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  1. Hello all. Got my p/e letter few days ago, list #108* for Nov 16. Took the test while going through probation with sanitation. Been on for over 2 yrs so I'm sticking with DSNY. Good luck to all future train operators.
  2. Hello All. Medical/Interview today, got in at 6:28am and left at 5:20pm, they love making me wait. Thankfully I got in to the July 29th class. All diagnostic tests were good except for a shaky EKG but acceptable. I did overhear the ladies saying that there were a lot of medical holds. Thanks to the posts on this forum I was able to take care of all my issues early, so thank you everyone for your excellent information. Now the fun begins, see everyone in Schoolcar!!!! BTW my number is 114X.
  3. Got the call today for medical and interview, scheduled for the 16th. Sooooo Close!!! List #114X.
  4. Hey Calvin, I went in for 2nd DT today and it was not as fast as May 9th. In may I was out of there in under an hour, today I got there a bit late(around 7:20am) with a ticket # in the 15xs and I finished around 2:30. Unfortunately the lab crew was understaffed and only had 2 people working,others were out sick. Around 2 oclock it seemed like the cavalry of 3 other techs came to help which made the room clear out quickly. I wish everyone with 2nd DTs a speedier turn around time but for me the job opportunity is worth the wait. Now I will wait a little more for the medical phone call. Good Luck everyone!!!!
  5. Drug test on the 9th. Still waiting for a phone call. List #114x.
  6. Congrats dude! Im excited as well, DT May 8th, list # 114x. Good luck to everyone else waiting!!!
  7. Yeah dude. Got mine as well. List #1140 with a score of 95. Hope there are plenty of people turning it down so I can have a shot. Good day to all!
  8. Hello. My name is Jorge and am happy to join all of you in this forum. I joined after receiving a congrats letter for passing the education and experience portion of the o/c exam. I took test #8098 back in June '09 and scored a 95 with a list number of 1140. Hoping it all works out so I'm waiting patiently. Have a great day everyone and hoping to work with you guys some day.:tup:
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