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  1. It seems that Ms. Feinberg'scomments have been picked up by the dailycaller.com which means that it is now national. On the site scroll down to the second part about midway through, it is there.
  2. Andy Byford was chosen based on being the best candidate for the job but being the best candidate without having the political support that is everything for a job like the one that he held here. His big mistake was Cuomo's ego in other words, Byford was doomed from the start. Think of this way, Byford got out of the MTA just at the right time before Andrew and his syncophants in the media would have blamed him for everything that he had nothing to do with in the transit system including the closing of the subway from 1 AM - 5 AM. Even if Andy Byford had any political support from the beginning of his tenure, the emperor Cuomo would pulled the strings like he did with having the legislature giving him dictatorial powers during this year's session which he used to dictate to us over the last couple of months unchallenged. As far as Feinberg is concerned, it seems she found an issue where she would not get under Cuomo's skin but give it time, she will be gone and the phony media that is love with him will not even report it.
  3. This just proves what I have been thinking all heset years that everything when you reach out of the civil service is political and who is responsible to wohom is based on political loyalties. I was taught in te myriad of managemtn courses that there were two organization charts with the official being the one which shows who reports to whom and the unofficial which was who really has the power and who does not even though they are in a high position. The latter are the people who have the position because of their political connections and most of the time not based on merit. Those are the ones who keep their jobs as long as their politicial person is either in office or when he leaves office still retains power through friendships and favors. What usually happens when the political support is withdrawn for some reason then the person either finds another person politically or leaves the job. What has happened here is I presume is when this happened the person still kept his job and they hired someone else to do the work at a higher salary with allegiance to another poliitical person to do the other persons work. In the meantime, the first person remained on the payroll until retirement esentially doing nothing but still getting paid at the salary level that was set along with all the raises that came with the job.
  4. Before I retired (it is 10 years ago this September), I had a medical appointment on 64th street and 8th Avenue in the early afternoon and I decided to try out the B/70 routing instead of taking the subway. It was for the most part interesting and what I learned at that time still applies with a modification. The B/70 should be left alone, however, service imust be reatined on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge.. It should be a stand alone route beginning at 59th street and 4th avenue then via 60th street, 3rd avenue inread of Bay Ridge Avenue like the B/70 rerouting was in 2010. This keeps the portion south of the expressway where there is significant ridership and retains the connections with the staten Island routes without having the traffic problems of Bay Ridge Avenue.
  5. Quite honestly, I do not trust Cuomo or Deblasio on ths question as all appointments to the MTA board has to go through Cuomo's office before they will be approved by the legislature including Deblasio's appointments to the MTA Board. Cuomo is looking for Congress to come to his rescue even though I sincerely doubt that the president will sign it . Cuomo will blame him for the termination of service between 1 am and 5 am as it is all about him. As far as both Cuomo and .DeBlasio are concerned, they both achieved their goals. Cuomo with having his face in front in the media for three months. Cuomo has been lucky as the phony media never asked him the key questions about why he acted in the way he did with the nursing home patients even though it was known as early as March 25. DeBlasio has got his wish of destroying his predecessor's legacy which is what was his goal ever since he was elected.
  6. 4/10/20 1:14 AM 2 and 3 service delayed as weremove 2 suitcases from the tracks at 125th Street (MTA Info)
  7. The MTA website is reporting now that there is no B/16 or B/37 service.
  8. the Bay News and the Marine Park/Mill Basin Courier has this information on its front page in the issue that was issued this past Friday The complete article is on page 14.
  9. I am in agreement with you as I do not use a credit card to add money to my metro card as i prefer to pay in cash. My credit cards are for purchases of items that I want to purchase and where I can pay it off as soon as the bill arrives, not for a subway or bus ride. Pardon me, but I am old fashioned when it comes using technology and with the exception of the Metro Card which produced a trememdous cost saving for me when I was working (the total cost of going from where I live to where I work was $1.75 each way. and I rode 5-6 different lines),I am one of the skeptics.
