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  1. I know about the the cutting of the B/4 route in 2010 at the hospital. The point that I was making however is that there seems to be a move to straighten out bus routes so that there should be no deviation from the straight route and that was the reason that I referred to Ocean Avenue as a terminal point. I have taken the B/4 from the hospital to the Sheepshead Bay station during the early afternoon and it was a typical B/4 run as it was not crowded (and for the record neither is the rest of the line) and this can be seen in the 20 -30 minute headways at that itme. As long as I can remember even when the B/4 terminated at Harway Avenue up and until November 1978, the headways on the line were close to 20 minutes during the day so the B/ 4 ihas always been a poor performer compared to routes that parallel the route even on the west end. The neighborhood may be car centric but there is a large amount of persons who are elderly who live on the route who do not drive and rely on it. If the B/4 is cut at the hospital, then the link to Sheepshead Bay Station from Knapp Street will be cut for many of them.and that means no access to shopping and the post office. When the route was cut at the hospital in 2010, there was a vast outcry from the community organizations, political leaders and the Community Board for the route to be restored. If this change is proposed, the community will fight tooth and nail to stop it. As far as the B/36 is concerned there are only three streets that allow for a crossing of thr Belt Parkway from the B/36; Ocean Avenue, Bedford Avenue and Nostrand Avenue so if a rider lives (for example) between these streets or east of Nostrand Avenue on Emmons Avenue, I sincerely doubt that someone will take the B/36 but will tkae a cab instead. of relying on the b/36 or walking. In my many years of taking the B/36, I have not seem anyone who would take the B/36 to Nostrand Avenue and Avenue Z and then cross over to take B/44 to Knapp Street
  2. Let me add my two cents worth as I rode both the B/4, B/36 and the B/21 before the 1978 changes so I can speak about how these routes actually served the area at that time. I spoke at the meeting in July 1978 at the church in Gravesend on this subject. Many of you know me as a critic of Brooklyn Bus but the way he reconfigured the routes in that part of Brooklyn was the best thing that happened to the community and should remain as is. When I read or hear about the ideas to make the B/4 a straight route on Neptune and Emmons, I say forget it as it the Sheepshead Bay Station that generates the additional passengers for the B/4 and without it, you might as well terminate the route at Ocean Avenue. By taking away the routing to the station, you have just made the many cabs that wait at the station a lot richer as B/4 pasengers headed east cannot take the B/36 as for there is a barrier that prevents access from Avenue Z and it called the Belt Parkway, Yes! The B/36 has problems as there are many locations on the route where people forget about the traffic rules and thus the route runs into problems which is the reason that the route does not run very well. I have taken the same bus at the same time on different days and the traffic levels and the passengers could vary considerably. Avenue Z has truck traffic and since they cannot park some of them would rather do their deliveries from the street thus blocking the one lane available for traffic and of course, it has the double parked school buses at East 27th Street or the parents waiting to pick up their kids at East 19th Street. All you need is something to happen on Ocean Parkway at the Belt Parkway amd the route is DOA. In my opinion what would benefit the B/36 service is regular coverage of this portion of the route by the ticketrons. I do not remember how many times I have posted on this forum that the B/4 route should not be extended up Knapp Street over the years as it would carry air as there is virtually nothing there. What is really bothering me here is two things with first the push to straighten out the routes and the second is the 902 feet between stops. As i stated with the B/4, keep it the way it is for the reasons that I have listed. It is the push to eliminate stops that concerns me more as I am worried that instead of having intermediate stops between the Avenues such as between Ocean and Bedford and Nostrand Avenues, buses will stop at the Avenues only based on the 902 feet standard.
  3. The problem with the B/1 is not the hospital, it is both the Brighton Beach Avenue and the 86th Street Elevated Structures. Coney Island Hospital is a major traffic generator and the bus could be on time for most of the route but once it goes under the elevated structures especially along 86th Street, the schedule goes out the window.
