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  1. Interested Rider

    General SBS Discussion

    Your point is well taken and for future reference, I will not include you in any arguments that may arise in the future. It is a shame that I had to include it in the first place and I ask that you accept my apology.
  2. Please forgive me Via Garibaldi 8 as I am still not familiar with the quote mechanism and that portion came up by mistake. Checkmate champ 13: Thank you for an explanation of what is a Hackathon. If this is what is the future of transit planning, then pardon me I if I do not want any part of it. Let's hope that either Borough President Eric Adams or his successor will read about this method and bury it before the Brooklyn Bus study will be done. I understand your point that your raised about giving a chance to someone who is originally from Staten Island who moved to California and now wants to come back here to work for the MTA. Chances are since he is originally from Staten Island, he rode the buses many years ago, so he may have some familiarity with the bus service. I think that the point here is when a transit analyst (for example) is hired from out of state who never lived here that the person should not be given the position as he knows nothing about NYC and therefore will not help the MTA. If you have, however, bus drivers with similar degrees (for example) who drive buses for the MTA, then first preference should be given to the drivers over the others in terms of promotions or the use of the promotional examination should become the primary vehicle for moving up in the MTA before an open competitive examination is given in the title and only as a last resort. It is my opinion that the hardest thing to change in the MTA will be the culture (Molinaro report p.21) as when the culture is changed, a lot of other problems begin to get resolved.This is why I am focusing on it as it is the key to the MTA being changed for the better. There are other sections in the report and I especially like the section on customer service and will comment on that section on the appropriate thread.
  3. Interested Rider

