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  1. Or it could be that A&C Bus is short on drivers or a bit cash strapped? *shrugs*
  2. Doesn't this reek of how Red & Tan in Hudson County ran the route?
  3. So A&C Bus Corp has decided to end the #4 route, effective next month due to low ridership. Thoughts?
  4. 5919 was last seen in the Ferry St. shops still with the Montgomery & Westside IBOA red stripe
  5. 19077 on the 192 & 19089 on the 194 via mybusnow
  6. A knee jerk reaction by the "beloved" governor. So he wants to milk this out for years instead of a year and a half?? Who voted for this guy?
  7. You also pointed out that the 74 is split between Market St, Wayne, and Meadowlands. I believe that route is only Market Street.
  8. Also, has Ironbound retired the 2003 D4000H hybrid coaches # 4004-4007? Haven't seen them on mybusnow for some time.
  9. Couldn't agree about the #31 being crush loaded to/from Livingston Mall. So now the people who live in that section of Newark that work and/or shop in the Livingston area now have to take the #31 to transfer points for the #70 and #73? That's too much transfers to deal with. IDK what Coach is thinking but this smells familiar in the way they cut the 4, 10/99s & 16 bus routes in Jersey City...
  10. I can understand the Maplewood Loop segment getting dropped (tumbleweeds for passengers). The Livingston Mall via St. Barnabas Hospital one, that is a head scratcher, at best

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