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  1. Interested Rider

    The MTA can't even properly fix the existing system.

    What seems to be missing here is the impact upon bus service and it looks like LaGuardia depot will need to add a lot more runs on the Q103 (Vernon Boulevard),, Q67 (21st Street and 69th Street) and Q/39 (Queens Plaza - Ridgewood 23rd Street) which serve the area. Sunnyside, Woodside and Maspeth will become the go to neighborhoods as these areas are within a reasonable distance from the headquarters, Sunnyside is fast becoming unaffordable and a 20 minute trip on the Q39 will now add northern Ridgewood (near Metropolitan and Forest) along with the straight run along 48th Avenue from Van Dam Street to 48th Street. The Q/67 along 69th Street is also in play especially since the route operates on 21 Street.
  2. The big wigs a/k/a suits are immune from anything as their political patrons will make sure that nothing happens to them. If this was anything but the government, it would be virtually guaranteed that they would not be in their positions very long. Thanks to Woodrow Wilson and those that followed him over the past 100 years, those on the top will always be protected, no matter how bad of a job that they do or did. On December 9 (if my memory serves me correctly) let us all wish Museum Bus 8928, best wishes as on that date in 1968, it helped start the first Staten island-Manhattan Express Bus service.
  3. Interested Rider

    NYC Public Advocate Special Election

  4. Interested Rider

    NYC Public Advocate Special Election

    This is one of those elected positions that I hope that the city would take its time to call for an election, like having it in late spring 2019. I have no personal preference for any one of the names being listed as possible candidates as they do not represent my views. If anything, my views are more in line with many of the politicians of both parties who were running for office in middle America as compared with New York City and surrounding areas. If the position is to be filled, it is best to wait to see how many legislators will call it quits after the first of the year. Once the governor picks a date for the election to fill that position, the city could add the Public Advocate position at no additional cost. I would like to add as far as the failure of the scanners, let me say that I cannot remember ever having a two page ballot and I am going back to when the scanners were first introduced. It was always one page and it was a much smaller size (not 19 inches) and that it is my observation (For the record, I did not work this past election day) that this helped to create the problems with the machines shutting down. I remember the old photocopy machines and how often these would break down after heavy use such as what happened on election day. As far as water impacting upon the machines, just watch what happens when liquid is spilled on a computer. It is the same thing that happened with the scanners. The next real, test will come in the 2020 election but there will not an election for United States Senator and there will not be changes proposed for the New York City Charter so there will a one page ballot.The same people who complained about the machines breaking down are the same ones who added the additional page to the ballot that caused the machines to break down.
  5. Interested Rider

    Election Day 2018: Who to Vote For?

    In an election where a major issue should have been is how to fix the MTA, there was a proposal from Marc Molinaro that was discussed on this forum but in terms of the media, I think it lasted three days and then forgotten. Personally I think that it was a good starting point for a through discussion of the problems that the system is facing. What bothers me is that this should have been the key issue down here but for all the wrong reasons, most of the persons running for office in this election, avoided it like the plague. Yes! it involves money but for the city to keep its top position, it must have a viable, working transit system. but it also needs the various groups working together to make it a clean and working system that does what it is supposed to do. This is where our biggest problem is today as the photo-op has become the big thing not fixing the nuts and bolts of the system. The next two years, one of the few issues that will unite both parties in congress is infrastructure. Let us hope that the projects chosen by our elected leaders are not the ones that produce the most photo-ops.
  6. Interested Rider

    Winter 2019 Bus Changes

    For as long as I can remember, the Q/46 (formerly the Q/44A) has always had packed buses during the peak periods and many times during non-rush periods as well. There were always lines waiting for that bus and I am going back many years. Just take a look at what the Q/46 route serves and the answer is quite clear why increasing the headway makes no sense. It serves a university (St. Johns), Borough Hall, Local courts and two hospitals (Queens Hospital Center, and Long Island Jewish) all of which are major traffic generators. This is another one of those cases where if the persons that are making the decisions to cut service would come out and take a look at what they are proposing based on the data, then the decision would be reversed. It is quite possible that the data that is being used is flawed as it does not reflect reality of the Q/46. As far as the Q/77 needing more service, I did not know that there is that many riders using the route on Springfield or Francis Lewis Boulevards as Hillside Avenue is well covered with three routes in addition to the Q/77.
  7. Interested Rider

    MTA Bus Operations: Historical Fleet Rosters

    The B/48 was a crosstown route as I remember that route when I worked on Montgomery Street near Washington Avenue in 1972.
  8. Interested Rider

