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  1. Thank you for clearing it up. Like any job you never know what the company is going to do next. I took the test in 2008/2009 and they started calling in 2013. I finally got called in 2015, I scored 90%. You just gotta take the test and wait it out. Take all tests available, and live life like you never taken these tests. I had a career before transit and didn't see this job coming.
  2. If the test is OC, then they call by score regardless if you an employee or not. That would be a provisional job offer, which transit has been doing with other titles. Train Operator is much longer schooling and process so they might not go that route. I never seen it don with this title, but like anything you never know.
  3. To all those worried about not getting called for having a score in the eighties, you still have a great chance of being called. I was told the same back in 2009 and I scored a 90, I am now I'm a train operator. They will go through the list faster than you think, people will be dropping like flies. Keep taking different tests, and live life as tho you never taken any tests.
  4. Don't worry too much about that, try and get as high as you can. 100%-85% would be great.
  5. Age does not play a factor... I know people in their 50's and 60's as newly hired train operators. Doing well down here!
  6. Conductor 8094 Hiring Process

    Long hours, good money, overnight shifts. Actually my boy just starting flagging and he loves it, he stated "I am not going back to the road, until I become a TO". However, he doesn't mind the hours or the overnight shift.
  7. Conductor 8094 Hiring Process

    I would go there or call back to be sure that have all the info correct. Take a trip down there if you have to.
  8. Conductor 8094 Hiring Process

    Honestly I'm not sure about re-doing the medical. However do get yourself back on the list by contacting DCAS, that way they will call you asap. Hopefully within a month.
  9. Conductor 8094 Hiring Process

    I'm lost, three drug tests? Call/write today to restore your name on the list, and you'll be ready for the Spring classes.
  10. Conductor 8094 Hiring Process

    I hate to tell you... but you are one of the "knows it alls".
  11. T/O Exam # 8098

    You are absolutely correct, I WAS called. Long hard road, but I made it through it all. Well worth it, for most. You guys are next, and when you get in im here to help. I Just took a promotional dispatcher exam last weekend and studying for the next upcoming train service supervisor exam. Promotion al opportunity is available. One thing you will learn is to ignore the negativity, if u haven't yet. I sign in to work, do my job, mingle with positive people, and sign out smiling... Good luck to all.
  12. T/O Exam # 8098

    No blood work. Just urine for the drug test, I can't recall if the urine gets tested for anything other than drugs.
  13. The Schoolcar Experience

    Here's my story that I won't forget... I was operating N/B on the 5 (PM rush hour), after leaving 138 station someone announced a 12-1 (clear the air) over the radio. No problem, I already knew what 12-1 meant so I carry on, minutes later RCC is telling a platform conductor to stay off the radio there's a 12-1 going on. I get to 149 3rd Ave punch for my express line up, which I kind of knew I would probably not receive, because of the 12-1 incident going-on north of 135 on the 2/3 line (I always listen to my radio when in operation). We close down and proceed... I leave the portal of 149, and notice the home signal is for a local line up, I accept it and immediately tell my conductor over the intercom that I accepted the local line up (before I had time to finish my statement, "it's up to you if you want to pick up people locally due to the 12-1 directly behind us on the 2 line, or go express according to rule"), he immediately switches over to the PA, "Attention passengers, we are going local.." blah blah. The conductor comes back on the IC telling me "I just can't do that, I'm suppose to stop the train and ask for the express line up, we are an express". The conductor is kind of scared/furious, and stated to me prior that he been a conductor for almost three years. I told the conductor, "You do not know what you are talking about, read your rule book, plus a 12-1 was announced over the radio, you can go express on the local track". He replies, "I never heard of that, I'm going to ask the dispatcher when we get to the terminal", I reply again, "read your rule book". So I start making local stops from Jackson Ave on. The next 2 train stated about twenty minutes behind, and there was a 12-1 directly behind us. The following 5 train behind us, of course stops and ask for the express line up over the radio, and gets screamed at by RCC. My conductor immediately comes on the IC and states "did you hear that..." We get to the terminal, leave the train, and immediately he says sorry, and that he never heard of going express on the local track. I state I'll show him the rule in the rule book, and you can ask the dispatcher as well. The conductor stated "It's a good thing I told him prior, cause he would have pulled the cord." The lesson here is know the rules, and communicate. Although I was going to operate according to the rules, him not knowing the rules, pulling cords or whatever, would have messed up my day, and led to unnecessary paper work, had I bypassed stations on the local track. There are countless people out here who do not know the rules. Don't be a victim...
  14. Conductor 8094 Hiring Process

    Man you still making that decision... Do you want to make good money, with good retirement... and be able to make 100k a year with future promotions? I'm here for myself, and my future family.


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