    General SBS Discussion

    It seems you is trying to place the focus on me which is totally wrong as once again your methods of twisting what others have been said on a subject that you presented on a thread was met with derision. No matter how hard you tried to put a fresh face on something that many who write on the various threads here can attest, it seems that whenever you post something in print, it has to have his former title. Why? You have been a private citizen for 14 years and you feel that it strengthens the letter in the eyes of the reader. Some will say "Oh! that person is so important so therefore what he is writing should be treated as words from heaven" while others will say"who cares" as it is just "another writer who thinks the world of himself" You have become like "the famous diva who has not had a major role in the past 14 years and has to keep her name in the newspapers with the hope that a famous director will see her name and cast her in a major role in his next film" Do you remember what you were doing on this date in 2013? Even though you may remember, you expect me to remember what you wrote in 2013 concerning the B/44 SBS and the B/36 when I can't remember what I did last year? It is like I committed the ultimate sin of sins and that the heavens should punish me for the rest of my life. As B35 via Church put it so well in his response to me, this is one of your tactics to wear your critics down and therefore with the hope that I will stop posting whenever you inject yourself into the discussion. In this case, however, I will no longer post from kingscountypolitics.com as I am quite honored that Future ENY Bus operator has taken the time to post transit information from the site on the relevant threads. The reason that I am using the word honored is that this means that he is now reading and posting information for our readers from a very good website that provides a lot of information on what is going on in Brooklyn. I will continue to post on this forum and write and will respond to others who have taken he time to raise issues of importance to all of us here. There are a lot of things happening now in terms of transit and we have an election coming up where transit will be an issue front and center. It is up to all of us to make the voters aware of what is going on and the proposed solutions being offered.
  4. After writing my comments on this subject, I decided to read Marc Molinaro's document on the MTA (Sorry! I do not have the site but there is a thread on this subject which has a link) and I recommend it to everyone whether they are posters here or are voters. There are quite a few sections of interest to all for us but the one that will generate a lot of push back from the MTA starts on p.21 and it discusses the "culture of the MTA' and the changes that have to be made for the organization to be more efficient. One of the recommendations is that the MTA for filling many of the positions within the MTA that they be filled by those who worked their way up through the ranks. This made my mind think what these changes would have looked like and how they would have been implemented if there were Staten Island Bus Drivers who moved up the ranks and prepared this document! I have not followed the events leading to the implementation of this disaster but based on what I read in Checkmate Champ 13 post here, this entire thing should have never reached the implementation stage. His point about Google Maps is extremely important as using the site, the size of the street can be seen and as anyone knows there are many streets on the island that may have "two lanes" for traffic but in reality are just one lane for traffic. I almost dropped from my seat when I read that this Hackathon person called for termination of local routes at the SIR Grasmere Station as I thought that we had buried that nonsense sometime before I left the island eight years ago. That location was always bad (and I am going back 50 years) and there is no place to put an additional lane without encroaching on many of the properties located virtually on the sidewalk a that location. Can someone spare a couple of millions to purchase the properties? From what I justt read on this post, the individuals from "Hackathon" (a organization that I have never heard of) were and are the problem and it begs the question as to who gave them this broad authority as they seem to know nothing about Staten Island bus passengers even though" they are from the island". If they are representing the MTA and offering suggestions, then this proved what the Molinaro report recommended should be implemented and now. PS: I refer to it as the Molinaro report but it is really the Byford blueprint for change.. Either way, it is recommended reading for all New Yorkers.
  5. Let me add my sympathies to all the bus drivers on Staten Island who are involved here as I remember many of them who I saw working every day the express routes when I would change buses at the Eltingville Transit Center. As part of the Arthur Kill group that were blessed with many of you providing us with service for many years, none of you hard working men and women deserve this at all. , it is also the reason that I say every time I board a bus I say to the driver "Thank you for driving as if it was not for the bus drivers on the routes working every single day, I would have never been able to make it to work on time and retire".
  6. I have been through many transit changes, over the years and I have never seen anything as bad as this one. As anyone who does a project involving statistics knows that data collection is the important first step and in this case, I want to know how did collect the data for the routes that would be changed, every day for a week,or month or possibly twice a year? Was it done by number of people boarding at each stop? What time was the data collected?, was it done for the entire day? Based on what I have been reading on this thread, either the initial data collection which if done right would have provided a map of where existing ridership boards and which would have served as a starting point for the new routes. They should have started from there but based on what I have read here, this was not done. What this looks like was someone saw an opportunity to get federal funds and use it for making changes that no one in Operations Planning (or for that matter any other part of the MTA conglomerate) knew where to start and what they had to do to begin the project. What has to be done here is a complete clean out of the unit along with all the other units that were involved with this fiasco and their replacement with people who ride and have driven buses in our city.( am writing it but the reality is, it will never happen. Many years ago, I wrote that everyone at 2 Broadway who works in departments that have to deal with the riders would have to drive a regularly scheduled MTA bus to and from work every morning as part of their regular job As far as hiring all of the out of towners both at the MTA and in the NYC Department of Transportation (the one who did the work on Q/52 & Q/53 was a UC Berkeley graduate (Source: Brooklyn Bus)) , they got to go as they know nothing about NYC transportation and by the time that they learn what the natives like us know about it, they are already retired. Our local colleges and universities can provide local graduates that would do a far superior job in doing projects such as this and that positions go first to NYC residents. I can just picture this happening and the mayor and the governor along with the MTA running into Federal Court and requesting an injunction prohibiting this action from being implemented as it discriminates against out of town residents from getting jobs in New York City. As a result, we will continue to see more thins like this for eons. What will happen io most of these workers who created this mess? They do not have to worry as they most likely get promotions for doing an outstanding job.
  7. Interested Rider

