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  1. Well from what they said on Subchat unless EPV considers them irrepairable they'll probably be back. They're all probably at the EPV factory right now. Which got me thinking-will they have to deliver 7202 back and the other one that was built and never got delivered?
  2. Was waiting for that to happen. Now will the feds let them order 15 or whatever more MCIs to replace them? They said the doors blew open at high speeds causing the bus to brake from the door interlock. Joke of a bus, good thing they never got the full order.
  3. Noticed that too. People still seemed to know where the stop's at and lined up in the right spot.
  4. Well I mean those are the oldest of the bunch and they pretty beat...
  5. It shows how this mayor supports gentrification (the mass eviction of native NYers across the city) and doesn't give a damn about the people who have lived here for years and made the city what it is.
  6. Oh yeah... fun times with the RTS "tube bus" as I would call it: -The M9 on Water Street -M1 & M6 coming downtown to South Ferry -And just in general fascination over the RTS, my childhood bus. Seen em, rode em from Sheepshead Bay on the B36 to the old M6 and M9 here in Manhattan to NJT/Coach USA ones on the shuttle buses at old Giants Stadium. Even rode em in Chicago. Then there was other sh*t, like the PBLs and MTA running the Orion V CNGs on the express runs.
  7. Taylor Swift is nothing but every other POS from Oklahoma that moves here and acts like this is their hometown yet really doesn't give a f**k about this city except whether or not Starbucks is gonna open up the block.
  8. Where does the Q113 stop by Costco in Lawrence? I noticed on one side there's a bench and I'm gonna guess that's the stop for that direction (towards Far Rock) but there are no marked stop signs anywhere. Same for Kmart up Rockaway Turnpike.
  9. Bring the Xcelsiors! LFS ain't my thing but being "built in NY" they probably gonna end up being the new MTA favorites.
  10. I hear some of our new Xcelsiors are being built at NABI in Alabama and it's partly why they're coming so fast and skipping numbers... Not sure how true it is.
  11. Pic from channel 2: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/02/15/fire-destroys-nj-transit-bus-no-injuries-reported/
  12. Bus operator bashing/blaming being accepted and the norm now. Where have the forums gone... Wait and see!
  13. 7194 was parked outside GA with stickers before. Also saw a C40LF driving around there before...
  14. MTA LIB was better before all the crap started going on then the MTA let it go to hell. Transdev is running a shit operation and you know it, the ocunty sure is getting what they paid for. If Nassau gave the MTA a REASONABLE amount like Westchester and Suffolk do they would run a good bus service for the people of Nassau. The next county executive and commissioners should end the Transdev contract and bring the MTA to the table. Regional Bus would only be a good thing for Nassau County, it would help it identify closer with the city and people who otherwise would live in Queens may move to Nassau if the bus at their doorstep works just like one in Queens would.
  15. They still do the usual runs in the AM theyve had the past few years around the 8AM hour and as of lately actually some extras. I rode one the other week, but yeah they are definitely doing a sh*t ton of PM runs now they never did.
  16. The county executive and probably the commissioners too have no regrets and probably get lots of money from Veolia. Only the regular guy who has to deal with their sh*t service wants the MTA back and the pols couldn't give a damn.
  17. Spring Creek can't take on any other routes than it has because of the unions. ATU 1181 (SC union) don't wanna run other routes and the other unions like ATU 1179 at JFK don't want them at SC.
  18. Right but they were used in actual express service. Not local runs except some of em towards the end of their lives
  19. They do training over there. It used to be 126 Street and IIRC Kingsbridge or Gun Hill buses so maybe without 126 they use JG now.
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