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  1. I don't know, maybe the D60HFs and MCIs I saw yesterday were illusions.
  2. “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” -Benjamin Franklin
  3. Well, as I explained in your other thread, as long as the TA allows photography, TA staff or cops can't do much about someone taking pictures, unless they're using a tripod or something like that. Plus, even if the TA were to ban photography, you could still take pictures of the system from public property, like taking pictures of an elevated line from the street.
  4. Photography is not a crime, simple as that. If you're on public property, you are allowed to take pictures, and people have won lots of money in lawsuits when police and private security harass (sometimes even arrest) them for taking pictures on public property. The terrorism watch has nothing to do with it. Public transit can ban photography (such as PATH), but that only applies to when you are on their property (example: photography of a bus from the street is still OK). The MTA allows photography, bus operators, train operators/conductors and other staff can't do anything about it (though some think they can). They can question it, but you aren't violating policy. A Liberty Lines B/O even questioned me for taking pictures of his bus from Stew Leonard's property, then I explained to him that I was not on Bee-Line or Liberty Lines property and he drove off. This is America, we don't have to have a permit to take pictures on public property.
  5. Guess since some LIB Orion Vs are in the city for repair they needed something to replace 'em temporarily. They should have sent out the C40LFs, now THAT would be awesome to see in LIB's final days! I hope NICE isn't actually buying these or anything.
  6. Woah, the orange stripe buses are owned by Nassau so, if anything, you'd think the MTA would be getting the NGs, but those are confirmed going to Veolia. Maybe they're already planning some very "NICE" service cuts and sold some Orion Vs to the MTA. Can't wait to find out more about this.
  7. I support some of them and most of their ideas, but I definitely don't support some things they believe in. I don't care if they take to the subway. They have the right to peacefully assemble and I believe nothing should take away that right. As long as they don't block the platforms or jump onto the tracks or anything, that there should be no problem, unless the NYPD and/or TA cause the problems, which is usually the case. Heck, it's entertainment, like the millions of other crazy people you find on the train. Where'd you hear that? They have some bizarre ideas if you ask me but they sure aren't connected to that.
  8. Well I see the Veolia and Academy-run routes are still running 100% RTS from what I can see. Are they even getting NABIs?
  9. Left this in a comment on the video, but why is MTAB using the Quality Control depot stickers now? Never really saw the point of them to begin with, and I thought the MTAB buses were fine without them. Oh well, those things still look awesome! Hopefully they'll be better than the old C40LFs.
  10. Wow, the front of 2881 reminds me of the front of a school bus, especially with the bus number in magic marker!
  11. I don't think that's a very NICE paintjob... but reminds me of LA Metro a bit.
  12. Hey everyone, you probably know me as YouTube user ih8thyssenkrupp. I've always had that interest in transit, and I've been shooting transit videos (alongside my elevator videos) for a while now. I've been looking at the forums recently, and I finally decided to join. Note that I can't get my fix on transit as much as I'd like to, since I live in freakin' Central Jersey (and I HATE it), but I am in the city and Westchester at least once (usually more) a week, so I'm a big rider of the MTA system as well as Bee-Line. With that said, hi!
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