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  1. What about the former NABI plant in Anniston, Alabama? I figured to ask if they can build MCIs over there, or is it just transit buses
  2. I'm sure that Academy and Coach USA will follow suit
  3. That's the New Flyer shop in St. Cloud. Word has it that up to 20827 is built
  4. By whom? Because as far as I remember, I recall seeing the Volvos doing trips to/from PABT.
  5. Usually if they send out an artic on the 107 to NY, it becomes the 126 afterwards to help out Greenville, Fairview, and Meadowlands.
  6. Highest number I've seen in Pembina is 20062 today.
  7. 20047, 20048, 20049 at Pembina, looks like they're ready to make their trip to CMF. Also tracked 20054 at Pembina
  8. 5394 on the 1. I dont recall seeing this bus in Hilton's roster
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