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  1. I mean... tit for tat like scenario??? Honestly, any route serving the GWBBT can work, just needs lots of work, marketing wise.
  2. The last of the true high floor bus model, outside of the MCI coaches.
  3. 9530 officially has the black paint of death, per a picture on Facebook
  4. It would be best if Academy Perth Amboy gave those NABIs to Suburban. The deadhead to/from Paramus is unnecessary for local routes
  5. And the fact that Coach USA also bid for the #2, and #88 routes in Jersey City don't be surprised if those routes go away, if and when, they assume to take control over those two routes. To clarify: I saw that they bid for those 2 routes, but if I'm wrong about it, then disregard. Might've been a rumor, idk.
  6. It appears that 17067 is back from the dead, I hope, currently tracking online at CMF
  7. Would the non lav ex-Saddle River MCIs help out south?
  8. Well Gov. Murphy has cancelled the contract with Academy for the Middlesex County local routes, and has urged NJT to investigate
  9. 5760 moved from A&C Bus to NJT pending reassignment. Bus spotted at CMF repainted to NJT colors on Facebook
  10. So the question would be, who would be getting the rest of the ex Saddle River MCIs?

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