  4. Anything that has been transferred from Staten Island to another garage is always in bad shape. Over the years, I remember buses being transferred to the island to replace equipment and when it was transferred back off the island, it was not the same. RTS 9382-9416, 9418-9429 were good buses in Flatbush, then spent a year out at Yukon and needed a lot of work when they were transferred to Ulmer Park. I am trying to remember if there were buses transferred from Staten Island to Manhattanville over the many years that I were on the island but I am drawing blanks. Most of the buses that were transferred from Staten Island went to either Brooklyn or Queens. If there were buses from Manhattanville transferred to Staten Island, they stayed there.
  5. Staten Island was always known for having poor maintenance and when buses were transferred to other depots they had to be repaired. Going back years like to December 2007, i had come back to work after three weeks off and it seems that Staten Island had a group of RTS from various garages working the local routes. Right after that Flatbush sent 9382-9416, 9418-9429 to Yukon to replace other RTS. Those lasted a year and were then sent to Ulmer Park where work had to be done on them to be placed in service. The last time that I can remember Staten Island buses having good maintenance was prior to the Mid 1970's when they had the Macks and later the old looks. The reason that maintenance went down hill after that was they were adding routes and did not have the garage space to maintain them, After all it took 20+ years for Charleston to finally open for buses.
  6. I sincerely doubt if Adrew Cuomo will take responsibility for anything. After all, it is his people that were in charge and signed the contracts. He therefore was involved one way or another since he was elected in 2010 If Andrew took responsbility for something then how about his failure to help NYCHA when he was HUD Secretary under Clinton. That was the time to do it as if he (and his partner, the mayor), would have done something for the tenants at that time, the developments would not be in the bad shape that they are in now. The political establishment will do whatever it wants as they know that the likeliehood of being voted out of office are slim and none.
  7. The stop at Avenue X and Nostrand Avenue has an electronic sign on the north side and the paper sign on the south side. I know when the B/44 SBS or local is coming along with the B/36 to Avenue U before I cross te street but if I want to know if a B/36 is going toward Coney Island, I have to rely on the paper sign. I do not have a phone except in my apartment so how do I know when the B/36 to Coney Island is arriving? This is another case where those who make decisions are totally out of touch with reality (as it is anything new?). It is contract time and the fan dance has started.
  8. I just looked at the MTA website and found the following gem: N,Q,R,W trains are delayed as the NYPD tries to catch a subway surfer between Times Square and 57th Street - 7th Avenue.
  9. Didn't we discuss this topic some time ago and if I remember most of the posters were in agreement that vision Zerowould be a falure. The growth in automobile usage was discussed in reference to the change in riding habits in the Sheepshead Bay area sometime ago and its impact upon bus service in the area. So for many of us this is nothing nnew except that every often who wants his name in the mdia brings it up againto show that he/she is doing something (Yea! right) I think that Michael Goodwin's column in the New York Post about what formerMayor Ed Koch did in the 1980 preisdential campaign shows how divorced from reality DeBlasio is and how it will hurt this city. I read many of the columns on the internet and heaven forbid this city runs into fiscal trouble (and for that matter the state as well), what former President Gerald Ford said to NYC during the last fiscal crisis will become the rallying call in response to our plea for help. Who will those elected leaders who helped to create thismess turn to for help? I have a suggestion, China, North Korea, Cuba or any of the other wonderful countires that many of these so called "progressvies" worship as better than the United States.
