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  1. Interested Rider

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    A B/36 71 (not sure about the last two numbers) has a back sign and I saw it on Nostrand Avenue about 1:30 PM today.
  2. Guess what! Now the emperor is off to Israel for a photo op there! Next week on to somewhere else in the state, country or the world for another press conference and an opportunity for a photo op. Bob Woodward wrote "the worst place to be is between Chuck Schumer and a camera", however I am beginning to believe that it should now read the worst place to be is between Andrew Cuomo or Chuck Schumer and a camera". Something is bothering the emperor so much so that it appears that something is wrong with him. Could it be that Cynthia Nixon is the straw that broke the camel's back or is it Shelly Silver (awaiting a verdict) Dean (Skelos) (next on the docket) or Joe (Percoco) (convicted and possibly singing like a canary) is the reason that the governor is so jumpy? I do not remember a campaign where the incumbent governor acted this way and I go back to the Rockefeller campaigns. For the record, I do remember candidates who acted this way and thankfully they were defeated at the polls. If the governor keeps acting like this, he may be defeated and not other candidates but by himself.
  3. I visit MTA Info many times during the day even when I am not traveling to see what is going on the buses and subways., As I stated in a previous post, this past Monday I went shopping to my favorite store on Avenue M and I remember that when I checked the website, it was written that southbound B trains were running local from Prospect Park to Kings Highway till May 24 for equipment testing. When I exit the station, I always check the postings for the current week and the weekend on the board located on the north side of the northbound platform before i go down the steps. Again, I remembered that the posting for this week stated exactly the same thing that the website stated on Monday. On or about 2:15 PM today, I checked the MTA info website and found that now the listing for May 7 - May 11 stated what i remembered reading on Monday that B trains would run local southbound from Prospect Park to Kings Highway but it added except May 9. It is bad enough that a photo-op for the governor was done but then to post something a day after the event occurred seems to indicate to me that the governor's stunt backfired on him. Everyone knows that this was just a gimmick that was designed to show that he was doing something in this election year when he and his friends did nothing since he was elected in November 2010 except to show up on the subway during election time. As far as the MTA info website is concerned, I wonder what planet that some of them are on as when delays are posted, they write statements that are not accurate for buses in terms of the streets involved What this proved to me was once again we are being treated to a political charade with the end result that once the election is over, nothing will change until the promises that are made for the next election cycle.
  4. As far as a Republican winning the governorship this year, it is possible as both Cuomo and Nixon will be listed on the minor party lines on the ballot in more than one place and that drives everyone up a wall on election day. In the presidential election, I think Hillary Clinton was listed on 3 different lines and Donald Trump on two different lines and some voters saw this and became confused. Many people made the mistake of marking twice for the same person and they had to go back to the table to get another ballot. i can see someone winning the governor's race with 35% of the vote in the general election this year. Whoever gets elected is going to have a major problem with the budget as if past patterns are correct, the state taxpayers learn that the state has a fiscal crisis a day or two after the election. What the emperor did by his actions was to delay the equipment testing which is done on the southbound express track and was scheduled for that day from about 10 AM to 3 PM during the week. The only reason that I schlepped up the stairs on Monday was that both the southbound B and Q were running local to Kings Highway.
  5. It is too bad that the emperor did not have his photo-op the day before at about 2 PM, then he would have heard an earful from this writer. Thankfully I was spared his presence and thus my blood pressure did not hit the stratosphere. I hate to say this but since Cynthia Nixon has been running for governor, Cuomo has gone off the deep end. If I was the mayor, I would use this clip and tell members of the riding public, "don't blame me for the delays, blame him" and he would be right.
  6. Interested Rider

