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  1. Does anyone knows what union is Casey Stengel depot.
  2. Ptyler. Take it don't let this chance go.
  3. red6spd. Final for exam 8006 and around what is your #. If you don't mind.
  4. JR927. Thanks for the info. The thing is that I have been waiting for this so long that I hope they have not pass my number. It has happened before they passed you and they don't care.
  5. JR927. List 160 how come. I am still waiting, I did drug test 8 day ago. How long after you did your drug test they call you for your medical. And how you know their is a class 1/14/13
  6. Jr927. What is the medical for for exam 8006
  7. Best of luck and keep posting that there's many people that will help if you have question, or read all past post.
  8. Igor. Keep us posted if you can. For all of us that are still waiting.
  9. Are all ATU union in queens (TA) are at staring 20.96 and top pay 29.96? Please if someone knows please answer. Thanks for any info.
  10. Good luck tomorrow Igor. I am still waiting.
  11. Maybe soon I get the chance that I i am waiting. And I want to know which depot maybe my best choice. ( exam 8006 still waiting.)
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