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  1. Interested Rider

    Flipping the Northern Terminals for the B and C

    The West End Line needs 24-7 service and the D train provides that service. For too long even before Chrystie Street came into existence, the West End Line was a victim of a thousand and one changes. The Pre-Chrystie Street service patterns included a Rush Hour West End Express to- Astoria which consisted of eight car standards, non rush hour service was the West End Local which consisted of six car standards and late night shuttle service to 36th Street Brooklyn which on many nights consisted of two Triplex units and later 4 car R-32's. After Chrystie Street, the B West End ran to West 4th Street,57th Street, 21st Street Queensbridge in addition to 168th Street. When the MTA switched the B and D Line terminals,, it helped both the West End and Brighton Line riders who are quite happy with the way it has worked out.
  2. The next mayoral election will be in 2021. Chances are the Republican Party in this city will still be divided as it was in 2017 so the Republican candidate will have no chance of winning the election. If you want to know the reason why the Republicans will never win another mayoral election, the answer can be found in a 2012 New York State Senate and Congressional Race in Brooklyn where the seats that were formally held by Democrats went to Republicans for the first time in 80 years. Right after that the two districts disappeared due to the redistricting based on the 2010 census and it went back to the Democrats. The Republican who was elected to the Congressional Seat is the same person who is now head of the Queens County Republican Party. The last time that the transit system had the problems it has now, there were elected leaders who cared about the transit system and who chose leaders to run the system, not political hacks as we have seen up and until Mr. Byford was chosen. Hugh Carey and Ed Koch cared about the system and both David Gunn and Richard Ravitch did everything that they could to mobilize and made the improvements necessary to get the system working. It paid off for the city, state and most importantly for those who work and reside in this city. We have the individual who wants to make the commitment to bring the system back after both parties on the gubernatorial and mayoral levels let it slide as in reality, they too had presidential aspirations and considered New York City and the subway system like the albatross around the Mariner's neck from the "Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Coleridge (Do they still read the poem in the 9th grade?). This is the first time that I can remember that both the mayor and the governor have dreams of running for president at the same time and they have no intention of helping out the subway system as they both figure that each will be long out of office when the system comes crashing down. The business community is extremely worried and the opinion piece by Nicole Gelicas of the Manhattan Institute in the New York Post states it quite clearly and emphatically how important the subway is to keep this city competitive on the national and world stage. Both the mayor and the governor want to criticize the president for every little thing and will use every issue as a photo op and an opportunity to get their faces in the mainstream media even though it does not make any sense whatsoever. What the mayor, governor and the president all have in common is their ignorance of history. Those of us who have studied American history in depth are asking if anyone remembers "Hawley Smoot" and the damage that it did to this country and the world. Congress is catching on but has a lot of work to do right now as many members are afraid of the consequences of a tariff war and its impact upon the country . This is why both the governor and the mayor should forget their running for president and start making sure that the city transit system gets the money to keep upgrading the system as what must b done today cannot wait until tomorrow.
  3. Interested Rider

    2017 Bus Ridership Stats

    If you look at the history of the S/55 & S/56 history going back to the time that it was originally the S/115 Prince's Bay, the route was originally a rush hour/school route. When I was riding the one that originated at the correctional facility before it closed almost seven years ago, the only time that it carried passengers was during school hours and any other time, it was empty.
  4. Interested Rider

    Recent MaBSTOA-Related Anniversaries

    Only the main libraries in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan have the Motor Coach Age articles. Brooklyn Public Library has the Brooklyn article in the Brooklyn Division and Queensborough Public Library has a lot of Queens material both public and private in the Long Island Division. New York Public Library has the material at 42nd Street but I do not know if either Staten Island (St. George) or Bronx (Fordham) has the articles. For the MABSTOA proceedings, try the New York State Library in Albany. They have a very good website and if anyone knows where the materials are and how to access it, it is them. If you have p problem with the website, try calling them and see what will be their response.
  5. Interested Rider

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Just a reminder that the 40 foot B/46 SBS have been doing school trips on the B/44 in the afternoon. This is how I got my first look at one of them that came in early June.while waiting at Avenue L and Nostrand Avenue
  6. Interested Rider

    Recent MaBSTOA-Related Anniversaries

    If there is a major gap in terms of transit literature in New York City, it is the inability to have all of the bus histories made available and updated in printed form. The late Bernard Linder classics on NYCTA, FACO , NYCO, STS and MABSTOA are only available in reference rooms in libraries at odd hours. There are histories of the private companies that were published over the years but again, it is available only in libraries and for reference use only. There is far more material available on the trolley lines and the subway system including rosters and dates of operation, however, anyone who is interested in NYC transit bus lines has to be able to spend a lot of time in the libraries trying to find the material. At one time, I had many of these historical treasures in printed form but over the years, they have been lost and quite honestly, I miss reading them. My favorite is "MABSTOA: the first ten years" that contains a roster of the equipment and the numberings and re-numberings that began with the city takeover. The article when read in conjunction with the NYCO and STS articles detail quite clearly the major problems that STS had and the severity of the maintenance problems in the the late 1950's when NYCO started sending some of its oldest buses to STS as the maintenance was already in the pits.
  7. Interested Rider

    New Yorker: Can Andy Byford Save the Subways?