    General SBS Discussion

    Thank you B/36 via Church for a very good and well thought out response to what I wrote here. The points that you raised as to his style of trying to debate him and how he twists what I say to his advantage are well taken and I appreciate the points that you have raised. I will refer back to this post for reference on a regular basis. I agree with you that while he made a difference (I am talking about 40 years ago in terms of the buses), the fact that he always uses his title at the MTA from which he retired 15 years ago is just one big ego trip and it turns many of us off. You are right on the money that I am quite concerned about the impact upon the B/36 route and I should have made that point quite clear.The B/36 often runs into delays when it turns into Avenue Z from Nostrand Avenue where a truck can delay a bus 10-15 minutes in each direction and there are delays on the segment from Ocean Avenue to the Station, Calling his bluff and working with the existing B/44 SBS schedule, this means that with a 16 minute headway during the non rush hours all B/44 SBS buses formerly going to Knapp Street will now go to KCC via the B/36 and the B/49 route with the B/44 locals continuing to go to Knapp Street, The MTA will use the B/44 SBS as an excuse to cut the B/36 and increase the headways. The MTA will also say that since the B/4 is providing service to Coney Island Hospital from Ocean Avenue and the station, then the riders that formerly rode the B/36 can ride the B/4 to get there. Anyone who rides the B/36 will tell you that the buses can get extremely crowded during all hours of the day as it is a route that has a considerable portion of riders who are seniors who ride the bus. With the numbers of students that will be on the B/44 SBS that he is projecting, then the regular passengers who need to ride to the station will be unable to board the buses as along with the B/44 SBS change will come a corresponding cut in B/36 service His proposal places my community in a very vulnerable position especially as the B/44 SBS change to KCC results in a major cut in B/36 service which I believe will happen if his proposal is accepted.
  8. Interested Rider

    De Blasio wants streetcar line on Brooklyn-Queens waterfront

    If there are two individuals that cannot be trusted to spend money correctly for a project that will only benefit their developer friends, it is Cuomo and DeBlasio. If Cuomo wants the LaGuardia connection to Flushing which is a waste, how about him and his developer friends paying for it out of their own pockets and not one penny out of state funds. The same applies to DeBlasio and have him and his developer friends pay for the streetcar out of their own pockets and not one penny from state, city or federal funds. There is a reason that I have no faith or trust in either of them. When these two geniuses had an opportunity to do something constructive that would have in the long run saved the city money, they did nothing. Twenty years ago both of them were in positions of power in the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and they could have allowed tenants in public housing in New York City to buy their apartments at a reasonable cost in many of the developments. At that time, there was talk from many different sources about how this proposal would benefit the residents as it gave the tenants a stake in their buildings and would have allowed funds to be shifted to those developments where it was really needed. Some of the developments would have shifted to a co-op model in the same form with the same protections that buildings in the city have when a building applies for conversion. The tenants in the conversion process that did not buy would not lose their apartments but when the apartment was vacated, it would go co-op. Today many of these same residents who would have bought 20 years are not interested in such a plan even if offered as the buildings are in far worse shape as compared with 20 years ago. Now these same two geniuses who are pushing their pet projects and at the same time will have to find 32 billion for housing, billions for transit, pensions etc. but yet when it comes to something that benefits their friends, they will make sure that the taxpayers will foot the bill! Both the city and state are headed for a repeat of the fiscal disaster of the 1970's soon after this election with one major difference;is there is no safety net available and with no elected leadership that knows what fiscal responsibility means and how to practice it.
  9. Interested Rider