  10. It takes a lot for me to post anything on the forum now especially when it comes to propsals to change the routes on staten Island. What got me started is the sudden interest in the s/42 and the s/52 and the need for a history lesson for those who have not had the pleasure of reading Bernard Linder's excellent work on the history of the bus routes on Staten Island which is so unfortunately out of date. Before the bus route renumbering a long time ago, there were two sets of numbers for Staten Island. Of interest are the 5 (Jersey Street), 101 (Brighton Avenue) and 104 Tompkins Avenue.The 5 after the ferry followed Richmond Terrace to Jersey Street and then went south on Jersey Street and Cebra Avenue to Stapleton at Bay Street. The 101 followed the existing route with a rush hour service to Forest Avenue (Havenwood Road).. For many years these two routes were interconnected as during the non-rush hours when each route ran on a 30 minue headway and when a 5 arrived at the ferry, this bus would become a 101 and the 101 that arrived would become a 5. The weekend headway on the 101 was 60 minutes. The 104 went south from the ferry following the S/103 Hylan boulevard Line as it does now but instead of turning unto McClean Avenue it went straight on Sand Lane to South Beach Terminal. It had a 30 minute headway except during peak periods. All three routes (5, 101 & 104) were at the bottom when it came to passenger counts. In addition the Jersey Street area chnaged and no longer was a shopping destination in the late 1960's which as CheckmateChamp alluded to concenring his comments in reference to the S/66 and Port Richmond posted here (same reason). St. Vincent's hospital which was located on the 5 moved to the south shore so there was a need for direct service from Jersey Street to the hospital's new location. The 5 therefore became redundant as the 104 (now the 52) was changed to follow the 42 (formerly 101). The prolblem is the 5/42 combination was broken and now the s/42 becane a target based on its short route and its passenger loads. It became the paper pushers vs. the residents and the "dreaded" Staten Island hills with the 42 riders during the non-rush hours losing out. It is a shame as the hills on that part of the island are very steep and my sympathies to anyone who have to walk down Lafayette Avenue in.either direction. The S/66 (formerly the s/6) is a relic from the days when the S/106 Watchogue Road (now part S/57), S/111 Bradley Avenue (now S/61) and the S/112 (Travis) were extended to St. George Ferry only diuring rush hours as the S/6 was the Victory Boulevard Bus . When the S/111 and S/112 hours were changed to proivde more serivce to the ferry, the S/6 (now S/66) irdership dropped for the same reason as the S/5. The MTA's desire to get rid of all shuttle service in a way helped the S/66 survive except that again it is the paper pushers vs the residents. Weekend service is needed as anyone who has tried to walk up HowardAvenue from Clove Road prays for someone to offer a lift up the hill. The S/42 should have its non-rus hour service restored and S/66 should have weekend service via Grymes Hill. That's my opinion.
  11. Port Authority Transit (Pittsburgh) has been doing it for years and it is located on top of the front of the schedule where it should be. I would like to read the excuses that the suits will come up as to why this totally sensible suggestion had not been implemented years ago other cities have done it.
  12. I just saw this one on the MTA website Due to a passenger needing assistance at Avenue H, southbound Q trains are running express from Prospect Park to Kings Highway. Please use northbound service to bypassed stations. If you scroll down further, Northbound Q trains are running express from Kings Highway to Prospect Park from 5:45 AM to 9 PM today.
  13. This is true and as i stated in a previous post here, the IDC and the Republicans served as a check on the radical element in the democratic Party. It was the reason the the Governor refused to endorse primary challengers to members of the IDC over the years as the governor preferred divided government and rightfully so. In looking at the legislation that has been passed by the now one party state legislature, his concerns were correct. On many of the laws that were passed by this legislature, it could be said that what were they thinking as they have become a virtual laughing stock in most of the country. My use of the term "hard left"in reference to the one running for president (of what country I might add), it is based on what I read and hear as many of the commentators refer to him as when his name is mentioned. This is how he is perceived by the rest of the country even though most of us who live in this city despise him and wish he would just go away and stay away. The census is the key and while the loss of 1- 2 seats are possible, I am going with a higher number of 3 as New York and Illinois are the only states that have lost population since the last census. Upstate New York is losing population at an alarming rate so if 2 seats are eliminated, chances are it will be in Western and Central New York State, not in the city or the suburbs. If it is 3 seats then one seat would come from the city and it will not be AOC but one in Brooklyn. This can be just wild forecasting but it is my opinion that at least one more congressperson will retire by 2022 and again it is the age factor.
