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  1. Interested Rider

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    It turns out that the R/42 was testing the timers on the express track. When I read that 4806 was part of the consist, I remembered that particular number was part of unit.
  2. Interested Rider

    R32 and R46 going to the B Line???

    This again! Nothing will change on the B. The B will remain as is with the equipment it presently has now.
  3. Interested Rider

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    It has been like that for as long as I can remember and I go back to the middle of the 1970's and back then it was the air-conditioning during the summer and the heat during the winter. It was though we had air conditioned buses assigned to the island where the air conditioning never worked on the locals . As far as maintenance was concerned, if it was either January or June on the calendar, rest assured that a considerable portion of the local fleet was out of service, It should be noted that they had to borrow local buses from the rest of the city for many years from the late 1960's through 2008. For many years, it was not uncommon to have local buses used on the express routes. The garages were finally built and the water problem at Castleton was finally fixed up after almost a half a century but the maintenance problems are still there, new buses, old buses, it is the same problem that has been going on for fifty years and continue to go until someone will finally do something about it.
  4. Interested Rider

    Bus speeds to increase 25 percent by 2020, Mayor de Blasio vows

    Another phony program to get John Lindsay Jr. mentioned in the national media. He is running for president along with everyone from here to Hawaii who think that they are the best candidate of the Democratic Party. He will promote this like his phony "vision zero" throughout the country to show that he accomplishes things in this city. Bus service will continue to get worse as this is one of those fly by night programs designed to disappear a couple of weeks after the mainstream media fawned over this press release program. The tooth fairy has more credibility then he does in my book.
  5. Interested Rider

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Thank you for your comments and I await comments from others on this subject. Your response to item # 1 concerning the B/9 is related to my question concerning how the MTA makes its decisions concerning the number of buses needed for the route. Your response was the reason that I asked question # 4 as to how they get the statistics for each route? Since the route has been carrying 10k per day for at least a decade then why has the route not been allocated more runs and buses as the justification is there? Were the statistics used taken on days when the ridership was much lower such as non-school days or religious holidays? My response as to why I would not extend the B/2 period is that I believe in short routes. Too many routes are far too long and when there are traffic problems, it makes a bad situation far worse. It is for the same reason that I am in total opposition to the drivers driving the first half of the route on one route and the second half on a different route as it insures that if there is a delay on the first route that it will impact on the second route. I remember the days when drivers spent both halves on the same route and the service was far better than it is now as if there was a delay in service, it could be minimized just to that one route. It is also the reason that I believe those in Transit making these decisions should get out from in front of their computers and out of their offices and let them try driving a bus where they have to work a split on two different routes. In my opinion it is far more costly as it does not save money at all but results in a much larger decrease in revenue and a big reason that bus service has gotten so bad. As far as your responses to questions 2 and 3, I will wait for more responses to appear before i will write a response.
  6. Interested Rider

    January 2019 Bus Route & Schedule Changes

    Agreed!. If you listen to most of our representatives whether in City Hall and Albany, you wonder if they are aware of anything that the MTA does, let alone other agencies under either the city and state. True! There are some exceptions to the rule and this depends on whether the community that they represent have shown a serious interest in the subject. A reminder to my fellow posters: There is an election next month on February 26 for Public Advocate and I understand that there are 20 candidates running for the position (Thankfully I do not plan to work that day). It will be interesting to read and hear their positions on improving the bus and train service.
  7. Interested Rider

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    i have read the responses to my suggestions and comments and I appreciate the points that the posters have raised whether I agree or disagree with them. There are some questions and comments that I would like to raise in reference to some of the responses: 1) The B/9 has been impacted by the N Line partial shutdown of stations. Could this be the reason that the number of riders has increased as many of the riders would rather take the B/9 to and from 4th Avenue heading east as compared with the N Line and thus have decided to take the B/9 on a permanent basis? Could this be the problem with the failure to put more buses on the B/9 during the work? 2) Since the B/64 is quite crowded (and I am referring to the portion between 13th Avenue and the expressway only) then why have the riders not shifted to the B/4 on Bay Ridge Parkway? The portion west of 4th Avenue is too far from the B/64 at that point. If you look at the schedules of the B/4 over many years on the Bay Ridge Parkway portion, it has remained virtually static for many years but the B/34,1, 64 has been cut over the same time period. 3) A s I stated before I remain opposed to the extension of the B/2, However, I would be interested in reading the comments as to changing the route from 65th Street to Bay Ridge Parkway from Bay Parkway west. (Avenue R, Ocean Parkway, Kings Highway, Stillwell Avenue) (Eastbound via Kings Highway to East 16th Street). The reason that I am asking about the change is that the ridership on that portion may already exist and yet is untapped. 4) How does the TA collect statistics for each and every bus route. The bus drivers used to fill in a form that listed the farebox statistics and .then it was the twice a year persons checking the line. How do they do it now and is there a more efficient way to do it today. I will be posting additional questions and comments on other points that were raised here in the future..
  8. Interested Rider