    General SBS Discussion

    The report in Kings County Politics that you have posted is a duplicate as kingscountypolitics.com reported it in members on the move August 24, 2018 and posted here on this thread on August 25, 2018 by me.(Post # 1743). The reason that I bring this up at this time (and no harm was done by the duplicate post) and I agree with you that the stop should have been added when Avenue L was added some time ago. The fact that it is being added (the dates that you listed are the same that appeared in one of the local weekly ethnic papers that I read on a regular basis) is a good move on the part of the MTA and is possibly related to Mr. Byford ordering a review of the necessity of the need for the stop. This has also appeared this week in one of the ethnic newspapers that I read on a fairly regular basis. There is one reason why I will not give the cite for the ethnic newspaper that I read where this appeared and it can be summed up in two words: "Brooklyn Bus". The last time that I posted information on something that appeared in one of the local ethnic publications (it was on the B/82 and appeared in April 2018), i received a message from him asking for the cite. Knowing his motives and his love of getting his name in print, I denied it as not only was it inappropriate not only by me but by the publishers of these publications as they are not interested in what outsiders like him write or say as the publications are geared toward the particular community. The information that Future ENY op. posted appeared listing the same details for it's readers and again I will not post the cite is for the same reason that I refused to give the cite in April 2018. In a way, I can understand why duplicate posts occur here and after seeing about 60 posts after #1750 as Brooklyn Bus tried to "hijack" an informational post for our readers as by the time anyone has finally found the original post, he or she is exhausted. If you look at the posts beginning approximately with # 1750 you will be able to read his push for Kingsborough routing for the B/44 SBS which many of us stated was wrong and posted remarks to indicate that we disagreed with him but yet he kept at it. When forum members pointed out other possible scenarios, his responses to us in many cases included the word "explain" for what? and to explain to him? Why is he questioning us and what is his (possible hidden) agenda? It is like he is the expert on everything transit and we know nothing as we are bus riders, bus drivers, community residents or to sum it up in a short phrase "it is all about him". I used the word "hijack" as when I look back upon his posts, it becomes quite clear that "it is all about him" and it can be seen in his desire to control the discussion as can be read in his posts on this thread since #1750 For me, reading the forum and responding to others is the way I find out what is going on in other parts of the area. I have an enormous amount of respect for posters even when we disagree on something that I posted. I am not afraid to admit that I made a mistake and to correct it on the forum but I feel that none of us who write here should be subjected to reading words such as "explain" by him as we have been since post #1750 on this thread.
  10. Interested Rider

    General SBS Discussion

    There is something new on the B/82 that was posted on Kings County Politics a couple of days ago. kingscountypolitics.com brooklyn-lawmakers-on the-move-August-30-2018. Scroll down to "Colton applauds MTA's revised plan for SBS service on B/2 route". In addition there are two other political related items that are posted there that may be of interest to those who want to know how a candidate stands on an issue involving transit. "Gournades promotes Marty Golden's lock box bill" and "Hamilton, Myrie weigh in on mass transit woes". A reminder as Primary Day is less than two weeks away (Thursday September 13, 2018) and now is the time to ask your local and state representatives about how they stand on improving and funding the MTA as the candidates need your vote to win.
  11. The reason that I posted both quotes is that the second posting changes the narrative completely. I would never had posted my initial comment as had I seen the posting from CheckmateChamp13 before I read his first comment. Based on the new posting,I think that there is, (possibly, probably) that there may be a change in the way that the participants at these meetings will be able to voice their views. The usual order was the politicians, community people and the rest of us. The fact that Mr. Byford and the MTA people spoke to you and others before the hearing speaks can be summed up with a quote from the last supervisor in Albany who replaced someone who left after many years and did nothing. "I want to hear your problems" and I must add, the new supervisor listened to us and a lot of problems were resolved within days instead of lingering for many years unresolved While the example I used was not on the level of Mr. Byford, it is my opinion that he is listening to members of the public privately before the meeting and that he had other MTA personnel there is quite significant as it indicates that he is taking seriously the issue of how the public is heard at these meetings. Think about it and compare it to previous forums or hearings where the public's voice was the least heard or once in a while, their views were accepted. When I asked that Mr. Byford be given a chance, it was based on how he interacted with the public in Toronto and is based on my readings of the Toronto Star during his tenure at the Toronto Transit Commission. He, I might add is totally different from his predecessors in many ways so let us see at what happens at the next couple of meetings and whether the issues raised are starting to be resolved in a way that is satisfactory to the riding public as compared with how it was done previously.
  12. Interested Rider

