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  1. SB trains run via the from West 4th Street to Jay Street. NB trains are running on the from DeKalb Ave to 57th Street. NB trains will run express from 34th Street to 57th Street. NB trains will run on the from West 4th Street to 5th Ave - 53rd Street.
  2. It was a completely different Q69 route. IIRC, it was free, and connected Hunterspoint Ave & Vernon-Jackson station with the ferry. The Q103 also ran to the ferry. Both were discontinued in the early 2000s.
  3. Part Suspended Posted: 01/20/2020 11:34PM There is no train service between Burnside Av and 149 St-Grand Concourse in both directions while emergency teams respond to someone who was struck by a train at Mt Eden Av. As an alternative, consider taking the train or the Bx1 or Bx2 bus. See a station agent and receive a courtesy pass for continuing train or bus service. Part Suspended Posted: 01/21/2020 12:23AM There is no and train service between Broadway Junction and Marcy Av in both directions while we investigate a train that had its brakes activated at Myrtle Av. As an alternative, for service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, take the , or the B54 bus for service along Broadway. See a station agent and receive a courtesy pass for continuing train or bus service.
  4. Scratch that, after looking at the trip in question closely, it's actually a Q65 tripper. I thought it was a Q25 tripper because the tripper is part of a Q25 run and is the first trip done once pulling out in the PM. However, that run finishes off on the Q65 in the AM, and I didn't take that into account. So the only trippers the Q25 should have are along its route.
  5. There's a Q25 tripper from 164th Street and Goethals Ave to Jamaica. It indicates it on the schedule, but it doesn't have the supplemental note in the schedule, nor is there anything on bustime or in the GTFS data which indicates this. OTOH, the Q58 trippers from IS 73 are not shown anywhere (off-route tripper).
  6. You're talking about the 159, and that's a completely different story. Breezy point in particular does not want any public bus service at all. It's secluded and they do everything for it to remain that way.
  7. Penelope Ave (where the QT82 would run) is just as narrow, if not narrower than Dry Harbor Road, 79th Street, and Calamus Avenue.
  8. I thought I replied to this, but I don't know what happen to it: Unfortunately, some of the bus schedules can be misleading, and have trippers listed that were discontinued years ago. Also, some of the MTA Bus company routes have school trippers but do not have the supplemental service advisory. You actually have to do a little more research into that For Queens specifically, here's should be all of them: Off Route Tripper: Q1 (Needs Verification), Q4, Q7, Q8, Q11, Q17, Q21, Q22, Q25, Q27, Q30, Q31, Q36, Q41, Q43, Q46, Q58, Q76, Q77, Q83, Q85, Q88, Along parts or all of their regular route: Q2, Q3, Q20, Q28, Q34, Q38, Q44, Q47, Q54, Q65, Q66, Q111, Q112
  9. For some, you wouldn't know from the schedule. Some of the MTA BC routes don't use the note (like the Q38). You wouldn't know unless you looked at the guide-a-ride schedules (which are now no longer a thing). BTW, there are some school trippers listed on the bus schedules that no longer exist (Q16- apparently the one tripper they had was discontinued years ago, Q58).
  10. There's a time interval where 2-3 Q21 buses depart within minutes of each other into mainland Queens around 2:55 PM. There's another tripper scheduled to depart around 3:45 PM. Despite what the MTA schedules and the GTFS data says, these buses go on Beach Channel Drive to the bridge, then basically go non-stop to Howard Beach and Lindenwood, then making all stops to Elmhurst. They turn into Q11s at Elmhurst. These used to be Q52 trippers from the same location.
  11. That works only if the buses are running on time, and if the timed connections are convenient. All you need is the first bus you're taking to be late, or the second bus to be early, and all the scheduling you plan ahead of time goes out the window. Also, it's way too time consuming, and virtually impossible to get everything timed to each other, with a network the size of Queens. There's bound to be connections where it's just not going to work out, and any attempts to fix that would mean either running more buses, or altering other connections (and then having a domino effect), both which may not be warranted.
  12. The Q59 takes me directly to Williamsburg (whenever I need to either go to/from Williamsburg or to/from the B46), but I generally avoid it. Catching it out of WBP was the worst because the B/Os would be instructed to deadhead to Union Avenue and start from there, while multiple people were at the stop at WBP waiting for the Q59. It came to the point where I actually had to start walking to Union Ave in order to catch the bus. Don't know if it's still done, and with what frequency. Then missing a bus along Grand Ave is painful because on multiple occasions, the next bus was still on layover at 63rd Drive. I usually go to the Q38, and then transfer to either the Q54 (If I can make it) or the train. I don't even bother with the Rego Park bound Q59.
