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  1. Borough-centric only works up to a certain degree. In the case of Queens, thinking only borough wise might be a bit of an issue. Although there are multiple interborough ridership bases on the Queens local buses, I believe that this should have been done in three parts: 1. Queens and Northern Brooklyn Local 2. Queens and Brooklyn Express 3. Southern Brooklyn Local There are enough routes in the Queens Express Bus Network to warrant a separate overhaul. I feel like doing local and express, they'll try to ram whatever they feel is necessary and just go with it, instead of actually taking the time to come up with a decent network for both local and express routes. With respect to the express bus network, I've shared (and had a subsequent discussion about) my plan for revamping the express buses. I would change several things there, thinking about it now more, but it more or less are still my sentiments. Doesn't have to be from Forest Park, but I agree with something running from the Forest Hills area to Flushing. I believe it can catch on. IDK about routing though. Perhaps to eliminate buses turning around in Flushing, it can replace the Q34 to the north. They can still address their comments regarding route changes. Then again, don't know if everything is going to be considered considering the grand scheme of things. This is on a much bigger scale than just Staten Island Express Bus. Not only the local, but the express bus routes also need to be looked into, because there is a lot which can be improved there too. The former Staten Island express bus routes got nothing on the inefficiencies/missed ridership opportunities plaguing the Queens express bus system. Bronx only really needs to pay attention more to the local bus routes, and we'll see what happens with Manhattan. Either way, Why? Virtually everyone who used the Q33 to the airport got on at 74th Street.
  2. For the B92, one would think it would head south on Union Avenue, and then head up Broadway, connecting to the at Hewes Street (stopping at the B46 bus stop). Of course, we don't know the exact routing yet, but IDK if they would really separate an extra stop just for the B92.
  3. These antics have getting annoying as of lately.
  4. Ideally, that shouldn't have been the case. Even with a lot of people getting on at Roosevelt Island and subsequent stops, it shouldn't have produced the bunching to that effect. But I do think it was the lack of additional service which made everything go south. Some intervals, there were no trains in between the . Too bad the Q102 was no where to be found (for it couldn't even enter the island-go figure). Since that was the case, I wonder if those 63rd Street trains should have stayed on the express until below 14th, in order to reduce gaps. But then again, it would be a merging headache. LOL!
  5. I read that escalators and elevators were OOS. The station wasn't the only thing closed; all vehicular traffic on the Roosevelt Island Bridge into Roosevelt Island was not permitted either. It was so bad that Hospital staff couldn't get to work. https://www.twitter.com/Heilemann/status/1117179266100338688 http://gothamist.com/2019/04/13/crowd_subway_roosevelt_island.php
  6. 1999-2003 Kawasaki R142A Car 7800 on the at 149 Street-Grand Concourse by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 2005-2010 Alstom R160A-2 Car 9238 on the at 23 Street-6 Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 2005-2010 Alstom R160A-2 Car 9648 on the at 23 Street-6 Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr
  7. Service Change Posted: 04/13/2019 4:53PM NYPD has allowed trains to resume service at Roosevelt Island. Some trains are running on the line between 36 St (QNS) and 57 St-7 Av in both directions in an effort to help provide additional service for the attendees of the Cherry Blossom festival. Expect delays in train service in both directions.
  8. No n79 service on Saturdays from roughly 2-5 PM??? Better than nothing I suppose, but more people are bound to travel in the mid-afternoon compared to weekdays. Either way, midday service on weekdays (and that gap on weekends) needs to be filled in. Hopefully they do that soon.
  9. I think you'd see more demand from an express bus in Brighton Beach. The thing with Brooklyn is that it's hard to design an express bus route east of the Brighton Line that catches both enough riders and has notable time-savings. Ocean Parkway exists, but getting buses onto Ocean Parkway becomes more of an issue the further North you go, because not only are there less underpasses in the area, but virtually none of the underpasses are high enough for MCI buses to travel under. So you basically have to have them run up Ocean Avenue to Cortelyou. There are suitable underpasses south of Avenue K, but the catchment area is smaller.
  10. Putting a stop by the is not really necessary. Most people take the and , which combined already serve the same areas the serves. In addition, considering traffic conditions on both Flatbush Avenue and Cortelyou Road, you'd have better luck on the subway from Nostrand.
  11. 1) The B103 wasn't always the way it currently is. For the most part, people are not riding from end to end, so the indirect part doesn't really hold. Nowadays, it just does a lot, but there are specific groups of people riding, the Flatbush/Flatbush-Canarsie group being the biggest one. There is also those who take the route from Flatbush into Downtown Brooklyn (although there's more SB ridership than NB). 2/5)Previously, the B103 had the LIMITED designation, but ran weekdays only, non-stop from Downtown Brooklyn to Kensington. IIRC, it also had pick-up only and drop-off only segments, which made it an intraborough express route. There were portions of the day (middays for the most part) when service ran hourly. This bus was never meant for riders to connect to the subway, as it was more for workers in Downtown Brooklyn. Obviously, all the restrictions have been removed, and the bus also makes more stops. Few pieces of the old B103 service pattern remain, with the lack of a direct connection to the being one. 3) It is a high frequency route because it serves many areas which are more transit dependent. Except for several sections of Canarsie where the B103 runs, most people heavily utilize mass transit in the Flatbush-Canarsie section. IDK if Spring Creek can hold artic buses, but for the mean time, it'll have to do with what they have. The C40LF's can only go so many places, and there aren't enough CNG artics to just transfer to SC. Maybe when the C40s get replaced, we might see something, but that's still years up ahead.
