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  1. mechanical problems always cause madness
  2. you show the conductor your metrocard, they do not swipe it
  3. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/coronavirus/mta-to-begin-charging-passengers-once-again-at-the-end-of-the-month/2572955/
  4. when this happens to me, i go to the token booth and tell them my situation. usually they unlock the gate
  5. MTA is having budget issues, they cant afford a shuttle
  6. The only problem with this route is the narrow streets and one way streets on 78th Ave,73rd Place, 79th st, 85th St in Glendale/Middle Village. If you look at google maps street view, there is no way to make a turn from cooper ave onto 79th st due to the underpass. I love the idea, the only thing i would do is straighten the route and have it run along 80th st from Myrtle ave to Juniper Valley Rd
  7. with the lost of parking spaces and garages under the train tracks, they will be lots of NIMBYism against this plan.
  8. this is why they made bus routes longer and merged bus routes together
  9. Broadway can get clogged with traffic. the few times i ridden the Q53 bus from wood side, the traffic on Broadway was also very super slow making it seem like forever to reach Queens Blvd. Broadway does not need bus lanes. Back in the day (like around 2015/2016ish), the Q47 had an amazing re-route that went from 80th st->Grand Ave->69th St to resume regular route. this avoided the narrow Calamus Ave and 79th St. I wish the MTA continued with this route, it made the route seemed a bit more straight and avoided narrows roads
  10. i have mobility issues so the less the walking is better overall for me. I have done the walk from the E train along Queens Blvd many times and it is a good walk but it can be horrible during bad weather like snow storms and rain. The only thing i hate about the E train is the annoying train traffic delays because it shares tracks with the F train. If there is a problem on the F train, it could also affect the E train too.
  11. the mini buses is also used by NYC DOT, they have offices at 3030 too. Also at 3030 on the 5th floor was some college office, forgot the name but i remember seeing signs all over the place
  12. it is still part of the college and now BARD high school is there
  13. i know which building you are talking about, to this day, they still run those mini buses. i work in a building that is a few blocks away from this building.
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