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  1. It seems that everyone has a bone to pick about anything these days....
  2. go25

    New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    Do 4023 and 4044 have a warranty? If so, should they be sent back to MCI to be repaired?
  3. Well shit.... *cue all kinds of poop puns and everything related to it*
  4. 18105 is on the 319 right now, via Mybus now
  5. go25

    New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    Probably at Ironbound being tested, and working any bugs/issues on them before they go to their assigned garage
  6. All I can do is sit back and enjoy this roasting
  7. go25

    DesignLine Commuter Coach Discussion

    Last seen sitting (all 15 of them) in a lot next to 1&9 in North Bergen.
  8. go25

    NJT 5998 in fatal crash

    One of my friends, who works there, said the bus driver had a health issue, and was gonna retire (40 plus years working for NJT) within the next few weeks before the accident happened and took his life
  9. *sips at coffee, looks outside* I hate people... *watches DBS*

    Typical Sunday

  10. Might still be at Ironbound fixing some issues?
  11. go25

    Preliminary XD40 Assignments

    As a commuter from NJ, I'd say Staten Island is good. I would say that their buses are on point, and are way better than NJT by a landslide. Big fan of the Nova Buses over there, having to visit my gf there.
  12. go25

    New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    5919 was last running for AC Bus Corp. However it was last seen inside the Ferry St. Maintenance Shop in Newark on jackstands. Don't know about 5757.
  13. go25

    New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    Seen a few 1806x coaches doing some testing out of Ironbound this morning
  14. Well this has been a interesting plot twist
  15. If you wonder around Wal-Mart and see people how they dress, it makes you realize how much you hate people


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