  12. That M34A pic, the B/O kinda looks like Drake. I had to do a double take. Nice stuff!
  13. Service Change Posted: 04/09/2019 1:16PM There are delays and service changes in southbound /// service while our crews respond to a broken rail near Broadway-Lafayette. Southbound train service is suspended. Some southbound trains will run on the line between W 4 St and Coney Island-Stillwell Av. Some southbound trains will run on the line from 59 St-Columbus Circle to Jay St-MetroTech, then on the line to Coney Island-Stillwell Av. Expect delays in /// service. Based on Subway Time: Some SB trains are running on the from Broadway-Laffayette Streets to Coney Island and end. Some SB trains are running on the from 59 Street-Columbus Circle to Jay Street-MetroTech, then on the to Coney Island and end. Select SB trains are running on the from 36 Street to Coney Island.
  14. via Crosstown. The issue with this is: service is only going to Bedford-Nostrand as well. Service Change Posted: 04/08/2019 11:55PM There are delays and service changes in train service because of a switch problem at Jay St-MetroTech. Northbound trains are running along the line from Bergen St to Bedford-Nostrand Avs and ends service. The last stop on the southbound train is 59 St-Columbus Circle. For continued service to Manhattan, take the Church Av-bound train at Bedford-Nostrand to Hoyt-Schermerhorn and transfer to a Manhattan train. Expect delays in and train service in both directions. Our maintenance crews are on scene working to repair this switch. Not Mentioned: Some trains are running via West End.
  15. Considering all the other crap that makes it onto the subway, this one's relatively tame. At least he's somewhat considerate. Free oxygen for when the train's emergency brakes go off.
  16. What's with all the signal malfunctions: Service Change Posted: 04/08/2019 4:56PM Southbound trains are running express from Woodlawn to Kingsbridge Rd or Burnside Av because of a signal malfunction at Mosholu Pkwy. For service to/from bypassed stations, consider using northbound train service. Delays Posted: 04/08/2019 4:02PM Far Rockaway-bound trains are running at slower speeds near Far Rockaway-Mott Av because of a signal malfunction at that station. Expect delays in train service. Delays Posted: 04/08/2019 4:02PM Southbound trains are running at slower speeds near 55 St because of a signal malfunction at that station. Expect delays in train service. Service Change Posted: 04/08/2019 4:59PM Northbound , and trains are skipping 49 St because a train's brakes were activated at 42 St-Times Sq. Expect delays in , , , and train service.
  17. I wouldn't bother addressing it when he's so fixated on the type of fleet the route will use.
  18. Now that's what I call a express... Service Change There are service changes and delays in and service while we repair a broken rail near 23 St. Some northbound trains are running on the line from Nevins St to 149 St-Grand Concourse. Northbound and trains are running express between Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall and 125 St. For service to/from bypassed stations, take a southbound train. Expect delays in and train service.
  19. Do they plan on adding tracks that go from the Central Branch straight onto the Ronkonkoma and Port Jefferson Branches without having to backtrack? I feel like that would be useful as well.
  20. Not again with the M100 to Randalls Island...
  21. via Sea Beach, is for uspended: Service Change Posted: 04/06/2019 2:30PM There are service changes and delays in train service because of an unauthorized person on the tracks at Parkside Av. trains are stopping along the line from Coney Island Stillwell Av to DeKalb Av in both directions. There is no Franklin Av shuttle train service. As an alternative for shuttle train service customers may use B48 bus service. Please see a station agent for a courtesy pass for continuing train/bus service.
  22. Just give up on the train, I suppose (BTW, train to Queens runs until a little past midnight) Service Change Posted: 04/05/2019 11:42PM After earlier signal problems at 36 St, service to Forest Hills-71 Av has concluded for the evening. For continuing service, take , or train service. Not Mentioned: Manhattan-bound and some Jamaica-bound trains in both directions are running local in Queens. Manhattan-bound and some Jamaica-bound trains are running local in Queens. Up 25 minute waits on the QBL local towards Forest Hills right now.
  23. I'm pretty sure they're not doing that because they're expecting Coach USA to take care of that with their 351/353 buses. I don't think that's a bad idea, but that's they way I think they see it (only focusing on those coming from NY and by rail from Secaucus).
  24. A few months ago, Trans-Bridge got seven new MCI's, in order to retire some of the older fleet. Here's some footage of bus 19033 in Manhattan. 2019 MCI D4500CT 19033 on the DOYLESTOWN Route (Trans-Bridge Lines) at West 40th Street & Dyer Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 2017 MCI D4500CT 17100 on the 66 (DeCamp Bus Lines) at West 40th Street & Dyer Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 2019 MCI D4500CT 19009 on the 9A (Rockland Coaches) at GWB Bus Station by BM5 via Woodhaven (Main), on Flickr
  25. Looks like via Sea Beach starting in 10 minutes will have to wait... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Service Change Posted: 04/05/2019 10:14PM , , and trains have service changes and extensive delays because of a signal malfunction at 36 St (Bklyn). Southbound trains are stopping along the line from 36 St to Coney Island-Stillwell Av. Southbound trains are stopping along the line from 36 St and ending at 9 Av. For service between 36 St and Bay Ridge-95 St, take nearby B37 or B63 buses.

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