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I do not like posting the comments listed below but sometimes it is necessary to remind a fellow member of what the purpose of the forum is to all of us who are interested in the subject The purpose of this forum is for the exchange of ideas and views on various subjects. When I disagree with a person, I will use respectful terms such as "I disagree for the following reasons" or "this is my opinion" and leave it at that. I do not believe in bringing up past history or past battles that have been fought as all it does is create more problems and detracts from the original purpose of this forum. This is why when I post anything here or when I respond to anything on the internet, I watch what I write as the use of the wrong words can quickly escalate into something that becomes a flame war. This is the way I was taught when I started working with the internet many years ago. That said, i have read the last couple of posts concerning my comments on this thread and it seems the Brooklyn Bus is at it again trying to ignite a flame war like he had with me a couple of months ago. Let me state quite emphatically, I have no plans to get involved in a flame war again with him as it detracts from the original purpose of this forum. This is not the proper place for such a battle as it defeats the purpose of this forum which is the exchange of different views on various topics. I welcome the views of members who disagree with me and I look forward to having a meaningful discussion provided that we are respectful of one another's views.
  9. Interested Rider

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    So the emperor speaks and all of his subordinates must bow down and do what he says even though the plan has flaws! In my readings here and in print, I find that not only are people skeptical and rightfully so to the timing of this proposal coming just when the shutdown is almost at the countdown to begin the work. it is not based on reality but on what is good for the emperor, not for the riding public. I join with my fellow posters who feel that the 15 month shutdown was the best possible solution as the work gets done without interruption. By doing it nights and weekends, of course, it will take longer as you do not have the continuity of a full closure. I am of the opinion that after all the hearings and meetings that this was the best possible solution. Since the emperor does not ride the subway except for photo-ops, he could not recall the other tunnels that were damaged by Sandy and the delays that incurred after a weekend or night shutdown. According to the emperor, past events like the delays are considered irrelevant as it did not impact upon him or his political friends. What bothers me is that Emperor Cuomo has decided that the work of the MTA Board and of the many dedicated and hard working employees who did their best to come up with the best possible option to have the work done within a reasonable time frame is not important. People like to complain about why government workers do not work (as I had heard when I was working for the state), let them take a look at what Cuomo did to destroy the morale of the employees. This is what happens when the power of the position goes to a person's head as everything is about me.
  10. Interested Rider

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I stand by my statements that I posted here.
  11. Interested Rider

    January 2019 Bus Route & Schedule Changes

    I know about the artics and while they are the budgeteers dream as it cuts out runs and therefore you need less drivers so they are not my cup of tea. Artics are invitations to increase headways which result in reduced service and therefore provide worse service when problems on the route occur which is quite frequently. My other complaint is the winter problem of snow and ice. that render the artics useless especially if the city has one of unexpected events and the blame game begins as to why the artics were on the road in the first place.th SBS All I have to do is look at the B/44 SBS from Knapp Street when it began and now particularly during the weekday midday hours of 11 AM - 1 PM that has a 20 minute headway which means 10 minutes north of Avenue U. When the artics are placed on a route with SBS, I knew it was just a matter of time before the headways started to increase on the route from 16 minutes to 20 minutes from Knapp Street and from 8 minutes to 10 minutes from Avenue U.
  12. Interested Rider

