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  1. I did my DT in the middle of the week and the next Friday (8-9 days later ) I was called to take my medical on Monday. I did make the july 29 class, but I believe there calling it the august class. sounds like you just missed this class. and yes there was 40 conductors in the last class
  2. they say DTs take 2 weeks but I got mine back in one. In the last class there were 50 T/Os and 40 conductors called. they split us up into groups of 10 with 2 TSS per group.
  3. after my first day at 180 livington st I was amazed and surprised at the set up. a whole huge floor with a DMV type ticket system, there own lab, own doctors. most all companies send that stuff out to labs and doctors. but after hearing all the stuff about the MTA , I understand now. investigation finds out one thing you missed.. YOUR FIRED! fail one test in school car...YOUR FIRED! get one question wrong on your signal test.. YOUR FIRED! that's why they need that big set up cause they go thru new hires and fire or disqualify them so fast. that's why as happy as I am I made it to school car im not jumping up and down with joy and telling the world I got this fantastic job. cause I mite not have it in a month or two. I will wait till I get out of probation to celebrate. at least by then I will have the union to help me out if I have a problem.
  4. thanks gherigfan. yeah I don't plan to call out for the first year or for however long probation lasts. and direct deposit is the first thing im doing. is orientation a full day? how long is lunch ?
  5. hey guys, im starting on Monday an I have 2 questions. 1. when do we get paid? if I remember right the lady at the interview said the checks are made at the beginning of the month so if you call out a day you get paid and have it taken out later. so I assume if its like that then they don't hold back a week like most jobs do. 2. does anyone have an idea where I can buy those pants and shirt for orientation. how long until we get our uniforms ?
  6. I heard that people who don't smoke have failed that test. but also that people who DO smoke have passed it. its all in the Technique.
  7. I got called yesterday for medical for train op. for Monday anyone know what they check during medical?. only thing that worries me is the lung capacity test. it looks hard
  8. well my school is no longer around and I got a G.E.D so I have to wait a week or so for Albany to send it to me. same for my social. funny thing is a got another letter telling me to go back on tues. but I wont have the documents by then. still gotta go.
  9. thanks...but my day didn't go to well. I had lost everything when my house was destroyed from sandy. so I didn't have my SS or my high school diploma. they gave me a number to call when I get them but there not holding a spot in train school. SS card will be here in a week. but my high school is no longer around. anyone know where I can get my H.S diploma ?
  10. interview and medical it said in the letter I seam to owe a fine and community service from 12 years ago. I was hoping to finish it before the investigation since the record is seal and I don't have to disclose it. but its too late now..im gonna tell them about it.
  11. hey guys, just got called down for my interview tomorrow. just curious as to when they start the backround checks on people.
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