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  1. Agreed as this gives the TA time to make the schedule changes for Flatbush and Ulmer Park routes in the event that the buses that are supposed to arrive do not arrive on time As I will say time and time again, this "journalist" had only one thing on his mind when he wrote the article and that it was to have some politician(s) read it and run with it without checking the accuracy of the story. He achieved his goal as the Borough President held a press conference the next day and the story developed legs. Once it got legs with exception of Mr. Byford and Mr. Irick telling the truth (which was ignored for the most part), it was accepted as fact. Someone above Mr. Byford and Mr. Irick decided to put pressure on the agency to speed up the deadline and again did not bother checking whether the article was correct. Mr. Byford had the same problem in Toronto with buses that were way past their prime and still on the road, so this is nothing new with one exception as the person there was Ford and here it is Cuomo. I remember reading the Toronto Star on the net (at that time it was free) and how he had to jump hoops just trying to get money for replacement buses. For further information see Transittoronto.com as it is an excellent source of bus histories in Toronto complete with numbers and dates of retirement. The problem is that there are too many people in all forms of media "masquerading as "journalists" who do not belong in the field. In reality they are "shills" who claim that they are something that they are not (journalists) but persons expressing their opinions and using the title to promote their views. In most cases they have an agenda which is to promote a particular viewpoint and use their position not to give the facts but to have us believe what they are advocating. I would be a lot happier if these shills would admit that they are expressing an opinion and then let us take it from there.
  2. This is the way research should be done but unfortunately when a "journalist" starts off with a conclusion and then presents "facts" that support his conclusion then this is not journalism but is an opinion and the journalist should have stated it in this hit piece. I know I am repeating myself as I posted it in another post but it is important that I post it again. When I prepare a document that is being sent to a company complaining about something or I speak before a governmental agency, I follow the format that is posted here. This individual did not follow this procedure and what makes this even worse is that he is using a "bully pulpit" to write an article that should have never been written. Everyone agrees that the RTS had to go and I am concur with the this statement as going up those steps with packages, it has become nothing but hell but the way the article was written, it was designed to target the East New York garage. Ironically if the so called "journalist" would have taken the time to search the internet and looked at this website, he would have not written the article in the first place as East New York was getting rid of its RTS. Based on the numbers here, the buses would have been gone by the end of April. Again, since this did not fit his conclusion. it is my opinion that he wrote the article anyway as he knew that by writing a "hit piece", it would gain the attention for what the writer wanted it to do in the first place. What this so called "Journalist" did was the two garages that have the remainder of RTS will have to pray that the bus division will provide them with approximately 50 buses each for Flatbush and Ulmer Park because management has a deadline. In the interim in the rush to scrap RTS's which would have been done by the end of December as new buses were coming in to replace them, runs that have to be filled will not be filled. Will the riders of Ulmer Park and Flatbush have to suffer because he wrote an article that has hurt us not the targeted communities? I went through this when I worked over the years and it is not pretty when you do not know whether the bus will arrive. Staten Island was the worst and I could go back years as it was a regular thing with them out there before and after the Marchi bill which required that 15% of all new buses be sent to Staten Island. The local services suffered as they took the local buses that were supposed to provide that service and used them in express service as they had a shortage of express buses. My late nephew was a reporter in a small town and in my conversations with him, he would never write something without following the five steps Westfarms posted here as if he did, he would have been run out of town. Yet, here a hit piece like this gets prominence in the media which indicates to me that they do not check their articles either. This is a tragedy as instead of honest reporting, we are being fed this garbage. As far as the pollution problem, my windows are wide open as even though I live on a major bus street, our management insists on keeping heat on morning, noon and night so all that junk is getting into my lungs.
  3. I heard the responses from Mr. Irick and Mr. Byford to this political hit piece that was written in the New York Daily News and basically it is the same thing that I and many of the commenters here have said. It was total rubbish and if the author of the article had taken the time to so some research instead of using the conclusion that he started with to prove his statement, he would have not written the article in the first place. Unfortunately, it is becoming all too common in the print and the rest of the so called "mainstream media" to write material that is not based on fact and include information that is known to be false and have it masquerade as news. This was not the first time that a piece of trash that appeared in the Daily News on transit saw the light of day as we can go back where the something just like this was written in the New York Post and for that matter other sources as well. It disturbs me no end when something like this gains traction from the political establishment when there are other more pressing issues that should be on the transit agenda that should be covered by journalists and the mainstream media. Just look at the various threads posted here and the great work that members are doing to bring to the public's attention problems that are far more critical to all our communities than something that is designed to divide our communities based on economics. The article's goal has been achieved as the writer got members of the political establishment riled up enough to call another useless press conference and get their 5 minutes before the cameras on a story that should have never been written. What bothers me is that this has become "journalism" today where the truth is conveniently lost in the desire for phony headlines about non-existent problems. What this does is it enables our political leaders to escape responsibility for tackling the major issues that must be and should be discussed and resolved as these are far greater threats to not only to poor communities but all communities as well. There are journalists that are doing great work in terms of investigating and documenting issues that have had a negative impact upon our lives and I look for their writings on many websites that I read on a daily basis but it seems that many of them seem to be ignored in the media as it does not fit their agenda. Give it some time and soon another article will appear on transit that should have never appeared and we have a new thread where we would be writing the same responses are have appeared on this this thread. That is my opinion.