  14. There are many Democrats (and for that matter Republicans) who believe in working with the other party to pass legislation that benefits all of us. The Governor was able to work with the Republican majority in the State Senate and the moderate Democrats (not the radicals that are now in charge of New York State Senate). If you look at how these Democrats worked with Republicans to get help for their districts, you could see that many were successful. The problem was that in the eyes of many of the primary voters, the democrats were considered traitors and therefore they had to be defeated for they did the unthinkable in working with the opposite party. Just compare the legislation passed by this legislature and previous legislatures and it becomes clear thst the legislation passed by this legislature was far more radical as compared with previous legislatures. It is the reason that is my opinion that the governor has had no alternative but to move in the same direction. After all, we have drums banging in the city with our own house idiot who is constantly being given coverage on the national scene by the phony media and spews every radical idea from other far leftists. The rest of the country knows more about what emanates from him and when you are a politician with an ego bigger than Mount Rushmore (as most of them have), it hurts. I may have posted this before so forgive me if I am reposting it again. I tried to get approval to do a newsletter for my fellow party members in my assembly district three years ago. I offered to pay for the printing and the postage with older United States stamps to attract attention which would have included the profiles of our candidates so that our members would be able to discuss our candidates with the voters. Needless to say, I received a response six weeks later from the person I sent the letter to in the form of a telephone conversation on a Saturday night asking me to carry petitions for some useless individual who never even got on the ballot . After all how do you expect to win elections if no one knows who is the party representative is on the ballot. One of the best examples of a leader who reached agreement with the other party was President Bill Clinton. Today he is considered a traitor by his own party for what he did in terms of legislation. That is the problem that the governor is facing and members of the party throughout the country. The voices of cooperation and moderation are being drowned out by the radicals who with the help of the phony media are driving us further and further apart. ,
  15. The reason that I did not post on this subject up and until now is this is typical Albany politics and when the New York State Senate became Democratic this year, the situation became far worse as the Republicans in the State Senate alone with the Democrats that supported them kept a lot of situations from becoming far worse, I knew what to expect from Cuomo as that is the reason in 2010, I walked around my place of employment telling my co-workers to apply for the early retirement incentive being offered. The MTA board is a non-salaried position and it has to go to the governor and then the State Senate has to approve it. Unfortunately what happened this year is no different from other years when it was under republican leadership as they too rubber stamped his appointments of the MTA and all the other agencies under his control. As far as the local newspapers covering the Albany scene which would provide information as to what is going on up there, neither the Post nor the News have reporters up there anymore. I do not consider the New York times as a source of information on anything on any level. The Post had Fred Dicker and the News had Kenneth Lovett both of whom wrote columns on the Albany scene that provided us with information as the what is going up there and were not afraid to ask the tough questions of elected officials. The Albany Times-Union is not the same as it used to be and how many people bother to look at their website to find out what is going on in Albany? There is no real source for information today and that is why both the legislative and executive branches are able to do what they are doing now. The reason that people are resigned to a dictatorship under Cuomo is that the Republican party for all intensive purposes in this state is dead. When was the last time republicans won a statewide office was maybe 20 years ago? There are certain parts of the state where the republicans still hold congressional seats but that is becoming fewer and fewer in each election cycle. When you look at the ages of many of the Republican State Senators that were replaced in the election, some of them were older than me and I am bit over 70 years old. Cuomo has nothing to fear as when was the last time that the Republicans did any form of voter recruitment drives? I think the last time that may have done it was during Governor Rockefeller's time, if at all. So it could be said that the reason that he can get away with what he is doing is that the statewide Republican Party is just like the State Democratic Party with one major difference, the democrats have always been recruiting to join the party while the Republicans have done nothing. So for all intensive purposes, New York is a one party state and has been for many years and it s not going to get any better. That's my opinion.

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