    Mr. Byford must have felt that dealing with the late mayor of Toronto, Mr. Ford and Kathleen Wynne, The former leader of the Ontario province government. was an absolute trip. That is until he ran into either DeBlasio and Cuomo who make both Ford and Wynne look like "saints" in the true sense of the word. Mr. Byford (based on my readings in the Toronto Star) comes across as one with a good heart and would like to see the system change for the better for everyone concerned. This means that the system needs money otherwise it will continue to deteriorate even further, I feel that he listens to the public and would like to make the changes that will improve service but it needs the money up front which will have to come from the governor and the mayor's pet programs. If you add that these two know it all's were top guns in the Department of Housing and Urban Development under President Clinton and did nothing. Now the city may have to pay 31 billion dollars to repair public housing so the question becomes where is the city going to find the money for transit with the bill to fix up public housing? The reason that neither of these two "leaders" want to face Mr. Byford is that he will ask them the right questions but neither of these leaders will have any answers as transit does not fit their political agenda. Both Cuomo and DeBlasio aspire to a higher office and neither of them cannot deal with the trivialities of make sure that the lifeblood of the city does not fall apart.
  8. Interested Rider

    July 1st Bus Service Changes

    The changes in the B/44 and B/44 SBS south of Avenue U have to do with the schools at Avenue X and Batchelder Street. I do not know if there will summer school this year and I hope and pray this is not one of those situations where the schools did not notify MTA by last April that they were holding summer school classes.
  9. Interested Rider

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Did I see 5119 on the B/44 this morning? I looked out the window this morning about 8 AM and i saw 5119 making the turn into Avenue X from Nostrand Avenue and about 2 PM I saw the same bus turning from the B/44 Avenue U southbound stop into Avenue U heading for .Flatbush depot
  10. Mr. Byford saw the writing on the wall and that is the reason that he had to hightail out of Toronto. It seems that the Liberals in the Province of Ontario just got blasted as they went from leading the Ontario government to single digits in terms of representation (like 7 seats).. If he would have stayed, he would have to deal with the former late mayor's brother now the party leader in parliament and that was a trip. I have always said that the best way to shake up an agency is to require each and every one working in the main offices to work in the field on a regular basis where they can be with their workers and the people that they serve. Let them drive the buses to and from work every day or as a conductor on a subway or railroad train to get an idea of the real world. A lot of those who get in positions without coming from the ranks are totally clueless as to how the system works. If Mr. Byford wants to do something constructive that would send a message loud and clear that the system will be changed, he can ask that the examinations for many of these titles to be changed to promotional examinations from open-competitive There are many employees who have the qualifications who if placed in these positions would do a far superior job to the ones that are already there with their no-experience degrees and who do not know the routing of either the subway or bus lines. Here is a suggestion that would elicit an immediate positive reaction: He should find out who or whom gives out information on MTA info. involving the re-routing of buses for any reason. Someone who is posting does not know the difference between an Avenue or a street or leaves out a street completely when posting the information for the riders. Don't they read and use maps before posting or they just do not care about their work?
  11. Interested Rider

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The assemblyman that retired is now my councilman (Alan Maisel). In 2012, Nostrand Avenue became the dividing line (which it was not prior to the redistricting and Michael Nelson was the councilman) with the east side becoming the district of Alan Meisel and the other side was given to Chaim Deutsch. As far the cops not doing their job when it comes to the vans, put the blame where it belongs at City Hall's doorstep. Quite honestly, does anyone care anymore when it comes to government as would never know there are three other congressional primaries (possibly more that I am not aware of at this time) besides the Grimm v. Donovan race that the media seems to trumpeting at every opportunity. Yvette Clarke, Gregory Meeks and Joe Crowley all have primary challengers with the last one I found out completely by accident. I can just imagine the large turnout that there will be to vote in the congressional districts where there has been virtually no publicity as to voting on Tuesday June 26. I know that I will be hearing and seeing the phonies in the media taking pictures of the poll workers doing nothing but the workers cannot cajole and virtually drag potential voters into the polling places to vote nor just look busy when the media appears with their cameras. We will hear how much money was wasted on this election where the percentage of voters that cast ballots will be either in the high single digits or the very low double digits and then have the same persons that are complaining blame everyone else but themselves for a low turnout.
  12. I was born the year that Thomas Dewey was running for president the second time (1948). I just turned 70 a week ago. If you asked people who was "Malcolm Wilson" , 99.9% would not know that he was the person who replaced Nelson Rockefeller as governor and who lost to Hugh Carey in the gubernatorial election of 1974. If you ask people who was Hugh Carey, the percentage would be high but I do not as high as there are still many people who have not forgotten history.
  13. Interested Rider

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    All quiet on the B/82 front in terms of the local newspaper and magazine coverage down in southern Brooklyn. Chaim Deutsch has found another issue to get himself in front of the cameras as he wants the party boats to be moved to Flatbush Avenue or opposite the Mill Basin Community. Another way to dump his problems on another councilman's (Allan Meisel) district.
  14. New York State has had two Republican governors in my lifetime and neither one was good for the transit system. Nelson Rockefeller created the MTA and gave the top job to his secretary William Ronan. George Pataki cut the funds allocated for the MTA while he was governor. New York City had John Lindsay who was a Republican who turned Democrat to run for President in 1972. It is my opinion that the current mayor and John Lindsay have a lot in common in terms of their policies and what I am most concerned about is the mess that Lindsay left to Abe Beame, his successor and what this mayor will leave for his successor. For the record, there is a Federal primary on June 26 and while the media is mentioning the Grimm v. Donovan contest for the Republican nomination for Congress, both Yvette Clarke and Gregory Meeks have primary opponents as well in their congressional districts. The primary election for state offices is Thursday September 13 so we can look forward to three more months of pie in the sky promises to help the transit system.
  15. Interested Rider

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Having rode two of their Ulmer Park's best 5103 and 5105 over the last two weeks,, I think that there will be more XD40's heading there even if it is on a temporary basis.


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