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  1. Were they busing people to Jamaica to avoid another LIRR mess? I don't think they advertised it or ran extra buses to the track
  2. IIRC there were 2. So now it's down to 1 I guess.
  3. Yay for not having to walk to Chambers for the anymore on the weekend lol
  4. Is the MTA starting to get pissed at Nova for only delivering 1 LFS while almost all the New Flyers are here? Are we gonna ses something like when Orion had to give us free buses?
  5. They probably want as many of the hybrids off SI as they can and they should. They weren't meant for high speed traffic.
  6. I had the R32 on Wednesday. Nice surprise to still see it out. It pulled into Rockaway Blvd around 7 towards 207 coming from Lefferts, don't have the exact time cause my phone was broken that day.
  7. This ones not that bad. I use BusBus NYC but I'm gonna give this a try. It's new and I'm sure they'll fix it up like they did with their other apps, I remember how long SubwayTime was only optimized for iPhone 4 and didn't fill the screen on the 5 and 6.
  8. Around Harmon Meadow in Secaucus and a few of the park and rides on Route 9 have them
  9. The 6000s have issues that make them unsafe to run and thats why they're getting pushed out first, doubt they will sell any. Maybe some of the RTS...
  10. How does that make any sense? Then you're putting people on longer bus rides!
  11. I think Optimum slows you down if you don't use their "smart router". They want all their customers to have it because it also works as a "optimumwifi" hotspot for any other CV customers to use. I was at fam in Brooklyn yesterday with Optimum and their own router and it was pretty damn slow, much slower than the old 15/1 TWC used to give us and the Optimum basic plan should be 15/2. A few of my friends that have them and not their router also complain about it. Kinda BS though that they still even make you have a router even if you own your own modem. TWC and Fios all have modems with built in wifi and the Arris TG1672 modem/router TWC gave us is great.
  12. That was an op screwing around with text to speech on his phone and the Easy Speak. This could've been the same thing because IIRC he was out of Gunhill. They're working on putting automated route and stop announcements in all the buses. The pilots should be installed around June, around 200 buses that already have the Clever Device IVN (all buses starting with the 2008 Next Gens) should get those systems upgraded for auto announcements the same system NICE and NJ Transit uses.
  13. They really can't. The order was placed by MTA Bus a separate legal entity from NYCT and will have to go to them.
  14. Question, never tried this so just want to know. If I swipe my Student Metro before 9 do I still get a transfer for 2 hours even after it's supposed to run out??
  15. Funny thing is here in New York State it's legal for a woman to walk around topless. And right in the middle of Times Square by Toys R Us and families visiting from around the world you'll see women with their tits out covered in body paint taking pictures. In this city you're gonna see some suggestive shit somewhere and alot of it way more suggestive than the train ads and if you don't want your kids to see any of it this ain't the city for you.
  16. That portion of the order has to go to MTA Bus. Unless those numbers are being used for the NYCT option and the MTA Bus units start later.
  17. Around 7. Bus looked like it was first in line or at the stop and someone came up and hit it real good. Coming home from the island tonight actually felt mad long with the S79 and from the mall compared to my usual S61-ferry-M15. Left the mall around 6:20 and got to Cortlandt on the at like 8. Probably wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't take the all the way up but that would've just added waiting for the or and a pain in the a$$ transfer at Atlantic and honestly I feel like the bus was the longer ride, longer than the 61 for sure even though they really should be about the same time.
  18. 4266 got hit pretty bad in Bay Ridge, car looks f**ked bus looks OK.
  19. Or just havig manual mode runs show on the GPS... I mean the announcements still work so its not like the CleverDevice doesn't know where the bus is
  20. I think I saw that happen before. Weird.. Side note about this whole GPS thing I'm not liking how drivers can program the Clever Device so their bus don't show on GPS. I get it you're trying to hide from the road ops or whatever but Transit paid good money for that equipment so the customers would have that info and they're not even getting it. Was out in Howell country the other day and IDK about any other depots but over there it really happens more often than not. Lots of missing runs on GPS and not just the new buses. One thing the MTA system has over the Clever Device is that IIRC as long as the GPS is working and the farebox is working and logged in the bus will show, the driver can't easily turn it off like they can in NJ.

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