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  1. Red6. What it means is if you pass medical you got the job. You turn in your booklet get sworn in take photo for Id your done. Just remember not to quit your current job because the training for bus operators extremely tough and not everybody makes it.
  2. What the mta wants as far as license requirement is minimum 3 yrs of having a license and no more than 4 pts on your record. If your suspended now you must clear the suspension before you go to pre employment. I think they are gonna tell you to go 3 yrs with no breaks in your license meaning suspensions and to keep it clean. This happened to me in 2006. I went to 180 my license was suspended 2 yrs earlier so I only had to wait 1 yr to be eligible for the job.
  3. That's odd considering you already have a CDL and drive for board of Ed. But it seems like they found something in your application that they don't feel comfortable with that needs to be reviewed. Your just gonna have to wait it out and see what they tell you.
  4. You'll need a minimum 5 years from the date of your conviction to possibly be considered for appointment. The job is safety sensitive as mentioned by snowblock. But since u filed already go for it and see what they tell you. The mta has a reputation for hiring people with serious issues in their background and rejecting those fully qualified with perfect backgrounds.
  5. Your road test can be scheduled at anytime during line training which is about 4 weeks. It can actually be scheduled your first week of line training it happened to 2 of my classmates. As far as how many chances. If you qualify on day 7 or 9 you got 2 shots to pass. If your a day 10 you only got 1 shot. Best advice is study your pre trip be prepared and stay focused don't let nervousness get the best of you.
  6. Doesn't look very good especially them sending u home with no drug test. But what could it be in ur paperwork that's causing a problem. Only you would know. Have you had dwi or criminal issues in the past? If so a reasonable amount of time should have passed without any other problems before any city agency will consider offering you a job. I would say 3-5 years. Again only if this is your situation. Best of luck
  7. Day 7 is your first chance to qualify to go to line training with mta. If you fail you get 2 more shots day 9 & 10. Once you qualify you pick ur depot for line training. While in training you'll be notified to report to zerega to take the DMV road test. Remember the same rules apply drive the ta way. One of my classmates passed line training but failed road test and had to resign. Good luck.
  8. Mass I'm sorry to see u didn't pass training. It's hard I felt like quitting myself and passed day 9. With my instructor riding me the whole time. Don't feel too bad it is tough. Don't give up keep ur head up stay strong something will come thru for u.
  9. It's not about being honest it's your smug wiseass attitude and the way u talk to people that's the problem. I agree with mass it seems like ur being a ball breaker with him.
  10. I don't recall my number but I was the 2nd one called in. Were u there also? How did u make out?
  11. Congrats on getting called. You'll go in get on line and be sent to medical. Be prepared for a long day the medical is no joke but as long as ur healthy u should be fine. Once u qualify Medically u go to the front desk fill out paperwork turn it in get sworn in get fingerprinted then take a photo for ur pass then ur hired. I was there Tuesday all day got out at 4. But it was well worth it as I start training jan 2nd 2012. Good luck.
  12. What's up cana. I never heard of taking the boss survey more than once unless it's for another bus op. Exam. Did u take the mabstosa or mta bus exam?? If not then I'm just as lost as u. My advice report as asked and while you're there ask why u have to redo the survey. Best of luck if u have any other questions let me know.

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