  13. This route needs more stops. Ridership is not concentrated at major stops like they believe it is, especially east of Flushing Meadows Park. It's really only during rush hours where you see the concentration of people at stops like Utopia Parkway, Main Street, and Kissena Blvd (due to Queens College and all the public schools nearby). Like I've mentioned, I would have it serve 73rd Avenue between 188th Street and Springfield so that people in that area and in Oakland Gardens still have direct access to those public schools, and to destinations west of Flushing Meadows Park. Keeping it straight on Horace Harding is a disservice. As for which route would be kicked off of 73rd Avenue to replace the QT12 along that portion, I don't which one it would be. Rerouting the QT33 would preserve Jamaica access for those folks, and would keep the 188th Street portion of the existing Q17 intact, but having the QT87 straight on 73rd Avenue from Springfield Boulevard to Main Street will guarantee those buses carrying air in that section for most of the day, because it's virtually going through all residential areas. It misses the shopping center at 188th Street & Horace Harding, and I believe that having the QT87 run on HHE between 188th and Springfield would make it more useful for riders. Ideally I would want the QT87 running along that section, but I would also want to preserve Jamaica access.
  14. A quarter mile spacing would be be the most I would consider in terms of spacing (with the exception of bridge/tunnel crossings, etc.). I'm not oppose to spacing below that, as I would be okay with stops approximately three blocks apart too. There are some sections which have stops too close, but like you've mentioned before, they have to be looked at individually to make sure if consolidation is justified. Some examples where it would not be justified to eliminate such close stops are buses crossing Queens Boulevard (and making stops on each side on the cross street). In residential areas, it might be more beneficial to have spacing below a quarter mile because of how spread out the ridership might be (and for easier accessibility).
  15. A quarter mile is a reasonable metric to use. However, this proposal actually creates gaps bigger than a quarter mile where it wasn't originally the case just to get to the bus route (such as sections of Middle Village south of Juniper Valley Park). With that taken into account and the increase in stop spacing, walking distance will be much greater than a quarter mile.
  16. Here's the full list of service changes that go into effect starting today (or this week). This pick appears to be relatively tame (compared to others in the past). The Bronx Bx15 - Minor Weekday Service Adjustments The 4:58 AM weekday trip from Fordham Plaza to The Hub will now depart at 5:00 AM There are changes in departure times to some local trips during the AM and PM rush by up to 3 minutes. Bx39 - Weekday PM Service Improvements Put-Ins from Westchester Avenue towards Classon Point will be added at 4:57 PM, 5:07 PM, 5:17 PM, 5:57 PM, 6:42 PM, 7:27 PM. Brooklyn B2 - Weekend Bus Schedule Changes Buses depart Kings Highway station at 5:35 AM, 6:05 AM, 6:35 AM, 7:04 AM, 7:29 AM, and 7:50 AM (old: 5:32 AM, 6:07 AM, 6:39 AM, 7:04 AM, 7:28 AM, 7:49 AM). Buses depart Kings Plaza at 5:15 AM, 5:45 AM, 6:15 AM, 6:45 AM, and 7:10 AM (old: 5:15 AM, 5:50 AM, 6:22 AM, 6;47 AM, 7:10 AM) Buses throughout the day will depart Kings Highway at :09, :29, and :49 instead of :10, :30, and :50 (up to 12:30 AM). B31 - Weekend Trip Adjustment The 1:25 AM Saturday trip & 1:26 AM Sunday trip from Gerritsen Beach to Kings Highway will now depart at 1:30 AM. B46 SBS - Service Reductions due to Artic Implementation, Weekend Service Span Increases Service between Avenue N & DeKalb Avenue will operate every 3 minutes instead of every 2 minutes during the AM rush (frequencies south are double) during the peak. Service during the late AM rush will operate every 4-8 minutes instead of every 3-5 minutes. Service middays will operate every 7.5 minutes instead of every 6 minutes. PM Shoulder service will operate every 5-6 minutes instead of every 2-3 minutes. (SB only) Weekday service from 2:00 PM-3:30 PM will operate every 6-8 minutes instead of every 5 minutes. PM service from Kings Plaza to DeKalb Avenue will depart every 10 minutes instead of every 4 minutes from 4:30 PM-4:55 PM. PM service from Avenue N to DeKalb Avenue will operate every 5 minutes instead of every 2 minutes from 4:30 PM-4:55 PM. PM Rush service will operate every 5 minutes instead of every 3 minutes during the height of the rush. Weekday early evening service will operate every 6 minutes instead of every 5 minutes. (SB only) Weekday evening past 10 PM will operate every 8 minutes instead of every 7 minutes. Weekend service will now start at 5:59 AM instead of 6:09 AM NB, 6:55 AM instead of 7:00 AM SB. Saturday AM and daytime service (until about 7 PM) will operate every 7-8 minutes instead of every 5-7 minutes. Saturday evening service will operate every 10-12 minutes instead of every 8-10 minutes. Weekend service will now end at 10:44 PM instead of 10:42 PM NB, 11:37 PM instead of 11:30 PM SB. Slightly more frequent AM service on Sundays Sunday Late AM and PM daytime service will operate every 10 minutes instead of every 8 minutes.
