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  1. Nova's performance should have been evaluated in the bidding process.
  2. Im sorry but NOTHING should be sole source unless it's 100% necessary. They bid contracts out to ensure our tax money goes to the lowest bidder that can do the job successfully and responsibly and Nova is fully capable of building a CNG bus. Sure we've had our problems with them but that should've been evaluated in the bidding process instead of giving NF a blank check. As much as I like the Xcelsior better than the LFS as a transit fan, as a taxpayer and fare payer I feel like the MTA isn't being responsible with my money or anyone else's in this city and state by not bidding out huge contracts that really should be bid out.
  3. I heard that Nova was just given the biggest option? Thought NF was considered the "better" and is gonna be given all the options...
  4. The ATU and TWU would order their drivers not to run replacement services in support of the railroads unions. That's what the ATU/TWU at MTA was gonna do for the LIRR strike and they had to get school bus companies on standby to do that work.
  5. That was a test program but there's plans to start putting them in more buses this year. http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/45507-mtas-new-on-board-audio-visual-system/
  6. I know the unions agreed to moving the Q53 to FR or whatever, but I don't know if they'd be with that kinda split. Both the 52 and 53 SBS out of JFK/FR makes more sense anyways.
  7. I'm honestly shocked but happy EPV didn't get it. NJT was involved in the design of the EcoCoach... guess EPV wasn't ready yet.
  8. Where the hell is the real time tracking? Afaik every bus now has the new Clever Devices unless the Foothills still don't, really don't get why they haven't just turned on the customer tracking yet. What I usually see from I guess the more experienced guys who know the rules if they'll wait for the door to open and run out and not let the op see they're trying to get off before he stops. Sometimes they'll have their friends stop the bus for them just so they can get off. NICE has gotten much stricter with the closed door and I think people are starting to get it... 1 time the op wouldn't let someone out at Bell so he started pushing the back door so the interlock wouldn't let the bus move and then he just turned the back door on and let him out. With the Clever Devices theres also passenger counters at each door and I'm pretty sure they can tell the dispatchers who's getting on and off where, so the drivers probably have no choice now but to be more strict.
  9. Not the point. Its a BIG increase for people who already pay a lot especially if they live far from the city. I kinda feel where they're coming from. At the same time they choose to live far from the city and should expect to pay a lot...
  10. Little weird looking but I guess the only way they could finally find a replacement for the blue lights.
  11. So now with the M86 SBS coming why not move the 15 Select to Tuskegee Airmen and the 15 local to MCH? The 86 and 15 would share fleets and MCH would have more normal artics for the M35.
  12. Will you STFU about how they're "not using the subway" in those places? More people using the than the express bus in Howard Beach I can tell you that for sure. More people on the QM15 seem to get off along Woodhaven in the places away from the trains. Not everyone is a paranoid racist snob afraid of public transportation.
  13. This article is obviously written by DeBlasio/Vision Zero supporters acting like it's gonna be the end of the world and cars would start using the lanes. That title is so wrong but then again when do liberals not mislead like that? The CAMERAS would just be shut down, that doesn't mean you can start to use the bus lane and the cops won't be able to do anything about it. The cameras are not about safety or the law, they are just a scam to put money in the city's pocket and they're put in specific spots to make sure the city makes the most profit. I think NJ shut down all their red light cameras a few months ago but that doesn't mean it's OK to run a red light.
  14. Most of the expresses I been on lately shut the lights on the highway but turn them back on when they get off. NJ Transit and the PBLs in NJ all do the same thing, lights off on the highway and on when they're making stops
  15. Some of the new ones didn't, the original 2400s did then they just didn't put them in the new ones. They also made the aisle higher and on the same level as the seats finally.
  16. Looks like the new Prevosts are back to having outlets in some rows, 2551 has them. Good move MTA
  17. Didn't they run a 32 on the in service one weekend to test the issues in the tunnel? Don't remember that going wrong.
  18. Good to finally see it happen. Walking all the way to Chambers when I need the on the weekend was getting to me lol
  19. I have a MacBook Pro 13 Retina. The second highest spec'd one IIRC. Love it but part of what makes it so great is how everything works together with my iPhone, all my calls and texts (and lots of other stuff I can do and didn't get around to setting up) are on both my Mac and my phone. If you don't have an iPhone there's really no point to a Mac anymore with the new OS IMHO, I know someone who had a Galaxy S5 and got a Mac and switched to the iPhone right away. I love the interface and all that much more than Windows too and I've been using Macs since before Yosemite and iOS8 where they started really making both work together so maybe you would like using a Mac without an iPhone but for me I can't see myself using one without the other. And by the way, in the end it's all made in China. You get something "made in USA" all the crap inside is still made in China.
  20. JFK running the Q110... sure the unions were real happy.
  21. Whoever said 6895 to GA for repaint-its in Flushing and still a blackback

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