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  1. Much to the credit of the congressional delegation as well as the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (conglomerate of business and non profits in the Bay Area), they put the pressure on the Secretary of Transportation. The project was already shovel-ready, but the 45 administration delayed the process, at the risk of millions of dollars of investments and effects along the 101 Corridor (if you've driven in the Lincoln Tunnel, in harsh weather no less, think of the 101 as a step WORSE than that).
  2. Yes, but also our 5000's had issues with the beams underneath (when they came out) and became a pain for the CTA. Not that it matters, but Chicago has a plant for CRRC to build and Bombardier got butthurt about this.
  3. Or for TS OT: Once the Warm Springs extension is finished (Berryessa is still a few years away), that should be a fun addition.
  4. Look up the CTA NABI 60LFW Buses from 2003-08. They've had just as many issues that Orlando's buses had and had to be retired.
  5. They kept the buses moving; but the artics did do a number on the pavement at Rosemont. And as far as administrative goes, there's a much bigger concern on safety and training. Go outside of the management aspect (or whatever the task force recommended) and just prioritize safety standards for rail and bus operators.
  6. If they aren't already being put on Hold or on Work train use...
  7. I think that set will stick around, anyway. But good to know the signs are working properly and a nice shade of purple to boot.
  8. Monday's scene at Rosemont was a delight, despite having advance warning. Wasn't as crowded, but the bustitutions had made travel out of the transit center a hellish nightmare (our transit HQ is another 10 miles Northwest). Some pictures here But thankfully, things have gotten a little better as the week progressed; and as of today, they begun cutting out the lead car, and there's a chance (a very small one) that there might be service to the airport by the end of the weekend (my personal bet says the weekend after that). Story: Here, and here
  9. Love them all (my pick would be the gillig with the chrome signs)
  10. This project is so necessary (transferring twice is a pain --from experience), but it looks like the HSR project might take a dive.
  11. 4865 sounds like Chicago's higher numbered D40LF's (2000 series), which I am a big fan of.
  12. They did Ravinia Shuttles until this past season.
  13. The Target Date is June 14, connecting the two cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Currently the route is connected by three routes: 16 (Local), 50 (Limited - and will be replaced), and 94 (Express - which will revise operating hours).
  14. PACE used to have over a dozen hammerhead I's (and old school versions) in service. I think those were sold off too. /Preferred them to the NABI's
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