    General SBS Discussion

    If my memory serves me correctly, I was reading on this thread where someone mentioned the possibility of re-routing the B/49 to Ocean Avenue from Avenue Z to Emmons Avenue instead of its present routing. For the record, the route will not be changed now or in the future. For those who cannot understand why there must be B/49 service on Avenue Z? Sheepshead Bay Library (East 14th Street near Avenue Z) Post Office Brooklyn NY 11235 (Avenue Z and East 18th Street serves the entire Manhattan Beach area) St. Marks Catholic Church and School (Avenue Z and Ocean Avenue) Stop and Shop (Avenue Y and East 17th Street) This is in addition to the Sheepshead Bay B and Q Station where service to Manhattan is on the same platform not like Brighton Beach! Everything is focused on KCC, a college and when Brooklyn Bus trumpets the college, he forgets all the public and religious schools and their students on the B/44 local and SBS that will now be unable to board as the B/4 SBS will have standing room only prior to turning on to Nostrand Avenue. It is quite evident that Brooklyn Bus has not seen the crowds during the mid- late afternoon at Avenue X for the B/36, B/44 local and SBS, and the periodic fights while waiting for the bus which disrupts our local businesses. Anyway, Kingsborough has its own fleet of buses to transport their students to the Brighton Beach Station along with the B/1 , so why do they need a B/44 SBS serving the college? They can expand the fleet of buses to transport their students direct from the college to the station and not disrupt the B/44..
  13. Interested Rider

    General SBS Discussion

    The 20 riders getting on the B/44 SBS at Avenue X are riding in the northbound direction and the number of riders getting off the B/44 SBS at Avenue X in the southbound direction is approximately the same number with higher figures during school hours. Statistics can be used to justify anything that the person wants it to be promote a particular point of view for the purposes of having the idea become the controlling viewpoint. For example, not allowing voters to have a voter Id card prevents people from voting. This is not true as voter participation statistics and therefore voter turnout is not impacted by the use of a voter ID card as the opposite has to shown to be true. Yet we continue to be bombarded with statistics that the voter ID card prevents people from voting. This is my point as every time Brooklyn Bus have mentioned the six B/44 SBS riders to Knapp Street, is is designed to promote his misguided view that there is a need for service to Manhattan Beach for which there is zilch, nada demand here. How do i know that the residents in my community do not want the Manhattan Beach Services? Just by riding the B/36 bus and counting the number of riders getting on and off at Ocean Avenue which is quite negligible and those that do take the bus take the B/49 north on Ocean Avenue not toward the beach. If there was demand for service to Manhattan Beach then the number of riders getting off the B/36 at either Ocean Avenue or East 18th Street would be far larger than the numbers getting off at East 15th Street which is not true. I speak to people in this community all the time and I have never heard anyone here or on the bus mention that there is a need for service to Manhattan Beach. Yet he keeps pushing the lie that the B/44 SBS should be extended there even though there is no need or demand for it. You want it as B/35 via Church explained quite clearly in his recent post for the students to get to and from Kingsborough so it helps your community while at the same time it destroys the service in my community who wants no part of it As far as Mr. Byford's statement to you about how long it will take for him to study your proposal, accept the reality that there are other more pressing needs that are a priority for him of which everyone on this board can name quite a few At least you got an honest answer.so I would not be offended at all.
  14. Interested Rider

