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  1. was there suppose to be a picture, i dont see anything
  2. The only problem with this route is the narrow streets and one way streets on 78th Ave,73rd Place, 79th st, 85th St in Glendale/Middle Village. If you look at google maps street view, there is no way to make a turn from cooper ave onto 79th st due to the underpass. I love the idea, the only thing i would do is straighten the route and have it run along 80th st from Myrtle ave to Juniper Valley Rd
  3. with the lost of parking spaces and garages under the train tracks, they will be lots of NIMBYism against this plan.
  4. Wow..thats sad..how is it going to improve service if it is going to increase my commute time to take like an extra 30min to 60min longer..makes no sense. on an average day, taking the Q47 to the 7 train to Long Island city is about 45 minutes. there is no way this is possible if i have to go all the way to 103rd station.
  5. I live in Glendale and my daily commute to work everyday requires me to take the Q47 to the 7 train. I would love love if the MTA keeps the Q47 at atlas park. While i could take the Q29 to the 7 train, that bus is the itself one of the worse unreliable buses ever. I had a ton of problems with the Q29 bus from very long wait times to bus drivers randomly decided to the end the route early at Queens Blvd even through the destination side on the top and side of the bus said Jackson heights and bustime shows it is a Jackson Heights bus. At Queens Blvd i have to either wait for the next Q29 and hope that runs the full route to Jackson Heights or hop on the R/M train a few stops to the 7 train. If the MTA wants to change the Q47 service then they need to do something to improve service on the Q29 and give the Q29 Jackson Heights bus that go the 7 train better headaways
  6. city general fund as payments go to department of finance
  7. hopefully this means they increase the service on the q47 bus. I noticed during rush hours, it is impossible to get on an atlas park bound bus near the 7 train subways on 69th st and 74th st.
  8. i have an easypay metrocard and the wear/tear that card gets far far exceeds the expire date on my card. if you put the card into a vending machine, it should give you a new card
  9. i wonder what they are cutting back
  10. this is what it looks like from google street view. It kinda make sense to remove these staircases . Removing one of the staircases will allow the stock exchange to expand the blue tent
  11. For the B38, will both routes get the artics or only one route? Would be interesting to see the artic try to turn around on Cornelia St/Onderdonk Ave/Catalpa Ave like what the current B38 does
  12. a similar problem exists in the trades too (plumbers, electrician)..there is something about the millennials that do not want to work in these fields
  13. Does anyone know where the Q58 stops at Metropolitan Av at Rentar Plaza is? I know the Q54/Q38/Q67 bus does stop near Rentar Plaza like where the M train is. This is what is posted on the MTA website about the M shuttle bus when the M train is not running:
  14. In the past, when train service was suspended due to track work or other constructions the shuttle bus used to be free. In the PDF document, it says this: If you have a metrocard, it is a free transfer from the subway to bus so it is not problem swiping the card again. I guess the days of just hoping on the shuttle bus if you are in the area for free is now gone
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