.
  12. how will they add a elevator at this station? will the elevator be like from street to mezzanine and then platform? looking at google maps, i do not see a good place for an elevator
  13. thats why i use the bus time app on my phone instead of the browser. but the bus time app does not work on my smartphone. whenever i use, i get a please check internet explorer error.

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