  17. 1) People from west of 188th Street are just not going to Little Neck, let alone North Shore Hospital. I don't think the Q88 should have been staightened like that. If anything, I would support having QT12 service rerouted onto 73rd Avenue between 188th Street & Springfield Boulevard in order for residents along 73rd Avenue and in Oakland Gardens to still retain access to Fresh Meadows Shopping Center, the schools near HHE, and QCM. The QT33 or QT87 could remain running on HHE between Springfield Boulevard and 188th Street. Service to destinations near HHE would be much more useful for 73rd Ave residents in Fresh Meadows then going straight down 73rd Avenue, without a doubt. 2) I agree with you on the QT65, but I actually like the QT64 route, and I think such a route can work out. I don't thin 24/7 is warranted though. My only gripe is that some of the areas it serves no longer have access to Flushing. With the QT86 ending at such an arbitrary terminal, they should at the very least extend it north into College Point to replace some of the Q25 sections (which no longer have a bus), and send it over to the existing Q65 terminal. (and truncate the QT64 at College Point Boulevard).
  18. This will be interesting, as there will have to be some sort of depot swap as well. Not only that, but interesting how the MTA is actually increasing B1 service on Sundays instead of decreasing it. We shall see how it plays on the actual schedule when the time comes. Also, Q58 reductions are just insane from the AM rush. I'm more inclined to believe that people are being instructed to get in through the back, because those buses get slammed. and do bypass people. It's gonna be just like the Q29 reduction in service years ago (which had buses bypassing a greater amount of people than it used to - basically, if you were north of Juniper Valley Park, good luck catching a bus to the subway).
  19. I mean, if the MTA is getting paid, I cant complain too much. I don't find the announcements too obnoxious, but the 'stacks' one that goes off every other stop after the stop is made is completely unnecessary, IMO. I don't find the concept necessarily a bad thing, but I feel like if it was expanded to the Bronx, the choices could definitely get crazy. Cardi B could do the door chimes.
  20. I mentioned the because that's the most used of the interborough options , but I never said it was the only option. Downtown Jamaica is very walkable in the sense the places are close by to each other (and the bus routes). If people were really walking once the routes hit Jamaica, a lot more routes would be terminating near 165th Street, Jamaica Center, or Sutphin Boulevard, and there would be nothing traveling on Jamaica Avenue & Hillside Avenues. Huh? So you're going from 'They don't need the service' to 'It is not a service cut'. How do you explain the loss of overnight service on the Q2 and Q4 then? A service cut is a service cut. Those people east of Springfield will see a service cut. There's a loss in network coverage. Doesn't matter if you split it into five routes. You're the one bringing up making a fuss about how people do all this walking to the bus and then use driving distance to make an argument about service being so close to each other, which again, comes off as disingenuous, and also says a lot. Okay, so 10 minutes is not 2 minutes, and that's not even considering people who live further away from Francis Lewis Boulevard (which like you yourself mentioned, is the majority of people) If the buses all go to Jamaica, what's the point of going to Francis Lewis Boulevard to catch the QT73 and waiting for a service passing every 20 minutes, just to go 2 minutes at max? Like, at least make a rational argument with this. Most of them will be forced to walk up to the avenue of the nearest bus, then walk to the bus stop on that avenue (because of the increased stop spacing). It doesn't matter if it was valid, because they wouldn't have saved them under that justification. Again, you're looking at this through your own lens and you're refusing to look at the bigger picture. A lot of these changes are service cuts, and certain areas are hit pretty bad. The MTA doesn't care for a second about subway GOs, because subway shuttles cost less to operate during the year compared to a 24/7 bus line. You're just going along with whatever the MTA proposal, figuring that they know what they're doing, and that they're justified in everything they're doing. You're using every MTA talking point and anything that sticks to defend the proposal and the agencies intentions as a good thing. That's definently not the case overall, and I'm not the only one who's expressing those statements.