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    When I look at changing any bus route, I not only look at streets, I look at communities where the change is to take place. The argument that 65th Street should have a bus is based on the theory that there is a big gap between the bus routes between the B/9 and the B/64. As I stated above, I look at communities and the communities include Borough Park and Sunset Park and Dyker Heights. The distance between the B/35 and the B/11 on 50th Street is 11 short blocks. The distance between the B/11 and the B/9 is 11 short blocks from 49th Street. The B/9 and B/11 are heavily used in Borough Park and into Midwood as the communities have a lot in common that have riders in these communities riding the buses. The distance south of 60th Street is different as there is bus service on Bay Ridge Avenue (69th Street) to 13th Avenue, then 6 short blocks to Bay Ridge Parkway (75th Street) and finally 11 short blocks to 86th Street. For all intensive purposes 60th Street is the line of demarcation between Dyker Heights and Borough Park. This can be seen in the ridership levels and headways both north and south of 60th Street. For what purpose will an extension to Bay Ridge serve the riders of the B/2 or B/31. Putting a bus on 65th Street serves no purpose as the ridership from Borough Park or from the B/9 will not ride as it does not serve their institutions in Midwood as they live north of 60th Street. People living south of 60th Street are part of a totally different community that do not have that institutional connection that Borough Park has with Midwood. Both Bay Ridge Avenue and Bay Ridge Parkway buses have served communities that are south of west of Stillwell Avenue as that is where the interests were for many years. While the communities have changed, the institutions are not there that would justify the extension of either the B/2 or B/31. My point about communities also involves the change to the B/9 to replace the B/41 to Bergen Beach. The B/9 needs the connection to Kings Plaza where riders transfer to the Q/35 as again it is the institutions in Belle Harbor and Neponsit. This does not exist in Bergen Beach as the community needs the connection to the Flatbush/Nostrand Station and the B/9 does absolutely nothing for them. Eliminating the B/41 Bergen Beach branch does nothing except to help the dollar vans. Drawing straight lines and making them into bus routes does not work and has not worked for as long as can remember and I am going back close to 45 years. Buses work best when the routes connect the institutions and places where the people need and offer quality, dependable service which encourages ridership. Sometimes the best thing for those who make the decisions is to get out of their offices where they can enjoy their view of New York Harbor and ride the buses, speak to the workers and the passengers. Until the rest of the MTA follows Mr. Byford's example, the system will not change.
  13. Interested Rider

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Just what we need another extension of the B/6 to make a bad situation worse. What is my interest in the B/6 extension when I ride the B/36? The answer is that many drivers work a split; that is one half on the B/6 and the other half on the B/36 and when the driver is running late on the B/6, it impacts upon the service on the B/36. When drivers did both halves on the same route then a driver could be put in place during a delay which helped the riders. As many members of the forum know, I remain adamantly opposed to having drivers do one half of their trip on one route and the other on another route as while it saves pennies and justifies what the pencil people are doing, it hurts ridership. For the same reason, I believe that there is a limit to how long a route should take one way in terms of time as you reach a point where maintaining a decent headway becomes unsustainable as one small delay can snowball into a major problem on the route. One last comment concerning the extension of the B/2 (or for that matter the B/31) from Kings Highway Station. There is no market for that service as the B/64 headway during the non peak hours is 20 minutes which means there is no reason to justify another route on Bay Ridge Avenue. The 69th Street Ferry is long, long gone and that was the reason that there were 7 minute headways 50 years ago and now has 20 minute headways. The extension would serve an area that is almost all residential and where automobile use has skyrocketed as it has in other parts of southern Brooklyn.
  14. Interested Rider

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The way to stop copycat crimes is to come down hard on the perpetrators by making sure that they do the maximum amount of time so that they will regret what they did and send a message to anyone else who even thinks of doing this type of crime. Unfortunately, we have not heard a word from the persons that enforce the law such as the mayor, governor or district attorneys or their mouthpieces in the media that once these individuals are caught that they will not be allowed to plea bargain to something lessor that will perpetuate the falsehood that this is a "victimless crime". I heard many times from inmates about property that belongs to the state should not be treated with the upmost respect as they do not care as the state can afford to buy a new one. It is that type of thinking that leads to more crime as the person will take more chances as he feels that if he could get away with this crime then he can get away with bigger things.
  15. Interested Rider

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Whether particular laws or rules are enforced comes from the top and that is both the elected and unelected officials who make the these decisions. Whatever they decide will have either a positive or negative influence on a person's actions. Remember Bill Bratton and the "broken windows" philosophy and how it worked. What it did was to create in a person's mind that if they do something wrong, they will get punished for it. What it did was to put a scare in many people who may have thought about doing something (for example: farebeating) but the thought (and most likely certainty) of what the consequences were changed their mind. This was stated many times by our then elected officials including the mayor and our district attorneys who prosecuted these crimes. The message got through and the city saw a decrease in crime as when not only farebeating was prosecuted but many other things that have an effect on the quality of life, it created an environment where people thought twice before doing something like it. Today it is different as since our mayor and his friends in the New York City Council came into office, they came with a mindset that the "broken windows" theory does not work and therefore it must be changed completely. They want to pick and choose what laws are to be followed and thus the ingredients are there for a decline in the prosecution of what they consider "low level" crimes such as farebeating. When the public hears the elected officials stating that they will not prosecute them and say it publicly like Cyrus "White Shoes" Vance, the District Attorney of New York county (A/K/A Manhattan) and this is broadcast in the media and is supported by other elected officials either publicly or privately, then you have the makings of a major increase in farebeating. If the crime is not going to be prosecuted then the perception in the public's mind, becomes just do it as there is no penalty as if it is not being enforced in Manhattan, then the perception becomes the same policy will apply in the other boroughs as well. If you are in law enforcement or a transit worker, would you put your life on the line to stop farebeating when you know that management will not support you?


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