    General SBS Discussion

    Allan (Brooklyn Bus) stated that the traffic on Avenue Z is not that bad near the station, Really as every time I take the B/36 to the Brighton Line Station, we seem to get stuck in traffic on Avenue Z from the Ocean Avenue to the station segment as I carefully delineated the reasons why in that short segment. It seems that Brooklyn Bus does not have to wait on Avenue Z under the trestle when three different buses try to board passengers (4,36 and 49) without tying up traffic on Avenue Z. I think he forgot that his routing of the B/36 in November 1978 to stop under the trestle on Avenue Z (I am not referring to the 1978 change only the location of the stop) sent the B/36 on the slippery slope that took 20 years to recover from even though he had it routed via Sheepshead Bay Road six months later. The routing continued until Councilman Chaim Deutsch and his friends in the taxi industry (a man who you praised in the previous post on this thread) destroyed what we in my community worked so hard to change for the better.A political note as Chaim Deutsch would not have been able to run for that seat if the former Council speaker did not want to get even with Lou Fielder for losing the congressional race to Republican Bob Turner in 2012 which Carlos Danger A/K/A Anthony Weiner was forced to resign from earlier Let me state quite emphatically that no one in the community where I live wants the B/44 SBS to be extended to Manhattan Beach now or in the future. In addition there are many on this forum who know the B/44 local and SBS route that have either made or are making constructive suggestions to improve the service and none of them have had anything nice to say about the B/44 SBS going to his Manhattan Beach. Brooklyn Bus' constant refrain about 6 riders going to Knapp Street reminds me of a book that i have been searching for and I have not been able to find titled "How to lie with statistics" which is applicable to his use of the 6 people as the ends justify the means. As far as his work for the MTA in Operations Planning, that is in the past as he retired 14 years ago. It means one thing as he is out of the agency and no one in the MTA (or anyone else) has to listen to him as he is just one person among the 8 million New York City residents .hat have the right to voice an opinion which he is doing on the forum and I can express my opposition to his view on the subject. It is the same thing with his views on Andy Byford, who I got to know from the Toronto Star and the Toronto Transit Commission. I have stated numerous times that Mr. Byford should be cut some slack as compared with many of this predecessors who were just there to fill the job. Mr. Byford is fighting an entrenched bureaucracy that will fight tooth and nail ty as to protect their turf as he tries to help improve the service slowly one small step at a time.
  15. Interested Rider

    General SBS Discussion

    I know about the problems of the B/49 as I have been riding it off and on for 40 years so the present problems are nothing new to me. It is the reason that when I go to Avenue M to go shopping on a weekly basis, I would rather struggle up and down the stairs on the Brighton Line with all of its unexpected surprises than to take the B/49. Two years ago, I had to take a class to work for the Board of Elections at PS 195 in Manhattan Beach and the B/49 never showed up leaving the beach. I finally got fed up and took the B/1 which got stuck under the elevated so it took forever to reach Ocean Parkway where I finally took the B/36 home. As far as service to the college especially during the summer, it is a hit and miss thing and it has to do with travel to and from the beach. When the MTA prepares its summer schedule for the B/1 and the B/49, the MTA cannot correctly predict the weather which will determine how many buses are needed beyond the regular schedule and, therein lies the problem as clear warm weather will have more riders and rainy weather will have empty buses. So the reality is that when the MTA prepares a schedule for the summer,.which may or may not work every day . When the original B/1 was running from 25th Avenue (I am referring to prior to 1978) the B/1 ran every 10 minutes to the beach during the summer (it was 20 minutes during the rest of the ,year), so there was regular service to and from the beach. The route today is quite different as compared to that time as the route is longer and goes under two separate elevated structures, 86th Street and Brighton Beach Avenue where the bus can get stuck for long periods of time. On routes such as this schedules go out the window as one truck, one long light or one truck that cannot fit under the elevated structure will delay the bus and everything goes out the window. This is why I am thankful, I retired in September 2010 or right after the B/1 and the B/64 changed terminals in Bay Ridge as with the B/64 there was predictability with the schedules and as soon as the B/1 took over, I had to add an additional 45 minutes to the 2 1/2 hour one way trip. Do you or the MTA want to go back to 2010 or 1978, I doubt it, so you learn to accept it . There is a reason that the MTA will just listen to your complaints and do nothing as what can they do as the buses are subject to the whims or the daily traffic patterns which can change in a New York minute. The B/44 local and SBS is a different story as it does not have the problems of either B/1 or B/49 and therefore should not be burdened with those problems by extending it to Manhattan Beach. For bus routes to work, there needs to be more traffic enforcement on a regular basis that crack down on the the double parkers and those that block traffic. This along with keeping bus routes at workable length, will improve service.


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