    Dog Attacks Passenger on 4 Train

    This is true. I was working door control at the polls on election day one year and a person who was walking her German Shepherd dog comes into vote with the dog which was clearly not a service animal. I disappeared faster than a speeding bullet as I fear dogs. Thankfully she was stopped at the door and told to return to vote without the dog. I have found that there are many dog owners who respect those of us who have a fear of them and I am proud to know them. The problem is that there will always b people who will try not to follow the law in different situations as they figure that they will get away with it and in many cases they do Yet these individuals are the first ones to cry and yell when they are caught committing the violation.. What they do not realize is that their actions create the clamor for more laws that would have not been necessarye if they just followed the law in the first place,
  7. Interested Rider

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    Since the B in Brooklyn runs in Chaim Deutsch's councilmanic district, i would not put it past him.
  8. Interested Rider

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    I am continuing to monitor the local papers that are distributed in the community for anything on the B/82 sbs and if there is anything I will post it at the end of the week. Rest assured that if something will happen, good ole Chaim Deutsch will be plastering it all over those local newspapers along with his pals at the NYCDOT pontificating as to how it improves service to the public (yes! In dreamland) As far as this new idea for improving bus service is concerned, count me as a skeptic of anything that is being proposed right now. Until I see what is being suggested, I do not plan to pass judgment on it as I have seen too many of these plans that were proclaimed to be the greatest changes since time immemorial, to be absolute duds The problem remains that the people on top in all agencies like to push things on those on the bottom and then when it does not work, they blame everyone but themselves for its failure. All I have to do is to see the proposal for double decker express buses on Staten Island and then just wait for the first traffic problem on Hylan Boulevard either in New Dorp or at Old Town Road and watch the fun.
  9. I hate to sound cynical but the impression that I am receiving is that no one really cares about bus service in the MTA. It seems that all the interest there is getting the federal money and then letting the routes get worse as the headways are increased. The two elements that are necessary for sbs to work; supervision and enforcement conveniently disappear from the plan even though for the SBS to be a success. they must be part of it. The MTA is gung-ho on cutting labor costs so the dispatchers which are essential for the route to run well are discarded and the traffic agents cannot be found patrolling the routes for double parkers on a regular basis. So a proposal is based on what is seen on a computer screen, not based on hearing and listening to the bus drivers and riders. Taking it one step further, then all future decisions are made on data that is generated and read on the screen which becomes the decision maker for service levels. As far as NYCDOT is concerned, they have an agenda that does not care about bus service either and their decisions are made just like the MTA based on computer screens with one difference as soon as someone gets hurt by a vehicle, up pops the fantasy of vision zero. Then it becomes the fault of all of us that obey the law and we must be punished for something that we have no control, over whether we are a driver or a pedestrian. While there are laws on the books, NYCDOT does not care about them as they do not care about bus service either except the federal money that comes into the city for programs like this. An update on the B/82 sbs as I am in the process of examining the local area newspapers and so far i have seen anything on the sbs this week. The next time that we see something will be when Deutsch needs to get his name in the media and the press releases start flying out to everyone within earshot . If my research is correct, he shares the area with another councilman who has been quiet on the issue.
  10. Interested Rider

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    The statement from Brooklyn Bus in this post is not what he wrote concerning the Avenue P route. Writing on Sunday April 15, 2018 on page 52, in his response to me, he discusses a route from Gateway to Bay Ridge involving Avenue P but has nothing to do with the B82 sbs. This is not what I have proposed here as it is designed to modify the proposed B/82 sbs and satisfy the concerns of the community by taking the B/82 sbs off of Kings Highway from Ocean Avenue to West 6th Street. It keeps the local with the 40 foot buses running on the street and the existing stops and at the same time for those who want faster service will have on a street that can handle it (Avenue P), This removes the proposed bus lanes , elimination of parking spots and is an alternative to what is being proposed by both the MTA and the NYCDOT.
  11. Interested Rider