  21. Multiple incidents within a two week span caused for the QBL services to be rerouted off of Queens Boulevard to different destinations. From 12/24, 12/31, and 1/4. 2005-2010 Alstom R160A Car 9282 on the at 96th Street by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 2005-2010 Alstom R160A-1 Car 8481 on the at 72 Street by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr Some other stuff: 1986-1988 Kawasaki R68A Car 5074 on the at Inwood-207 Street by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 1964 Budd Company R32 Car 3732 on the at 86 Street by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 1986-1988 Westinghouse R68 Car 2584 on the at 23rd Street by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 1986-1988 Westinghouse R68 Car 2584 on the at 14th Street by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr Enjoy!
  22. The Q77 does connect to the Q8, which does go to SW Queens and Brooklyn. It may not be as fast as the , but it does go there. Also, the Q84 makes a connection to the , so all those in Laurelton will lose that connection. Just like connections, service span increases does not mean net benefit. If the bus does not go where people need to go, then it's a waste of resources. And no, the and are not interchangeable like you think they are. Anybody going to the far west side is not taking the for sure, and no one below 50th Street or so is taking the for the east side. To a destination which is about a minute or two away. If they're not going to the subway or a making a bus connection, they're going somewhere within Jamaica. No, I don't see what correlation you're trying to make because it doesn't make sense. Buses will be emptier by the time they reach their terminals. Also, I don't buy this notion of buses being empty past Springfield Boulevard, because the MTA would have cut them these buses back then during the first opportunity they had (which was the 2010 cuts), but that wasn't the case. They most definitely wouldn't have had buses running overnight like that for decades. You are giving the MTA way too much credit with this one. No one said anything about people not walking to/from bus stops. It's the excessive walking that you seem to be okay with. You are the one who brought up that the Q77 route has route crossing it which are two minutes from each other, so I'm asking in which ones fit that under terms of walking distance. You can't answer that, because there are none. In terms of driving distance though, that's true. Another disingenuous talking point, and you are making the case about people walking. Under what metric are you basing this on? That's not the reason why they weren't cut. Had the MTA had their way, those routes would have gone the way of the dinosaur.
  23. Some footage I have of LIRR trains. The video in Hicksville was taken in late July, while the video in Gibson was taken last week. I got a new phone so I decided to test out the camera. 2019 Kawasaki M9 Car 9028 on Far Rockaway Branch Train 2859 at Gibson by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr Enjoy!
  24. Explain how someone coming from SW Queens or Brooklyn is supposed to use the . You're refusing to see the bigger picture with this entire thing, and are only viewing stuff from your lens. The isn't the only train from Jamaica. People are also using the and to make connections to the buses as well. Whether the bus terminates at Springfield Blvd or further along the route, the bus operator is still paid for layover time. So if the same cycle time can be achieved by sending the buses further out, then it makes no sense to eliminate those portions of the route. However, with the combination of the Hillside Ave and Merrick Boulevard local, it's clearly a cost-cutting measure. There's literally no service past Springfield towards Jamaica on the Hillside and Merrick route during the overnight hours, and no between those corridors going to Jamaica except for the QT67. Do you really think having people walk up to 2.5 miles or so to catch a bus to Jamaica is appropriate? Like come on now. Most people needing a bus between Merrick and Hillside would need to do a walk between 1-2 miles to either the QT18, or QT67, or QT68. Which is not happening if you're reducing Jamaica access. Once again, people are not just going to Jamaica for the subway, and more specifically, for subway access to Manhattan. People are actually going to Jamaica (for destinations along Hillside Ave and Jamaica Ave), or are connecting for subway service to Brooklyn. What two cross routes in that area are within 2 minutes of walking distance from each other? Three avenue blocks, which are approximately two street blocks wide. So that makes 6 street blocks. Plus, this doesn't account for people who come from south of 120th Avenue. The MTA considered cutting the B25 and Q56 back back in 2009. They've proposed cutting the Q53 outright and partially replacing it with the Q52 and another Broadway route in this redesign "draft" plan. These are all literally cost cutting measures, because all three of those routes carry riders. You can't just assume that a service cut means that the route performs poorly, especially with this agency, which is eliminating service from where they can, even on the workhorses. Look at what they're trying to do with the Q44 in terms of service levels.