  10. I spent 12 years of my life working under Pataki's so called "Commissioner" and to say the least, i was one of those who felt that three terms were more than enough, let alone two terms.m He was succeded by Eliot Spitzer and he appointed the best commissiner that I worked under during my entire tenure in the department. In one year, the department processes were bought up to date and our complaints were heard and resolved.The difference in the department was like night and day as he was a hands on administrator. It is quite likely that if Andy Byford would have held the position under Spitzer not Cuomo, things would have been different,
  11. Andy Byford would have not taken the position at the MTA if Pataki was governor as if anyone thinks Cuomo is bad, Pataki was far worse You could not say anything without the approval of either Al D'Amato ro better yet Zenia Mucha and who cannot forget the picture of Al D'Amato taking ole George by the hand after George was nominated in 1994, It was either the Post or the News that had it on the front page. Everything had to be screened before it was issued and nothing went out without permission. The Albany Times- Union finally was able to get an audience with the Commisisoner of Correctioanal Services and he could not say a word without looking first at the Pataki person as to what to say and therefore speak.(I have the complete citation somewhere and I remember it was from 2000). Politicians like to control the flow of information to the public and even though there are laws that""protect" employees from management taking it out on them for making the information avaiable after going through the chain of command to have the problem resolved,the laws very seldom if ever work..(New York State Civil Service Law 75 (b)(2) is the prime example). I feel for Mr. Byford as he had the courage for speaking out and I know how he felt the wrath of a Cuomo (or a Pataki) who would do everything through their subordinates to get someone removed for speaking the truth. My opinion of Mr. Byford is of a person who is an honest individual and he will do quite well where he willbe offered and accepts a position
  12. When this entire issue came up, you and I discussed this issue and the sudden implementation. The time frame for response was too constrictive as there was less than a week involved between the announcement and the implementation.It was one week around the passover holidays that this change was announced and the time for community imput which was nothing. Since we are on te other side of Nostrand Avenue which was not part of his district but the part that was in another councilman's district, we were told to go through our councilman which we did. Our councilman tried to speak to this individual raising the issues that we bought to the attention of our councilman such as how it will impact upon our large senior population especially in bad weather and, the location of the bus stop heading toward our area in a dark spot especially at night. To say the least, our councilman got nowhere with him even though we had a legitimate argument that no change be made at all. As far as his relationship with the NYCDOT is concerned,weI could not care less as obiviously, he cares more about his relationships with his govenment friends as compared with this community. We now have useless bike lanes on Avenues W & X and two way traffic on Avenue V west of Nostrand Avenue which has turned the street into a speedway. As far as where the B/36 stops going toward Avenue U, we wonder how his friends in the NYCDOT made the situation better especially with there are three bus routes at the stop and in many cases coming at the same time.thus tying up traffic on Avenue Z in both directions at East 15th Street. The last time there was a congressional primary in 2018, the number of actual voters that voted in this area was extremetly low or about 20 voters voting per district. If the councilman thinks he can win this part of the district especially with his track record concerning my community then I wish him well, On the other hand, why is he appealing to Republicans and Independents to change their party regisltations, so that they can vote for him especially with his record on transit in our community?
  13. its funny that I I just had a discussion about this a couple of days with a member of the opposite political party. about how this change occurred. We remember the b/36 change and how it was implemented at that time as it was put in place without any real discussion with us (the riders). Everyone in the community knows who was involved and how this individual who has announced that he is running for congress wants their votes, (I cannot vote in their primary as I am a member of the opposite party). However, I will do everything that I can to remind the voters and residents that ride the B/36 that this is the individual who changed the B/36 and refused to take responsibilityfcor his actions. What I am afraid of with this clown is that just to get even with the B/36 riders on Nostrand Avenue that he will use his influence and have the B/36 route go down Nostrand Avenue and replace the B/4 to Knapp Street..
  14. If a depot is to have any major changes done such as UP, does it not have to appear in the MTA minutes? Had it appeared there, someone would have reported it here and we would have discussed it. I could be wrong but I do not remember reading about any UP depot changes here.
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