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    This community is about business and as I stated in my previous posts, they only get involved when it affects their business or is an issue that directly involves them. They rely on others to do the political work and the only elected official that came out of this community was the late Congressman Stephen Solarz and that is over the past 40 years. I read the local publications and there was virtually nothing written on the B/82 sbs until a monthly magazine that caters to this community in this month's issue that I obtained around the beginning of the Passover holiday had on the cover is "Politicians oppose Kings Highway Bus Route". On page 24, there is a letter to the editor which details whom to write letters and a full page article on page 32 outlining the entire problem along with the loss of 100 parking spaces and the impact upon the entire community. It is unprecedented to see and read this in a publication like this and from my perspective. it is a call to bring in the big guns from both the community and outside the community to have B/82 sbs re-routed from Ocean Avenue to West 6th Street and if not ,have it run the way it is now without the add ons such as bus lanes and artics. Please read my previous post on this subject which looks at how the other sbs services were sold to the public. One of the things that I have learned about progressivism and the administrative state is that the ones in charge feel that they are best to determine what is to be done and the public be damned. Personally, it is my opinion that the Avenue P option was either considered but then discarded or not considered at all when the sbs route was in the planning stages. Neither the MTA nor the NYCDOT were interested in what this community thought as there had already been a considerable loss of parking spaces over many years before sbs was even mentioned. If this was accepted then it is my opinion that NYCDOT figured that they could eliminate more parking spaces and add in other things like bus lanes and in the future articulated buses to run the entire route. Everything in their mind was good to go for July 2018 and the machines were being installed in anticipation of that date. Now the plan has to be changed and once again the city wasted money (most likely federal funds) on something that should have never been started (the machines is what I am referring to d here) until all the communities were on board with it. Government is notorious for wasting money, so this is nothing but a couple of dollars wasted. The ones that came up with the B/82 sbs now have to come up with something that will satisfy this politically powerful community and fast if it is to be implemented either this year or early next year.
  12. Interested Rider

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    What I find in the presentations and the posts both here and in the print and internet postings is that no one understands anything about the community that is in opposition to the B/82 sbs and the power that they have concerning the change. This is a very rich community that is now n a mixture of old time and new time money. Unlike other communities, the community is all about business along with their strong commitment to family and their heritage which is what binds this community together. When you see them on the street, they dress no differently than anyone else except with the head is possibly covered. The community takes education seriously but prefers to remain in the background politically as you will not see them sitting in the front row at the mayor's last inauguration, for example. A read of the newspapers will find a name mentioned once in a while on the business or real estate pages and almost never on the crime pages as the only one that I can remember was "Crazy Eddie" and many of us know what happened to him. This is not like the rest of the city and unless a person did extensive research on the community itself, then one can understand how both the MTA and NYCDOT have gotten into this predicament and what will be the final outcome. The information is there but to find it, one has to go back in New York City history to the 1920's and 1930's when the community settled there and thrived there as well. In fact almost all of their fellow co-religionists know little or nothing about the community except that they are members of the same faith. This is why it is one of those situations where the usual "one size fits all"will not work and everything that the textbook says gets thrown out the proverbial window. So when the B/82 sbs was proposed, the NYCDOT and the MTA heard the usual refrain on do this thing here and that thing there which is commonplace at these meetings on SBS proposals. So they geared up for implementation of something that they were under the false presumption that would have gotten through and the community can live with it. As the date of implementation got closer and the community saw what it would do, they called in their friends to stop it. The call to arms came in all forms from letter writing to all the elected officials in the area and everyone who has benefited from the community's help in the past. As the reports that have come out over the last couple of days in the media indicate, it shows that this community can have something delayed as it have far more power as compared with any other community and that they will use it to change the B/82 sbs so that the impact upon their community will be minimal. As i have stated in my previous posts here, the B/82 SBS will run on Avenue P from Ocean Avenue to West 6th Street as i have indicated for it does not have the problems of Kings Highway as the Avenue P business district is from McDonald Avenue to Ocean Parkway. It is three lanes in each direction and this means that the buses have more flexibility on Avenue P. The community does not care about the traffic on Avenue P, vision zero or anything else as it does not impact upon their businesses on Kings Highway. The community has sent a loud and clear message to both the MTA and NYCDOT as well as the rest of the government agencies that want to do something that when you do anything to our community, you do what we want and not what you want.
  13. Interested Rider