  25. 1) Buses during late night are not going to fill up the way daytime buses do. That's consistent throughout the entire system, and not just limited to SE Queens. I'm pretty sure wouldn't be advocating for subway cuts during overnight hours, because some subway lines currently have considerably low ridership during late night hours. Sure, there might be less people going to the outer neighborhoods, but does it make sense to completely strand them if the existing system can get them to where they need to go and they carry other passengers as well? It's one thing to suggest eliminating one route, but it's another thing when Cambria Heights, Laurelton, and parts of Bellrose, Floral Park, and Rosedale would all lose overnight bus service, because the QT18 does not go past Springfield Boulevard or 231st Street. The QT7 would only have 24 hr service on weekdays, and it and the QT73 do not go to Jamaica. Out of the routes you mentioned, only the QT45 serves one of the outermost neighborhoods in SE Queens, and even then parts of that neighborhood is still far from that bus. Not necessarily an issue of the QT45, but it's an issue of the outright slashing of service to those neighborhoods. Also, do you realize that for some you would need to make additional transfers and go out your way, even if you make a walk to/from an overnight bus? You cannot tell me areas east of Francis Lewis Boulevard (in Laurelton) to Springfield Blvd is any easy walk. Springfield to Francis Lewis Boulevard is far enough to begin with, especially during overnight hours when you have to time yourself the bus. This doesn't even take into consideration any safety issues at night. If you make night service unusable or non-existent at night, you will lose your ridership base because many are just not going to walk in fear of their safety. 2) Well, that's false. Like I said, there's many more people going to 74th Street. The QT18 or the LTD service on Hillside would be useless for those people, because the buses I've been on (with standees on and everything) use the bus along Francis Lewis Boulevard (and to be more specific, places south of Jamaica Avenue). I don't see many people in Little Neck and Auburndale caring about going to location in Queens east of Main Street. You can't say that job locations are more accessible just because new routes are redrawn, that's a rather disingenuous point. Those job locations along the new route are now accessible, but if most people have jobs elsewhere and the new system takes them longer to get to their place of work because it doesn't take them to the necessary connections they need, then you just made all those job locations less accessible. You're playing with people's livelihoods just to experiment on a new route structure. Well those people complaining about the and combo using that point either do not know what they are talking about, or (with respect to railfans) doing for more selfish reasons and using any talking point they think sticks. The major complaint I've heard regarding that route was whether to use or . Others didn't mind the new route, but like Ridgewood in particular, wasn't with the designation. Yes, and of those using the Q77 (which would be replaced with the QT71 and QT73) and the Q84 west of Springfield, how many would now need to walk even longer to one of the east-west routes going to Jamaica, for connections to SW Queens, Brooklyn. How many would have a longer bus ride to the for Manhattan, which outside of the rush, is all local, and only serves a portion of Midtown, compared to the existing ride to the , which runs express in Queens and serves much more of Manhattan than the does. You're reaching with the connectivity argument. Just because you have multiple connections available and more connections accessible, doesn't necessarily mean anything, because if most people do not want those connections, they're useless. Literally no one in SE Queens is seeking Douglaston Shopping Center. Queens Center Mall can still be reached under one fare under the existing system, since the Q88 goes to Springfield, and if the route doesn't connect with the Q88, they would be able to take the subway. The only difference that in some cases, the transfer location changes, and for others, the trip is done with two buses instead of bus + subway combo. Similar thing with locations along Union Turnpike (Some have direct access already and will continue to have it). When the benefits of the new connections provided are significantly outweighed by the difficult in other major connections, the bus is essentially a personal chauffeur. Again, if the Q77 existed in some form (and the Q84 as it does today, for the most part), and the QT73 also existed together, I would not have so much of a problem with this whole thing. But having the QT73 essentially replace the Q77 and the easternmost part of the Q84 (and make it harder for those getting to Jamaica) is simply something I can't agree with.
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