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  1. the Bay News and the Marine Park/Mill Basin Courier has this information on its front page in the issue that was issued this past Friday The complete article is on page 14.
  2. I am in agreement with you as I do not use a credit card to add money to my metro card as i prefer to pay in cash. My credit cards are for purchases of items that I want to purchase and where I can pay it off as soon as the bill arrives, not for a subway or bus ride. Pardon me, but I am old fashioned when it comes using technology and with the exception of the Metro Card which produced a trememdous cost saving for me when I was working (the total cost of going from where I live to where I work was $1.75 each way. and I rode 5-6 different lines),I am one of the skeptics.
  3. I spent 12 years of my life working under Pataki's so called "Commissioner" and to say the least, i was one of those who felt that three terms were more than enough, let alone two terms.m He was succeded by Eliot Spitzer and he appointed the best commissiner that I worked under during my entire tenure in the department. In one year, the department processes were bought up to date and our complaints were heard and resolved.The difference in the department was like night and day as he was a hands on administrator. It is quite likely that if Andy Byford would have held the position under Spitzer not Cuomo, things would have been different,
  4. Andy Byford would have not taken the position at the MTA if Pataki was governor as if anyone thinks Cuomo is bad, Pataki was far worse You could not say anything without the approval of either Al D'Amato ro better yet Zenia Mucha and who cannot forget the picture of Al D'Amato taking ole George by the hand after George was nominated in 1994, It was either the Post or the News that had it on the front page. Everything had to be screened before it was issued and nothing went out without permission. The Albany Times- Union finally was able to get an audience with the Commisisoner of Correctioanal Services and he could not say a word without looking first at the Pataki person as to what to say and therefore speak.(I have the complete citation somewhere and I remember it was from 2000). Politicians like to control the flow of information to the public and even though there are laws that""protect" employees from management taking it out on them for making the information avaiable after going through the chain of command to have the problem resolved,the laws very seldom if ever work..(New York State Civil Service Law 75 (b)(2) is the prime example). I feel for Mr. Byford as he had the courage for speaking out and I know how he felt the wrath of a Cuomo (or a Pataki) who would do everything through their subordinates to get someone removed for speaking the truth. My opinion of Mr. Byford is of a person who is an honest individual and he will do quite well where he willbe offered and accepts a position
  5. When this entire issue came up, you and I discussed this issue and the sudden implementation. The time frame for response was too constrictive as there was less than a week involved between the announcement and the implementation.It was one week around the passover holidays that this change was announced and the time for community imput which was nothing. Since we are on te other side of Nostrand Avenue which was not part of his district but the part that was in another councilman's district, we were told to go through our councilman which we did. Our councilman tried to speak to this individual raising the issues that we bought to the attention of our councilman such as how it will impact upon our large senior population especially in bad weather and, the location of the bus stop heading toward our area in a dark spot especially at night. To say the least, our councilman got nowhere with him even though we had a legitimate argument that no change be made at all. As far as his relationship with the NYCDOT is concerned,weI could not care less as obiviously, he cares more about his relationships with his govenment friends as compared with this community. We now have useless bike lanes on Avenues W & X and two way traffic on Avenue V west of Nostrand Avenue which has turned the street into a speedway. As far as where the B/36 stops going toward Avenue U, we wonder how his friends in the NYCDOT made the situation better especially with there are three bus routes at the stop and in many cases coming at the same time.thus tying up traffic on Avenue Z in both directions at East 15th Street. The last time there was a congressional primary in 2018, the number of actual voters that voted in this area was extremetly low or about 20 voters voting per district. If the councilman thinks he can win this part of the district especially with his track record concerning my community then I wish him well, On the other hand, why is he appealing to Republicans and Independents to change their party regisltations, so that they can vote for him especially with his record on transit in our community?
  6. its funny that I I just had a discussion about this a couple of days with a member of the opposite political party. about how this change occurred. We remember the b/36 change and how it was implemented at that time as it was put in place without any real discussion with us (the riders). Everyone in the community knows who was involved and how this individual who has announced that he is running for congress wants their votes, (I cannot vote in their primary as I am a member of the opposite party). However, I will do everything that I can to remind the voters and residents that ride the B/36 that this is the individual who changed the B/36 and refused to take responsibilityfcor his actions. What I am afraid of with this clown is that just to get even with the B/36 riders on Nostrand Avenue that he will use his influence and have the B/36 route go down Nostrand Avenue and replace the B/4 to Knapp Street..
  7. If a depot is to have any major changes done such as UP, does it not have to appear in the MTA minutes? Had it appeared there, someone would have reported it here and we would have discussed it. I could be wrong but I do not remember reading about any UP depot changes here.
  8. I forgot about the B/68 as it now runs from the Stillwell terminal, not West 5th Street. Shared facilities at the terminal. Everyone is mentioning KCC but during the summer the B/1 had the extra Manhattan Beach runs from 25th Avenue. Could this be a reason (besides KCC) that artics are being placed on the line? The B/9 had school runs running out of UP. This also could be a factor in the route possibly going to UP.