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    Something is in the works involving the B/82 select bus and I think that the answer is coming from this thread. The issue is the B/82 SBS and the disruption that it will cause to the Kings Highway business district. It is when the special bus lanes and elimination of the parking spaces were proposed that the community went ballistic. By taking the B/82 select bus (not the local B/82 bus) off Kings Highway from West 6th Street to Ocean Avenue, it means that the bus lanes are dead and most likely the elimination of the parking spaces for bus stops. as the SBS is rerouted via Avenue P. This takes these two issues off the table. One of the points that the MTA made in justifying the B/82 SBS was this portion of Kings Highway was a major choke point which delays the route. The Avenue P option eliminates that problem and improves running time (another issue). If the artics are confined to the B/82 SBS (just like the B/44 SBS), then another problem is resolved as the B/82 local service remains with 40 footers. As far the running time is concerned, the Avenue P option improves the running time for the SBS service as compared with the limited service which is the same argument that was used to justify the B/44 SBS. To get a look at how the B/82 SBS will be operated just take a look at the B/44 local and SBS are currently operating now. It will be the B/82 SBS via Avenue P between Ocean Avenue and West 6th Street and it will start either in September 2018 or January 2019. The B/82 local will remain as it is now.
  14. Interested Rider

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    I will respond to the points that you raise as follows: In terms of transfer points, there are two routes that are impacted; The B/68 at Coney Island Avenue which is a regular local route and stops at Avenue P. Ocean Avenue going westbound there will be no impact as it is already an existing stop at that location. The eastbound stop could be located closer to East 19th Street on Avenue P so transfer to the B/49 is not impacted. The bus does not miss the B/Q station. What you have here is similar to the B/36 stop at the Sheepshead Bay Station which occurred some time ago and is approximately the same distance to the station. What occurred here is the precedent has been set by the MTA and NYCDOT that bus routes do not have to stop directly at the station and the community knows it. Brooklyn Bus, myself and many others discussed this in a thread involving the B/36 on this forum sometime ago. The routing via Avenue P to West 6th Street does not impact upon the N line as the Station is between West 7th and West 8th Streets and the B/82 will continue to stop at the station. As i stated in a previous post, this is a very politically powerful community and that the meeting with Andy Byford this past Wednesday was the tip off how this community uses it in situations like this. i had the feeling that something was up when I wrote my last two posts based on the report in kingscountypoliticscom as I do not have any recollection of this happening over the many years I have been following transit. it seems that the meeting has already bore fruit as the MTA has agreed to delay the implementation of the B/82 from this July. When i wrote my post about the B/82 being reouted to Avenue P, I had the feeling that someone in the agency underestimated the political power of this community. I remain convinced that the community will get what it wants and if it means that the B/82 will be rerouted to Avenue P between West 6th Street and Ocean Avenue.
  15. Interested Rider

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    I should clarify my comment involving the proposed Avenue P routing for the B/82: While my comment is pure speculation on my part, I feel that there is an element of truth here. Again look at the attendees and the positions that they hold including committee assignments and the fact that they are getting involved before the route is to be changed. Having a meeting with the President, Mr. Byford prior to the implementation is something that is extremely rare is and is an indication of the immense power of the community. Another reason that i raised the issue of Avenue P involves the "artics" as these buses will be running on the route in the future. If the route is to continue to run on Kings Highway where the route continues to run late, then two 60" buses arriving at the same time as compared with 2 40" buses now, means that 120" feet of traffic space is occupied as compared with 80" before the change, It makes the Avenue P option look better as not only is the entire street not tied up, other vehicles can go around the bus if it has to double park at the stop without causing a back up of traffic as the traffic can use the third lane. Kings Highway is the shopping district and the traffic flexibility is not there while the Avenue P the shopping area is much smaller as it runs McDonald Avenue to Ocean Parkway only.


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