    7550 on the B6

    Great shots!
  9. Another one of the term limited politicians angling for newspaper coverage on a subject that he or his staff know nothing about as I seriously doubt if they ever ride the railroad except when it is for a photo op. That said,, I note that Scott Stringer is totally clueless when ti comes to providing an estimate as to how much it is going to cost or where the MTA is going to get the money that it needs to keep the system in good shape. He perpetuates the myth that the system can do everything but where is the money coming from? He will be one of the first to tell everyone from here to Albany that there is no more money available for transit right after this year's election is over. At least the members of the Forum are a lot smarter than the Comptroller as when it comes to an idea such as this, the members can provide a better solution based on reality. It is too bad that the comptroller wasted tax dollars on something that he knows that the city did not have the money to pay for it.
  10. Interested Rider

    Pedestrian Observations: "Our Brooklyn Bus Redesign"

    I have written a lot of posts on changing the culture not only here but where I used to work and it seems that the various departments in every agency seem to act like they are immune from criticism, so therefore they do not care about what the users think about the service that they are providing. I saw the article in one of the free papers and the first thing that came to mind was quite frankly another bunch of geniuses from one of these "prestigious universities" or one of the favored think (stink) tanks" who know nothing about transit history or about the area who are looking at a map are telling the riders we can do this and this without first running it past the various constituencies that are the ones that will make it work. It is though they know everything and we know nothing while the opposite is most likely true We are now living in a bureaucratic society which is totally anathema to what our founding fathers helped develop about 220 years ago. Our founding fathers realized that for a society to work, it needed to listen and follow the will of the people. Unfortunately our elected leaders who were sworn to uphold what our founding fathers set up for this country are under the misguided impression that the bureaucratic model is superior to anything that we had previously. What about Woodrow Wilson and his worship of the German bureaucracy and the superiority of the bureaucrats in determining what is right is one of the many examples of why agencies rule the citizens and are out of touch with the people that use the service.. Once in a while there will be one politician or one executive in a position of power that will make a difference and make the changes necessary for the department or agency to be more responsive to the public, but the sad part is as soon as he/she leaves, it is back to business as usual. It is not going to get any better as our elected leaders for the most part are loyal to the bureaucrats and could not care less about the ones that vote on whether they should get elected (or re-elected) except when it comes to election day. These individuals have gone to the same schools where they were (and are) taught more about the greatness of the bureaucratic model when they should be taught about what our founding fathers dreams and aspirations were for our country. Until we change the political culture where a rule is needed for everything and the public is incapable of doing anything without being ruled by someone who is superior to them is changed, it will only get worse. That's my opinion.
  11. Interested Rider

    General SBS Discussion

    The week to watch will not be next week as Columbus Day is Monday and while the public schools are closed, the religious schools most likely are open. The following week will be the real test as all the schools will be open and it will basically be a normal work week.
  12. Interested Rider

    General SBS Discussion

    Today and tomorrow are religious holidays so that ridership may be lower on the Kings Highway portion of the route.
  13. Interested Rider

    1981-1986 GMC RTSes Facts

    Where's 8750 - 8799?
  14. Interested Rider

    General SBS Discussion

    Your point is well taken and for future reference, I will not include you in any arguments that may arise in the future. It is a shame that I had to include it in the first place and I ask that you accept my apology.
  15. Please forgive me Via Garibaldi 8 as I am still not familiar with the quote mechanism and that portion came up by mistake. Checkmate champ 13: Thank you for an explanation of what is a Hackathon. If this is what is the future of transit planning, then pardon me I if I do not want any part of it. Let's hope that either Borough President Eric Adams or his successor will read about this method and bury it before the Brooklyn Bus study will be done. I understand your point that your raised about giving a chance to someone who is originally from Staten Island who moved to California and now wants to come back here to work for the MTA. Chances are since he is originally from Staten Island, he rode the buses many years ago, so he may have some familiarity with the bus service. I think that the point here is when a transit analyst (for example) is hired from out of state who never lived here that the person should not be given the position as he knows nothing about NYC and therefore will not help the MTA. If you have, however, bus drivers with similar degrees (for example) who drive buses for the MTA, then first preference should be given to the drivers over the others in terms of promotions or the use of the promotional examination should become the primary vehicle for moving up in the MTA before an open competitive examination is given in the title and only as a last resort. It is my opinion that the hardest thing to change in the MTA will be the culture (Molinaro report p.21) as when the culture is changed, a lot of other problems begin to get resolved.This is why I am focusing on it as it is the key to the MTA being changed for the better. There are other sections in the report and I especially like the section on customer service and will comment on that section on the appropriate thread.


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