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  1. I think this won't open until next year, noting how many times it's gotten pushed back, and became a running joke
  2. So this goes to anyone who rides or who knows about the 31 Dover St. bus: As I was at Downtown Newark today, I saw some of the 31's with their displays saying: "31 West Side High School Lights On" instead of "31 Dover St" or "31 Penn Station". Anyone have insight on this?
  3. Well it was pointed out in a thread that one Neo was recently scrapped. And from a friend of mine who worked in Ironbound, any bus pending scrapping is staged outside the NBC, where the Neo pictured on Google maps is.
  4. Does Bergen County really need that many golf courses???
  5. I had a feeling that one of the Neoplans was retired
  6. I recall NJT were eyeing a spot in Teterboro to replace Oradell. Guess that one went no where...
  7. What kind of solution or suggestion you have in mind? As for the change for the #1 to/from Exchange Place, is this another way to make up for the #4 getting axed?
  8. NJT might as well make the go25 (pun intended) a route, akin to the go28. Have it run just like its counterpart, 23 hours a day and see how much that can alleviate bus bunching and crowding, only if you market it efficiently
  9. Needs more stops to be eliminated. At least a good stretch from S 18th until Irvine Turner, too many stops on back to back blocks.
  10. I wonder how many bus stops got cut along Springfield Ave for the 25. This was a long overdue change
  11. Could the other one be either 5919 or 5757?
  12. Any word on when will the electric buses will be coming to Newton Ave?
  13. Yes. The 65/66 now starts/ends at Newark Penn Station. That leaves the 59 as the only one at Washington Park
  14. He asked for the Jersey City subcontracted routes, not Hoboken
  15. According to a streetview picture on Google maps, it appears that a Neoplan has been prepped for scrapping over at Ironbound/Newark Bus Complex. Where the NJT waves are located on the bus have been painted black. Can't tell if it's a 95XX or a 96XX series.

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