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  1. 5424 on the 65, Hilton helping Ironbound, or that bus was in CMF and Ironbound using it?
  2. 5726 is on the 86, a swap between Greenville and Meadowlands?
  3. Cant see an easy fix, as that would require 2 options: One would be to close that segment of North Ave and rebuild it by making the road deeper, at a cost of flooding easily, and second would be terminating service at Elizabeth, and at Newark Airport stations and do a massive 24 hour replacement...
  4. 6390 is over at the Ferry St shop, if no one noticed.
  5. Hmmm, I always thought it goes by there, I stand corrected. Looking at it now, WTH. Just why?!
  6. 1601 is on the 875. When did that bus make it's way to Dover from South Jersey?
  7. The 112 goes by North Elizabeth station on North Ave, so it does clear the underpass.
  8. 9518 was spotted at CMF, possible work being done on it.
  9. Any word on any buses being retired or reassigned from Wayne as the new cruisers come in?
  10. Awaiting reassignment after work is done on them at CMF
  11. To even piss off Greyhound must be an accomplishment of it's own.... or insult
  12. Real question is, what other buses Ferry St. shops have? I know about 5919 being there, as well as 16002...
  13. From the New Flyer factory, or from Piscataway?
  14. And to think that they (Saddle River Tours) could hang and compete with the likes of Coach USA for routes, they ended up taking up way too much for the little they could do.
  15. 4043 and 4044 should be at Ironbound, as those are the last of the hybrids
  16. Also 18018 will be out of commission for some time. Hit and run type damage on the driver side of the cruiser.
  17. 5627 was a loaner to Hilton, the roster hasn't been updated since June, and it says that 5627 was there at one point. Is Hilton short on buses?
  18. 5627.... I thought that bus has been in Hilton for quite some time
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