  9. I feel that the B/1 going artic will be a straight swap with the B/9 going back to Ulmer Park. As far gaoing to Flatbush, I am thinking that it could be possibly in the future but not now as if the garage is to be converted to artics, it will have to wait until the B/41 and B/49 are converted. It will also have to wait until the Brooklyn routesare redesigned.
  10. I have had the same problem with the southbound b/44 sbs as there are three terminals (U,X and Knapp) and my eyes have to be very fast to catch which one is the bus going to where at that time. For the record there is no pole listing when which bus is coming at the stop that I board (Avenue L) The problem is that the sign says "select bus" three times before a mention of the route and then finally the bus destination. At which time the sequence reverts back to the" select bus" and if your eyes are not that good as many in age bracket will attest, you land up asking the driver the question. The sign itself is very hard to see as both the bus itself and its destination sign are blue although different shades and the letters are in yellow. When the sign just says one terminal, there is no problem A large percentage of the b/44 sbs riders know it is an SBS even from a distance so that there is no need to repeat SBS three times. What is needed is for the bus destination to be repeated more than once before the system rotates the signs again.
  11. The Q train has had work being done at night all this week with service between Barclays Center and Kings Highway replaced by shuttle buses. This morning there was a switch problem at Prospect Park that delayed B and Q trains.
  12. I know about the the cutting of the B/4 route in 2010 at the hospital. The point that I was making however is that there seems to be a move to straighten out bus routes so that there should be no deviation from the straight route and that was the reason that I referred to Ocean Avenue as a terminal point. I have taken the B/4 from the hospital to the Sheepshead Bay station during the early afternoon and it was a typical B/4 run as it was not crowded (and for the record neither is the rest of the line) and this can be seen in the 20 -30 minute headways at that itme. As long as I can remember even when the B/4 terminated at Harway Avenue up and until November 1978, the headways on the line were close to 20 minutes during the day so the B/ 4 ihas always been a poor performer compared to routes that parallel the route even on the west end. The neighborhood may be car centric but there is a large amount of persons who are elderly who live on the route who do not drive and rely on it. If the B/4 is cut at the hospital, then the link to Sheepshead Bay Station from Knapp Street will be cut for many of them.and that means no access to shopping and the post office. When the route was cut at the hospital in 2010, there was a vast outcry from the community organizations, political leaders and the Community Board for the route to be restored. If this change is proposed, the community will fight tooth and nail to stop it. As far as the B/36 is concerned there are only three streets that allow for a crossing of thr Belt Parkway from the B/36; Ocean Avenue, Bedford Avenue and Nostrand Avenue so if a rider lives (for example) between these streets or east of Nostrand Avenue on Emmons Avenue, I sincerely doubt that someone will take the B/36 but will tkae a cab instead. of relying on the b/36 or walking. In my many years of taking the B/36, I have not seem anyone who would take the B/36 to Nostrand Avenue and Avenue Z and then cross over to take B/44 to Knapp Street
  13. Let me add my two cents worth as I rode both the B/4, B/36 and the B/21 before the 1978 changes so I can speak about how these routes actually served the area at that time. I spoke at the meeting in July 1978 at the church in Gravesend on this subject. Many of you know me as a critic of Brooklyn Bus but the way he reconfigured the routes in that part of Brooklyn was the best thing that happened to the community and should remain as is. When I read or hear about the ideas to make the B/4 a straight route on Neptune and Emmons, I say forget it as it the Sheepshead Bay Station that generates the additional passengers for the B/4 and without it, you might as well terminate the route at Ocean Avenue. By taking away the routing to the station, you have just made the many cabs that wait at the station a lot richer as B/4 pasengers headed east cannot take the B/36 as for there is a barrier that prevents access from Avenue Z and it called the Belt Parkway, Yes! The B/36 has problems as there are many locations on the route where people forget about the traffic rules and thus the route runs into problems which is the reason that the route does not run very well. I have taken the same bus at the same time on different days and the traffic levels and the passengers could vary considerably. Avenue Z has truck traffic and since they cannot park some of them would rather do their deliveries from the street thus blocking the one lane available for traffic and of course, it has the double parked school buses at East 27th Street or the parents waiting to pick up their kids at East 19th Street. All you need is something to happen on Ocean Parkway at the Belt Parkway amd the route is DOA. In my opinion what would benefit the B/36 service is regular coverage of this portion of the route by the ticketrons. I do not remember how many times I have posted on this forum that the B/4 route should not be extended up Knapp Street over the years as it would carry air as there is virtually nothing there. What is really bothering me here is two things with first the push to straighten out the routes and the second is the 902 feet between stops. As i stated with the B/4, keep it the way it is for the reasons that I have listed. It is the push to eliminate stops that concerns me more as I am worried that instead of having intermediate stops between the Avenues such as between Ocean and Bedford and Nostrand Avenues, buses will stop at the Avenues only based on the 902 feet standard.
  14. The problem with the B/1 is not the hospital, it is both the Brighton Beach Avenue and the 86th Street Elevated Structures. Coney Island Hospital is a major traffic generator and the bus could be on time for most of the route but once it goes under the elevated structures especially along 86th Street, the schedule goes out the window.
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