  4. I used to post my suggestions on the reports that I had to send to Albany and i asked the exact same question why it was not included in the report to the commissioner as every other department posted what they were doing. I never received an answer. The state Department of Audit and Control would be at Arthur Kill Correctional Facility many times over the years to do their sampling, issue a report that would be challenged (of course) and the department. The changes of course that they agreed to would be cosmetic and back to business within months. The only time that the Department and my area Library Services implemented major changes was when a new commissioner came in 2008 and changed time frame for sending in reports.At that time a new person was placed in charge of Library Services and it was the only time that I can remember that the supervisor asked the librarians what they wanted attend the changes were implemented soon after they were posted. It is very rare that there are supervisors who are political even though they are under civil service who will take a stand on an issue and I think that the reason is New York State Civil Service Law 75 (b) is beyond being useless.
  5. Why does this not surprise me? He who forgets history is doomed to repeat it and this mayor has done the same thing that John Lindsay did and look what happened after he left the office. The big difference is at that time we had leadership in Albany and in our representatives in Congress something that is missing today. This time when (and if) bankruptcy will occur, the city and state will both go down and the only ones that they can blame is themselves.
  6. Agreed and once again my point is did the author do any research on the subject or was it a publicity stunt? It is a cheap publicity stunt pure and simple where a posting of a question on this forum could have gotten the answer that should have formed the basis for his article. There are two different types of buses in the system as we all know with two different dates of expiration as CNG buses must be replaced by the date of expiration (15 years) and therein lies the problem as diesel buses do not have an expiration date which they should have an expiration date of 12 -15 years) Thus the MTA was up against a CNG deadline and therefore took the new equipment which would have replaced the oldest buses and sent them to the CNG West Farms depot. Therein lies the problem and had the author wrote about this in the article, then he would have had a real issue. Instead the article was written where it become an issue of "class warfare" which it is not as the issue is one of not replacing buses in a timely manner. As our forum members have written, the issue was and is why have the buses not been scrapped and that has nothing to do with what the author wrote about and presented in his article. Again had the author posted the question and would have read the statement that ViaGaribaldi posted here, then right there it could have formed the basis for an article that justifies serious attention by our elected leaders. There are serious issues with the bus system in terms of what ViaGaribaldi raises here and thankfully she has gotten the ear of our elected leaders in this part of Brooklyn that will raise it with the MTA. Let us all hope that the elected leaders are successful in raising the issue of maintenance as that is far more important in my book. A postscript: I know what ViaGaribaldi is saying having spent too many years on Staten Island where the new buses would fall apart and garages from all over the city has to send buses to replace their buses year in and year out.
  7. When I read this article, I was ready to scream as this is another example of someone who started with a conclusion (which was not true) and used it to express an opinion on a issue which the author of the article knew absolutely nothing. As the late Jack Webb from the television series "Dragnet" stated quite succinctly "Just the facts", meant that before a conclusion should be written, research must be done to support the statements. In reading this typical piece of unsupported garbage masquerading as news, the first question that came into my mind was did the writer do any research to prove what was obviously a hit job on the MTA. The answer is quite is an emphatic "no" as the while the author had one of the best sources in front of him, the internet where all he had to do is plug in a couple of terms such as RTS or buses and he would been led to websites such as this one, it is quite obvious that this was not done. Then all he had to do was scroll down the comments made by our members and then would find out that the RTS buses are being replaced quite rapidly and should be gone by the end of the year.This information comes from members who are considered reliable sources by those of us who are interested in transit. As ABO Brooklyn correctly points out, the routes that run out of Ulmer Park have a high number of RTS's but this did not fit his conclusion which was the purpose of this hit piece and therefore he would not have put it in the article which was the oldest buses are running in poverty neighborhoods. . The author would also learn that the Bronx which also has a high rate of poverty just like the communities in Brooklyn, however, its fleet is far newer as compared with Brooklyn and therefore his conclusion was wrong. The key here is research and pardon me for saying this but doing research today is far easier than the early 1970's when I began work as a librarian when there were no computers and it could take hours and sometimes days to track down the information needed to put together an article on buses. At that time there were so few articles written on the subject and unless you knew someone who was directly connected and involved with the division, the information that was available could best be categorized as slim and none. The only way that the information was available was the once in a blue moon press release that would announce the purchase of new equipment So when I read a piece of garbage like this that masquerades as journalism these days, I cringe as this article in my opinion was designed to motivate the usual group of individuals who are looking for a cause to find an excuse to hold a rally.Take a look at Kingscountypolitics.com today and watch all of those who fell for this garbage having a rally this morning in front of the TA headquarters, Too many persons who consider themselves journalists do not follow Jack Webb's advice before writing something and having it published. I only wish that this author would have heeded his advice before writing this hit piece.
  8. I think that you are right about the "caution; bus is turning" but I think that there is another reason that is overlooked from a legal perspective. When a motorist comes out from the driver's seat at the same time a bus is coming out of the stop or making a turn, the driver's side door would get damaged. I have seen this happen and even though it was quite a few years ago, once the police are called then the possibility of a law suit comes into play. By announcing that the bus is turning and the driver still opens the door, then the motorist has the problem.
  9. Never has truer words been spoken. As far as the fare beaters are concerned they know that they can get away with it as some of the District Attorneys especially Cyrus "White Shoes" Vance from Manhattan has said that he will not prosecute fare beaters. That has to stop as fare beating is a crime.
  10. The announcements are designed as VIP said to cut the lawsuits as the information has been posted for the person to read. Whether he or she reads and chooses not to follow it is their business but now the TA can state for the record that the person had been warned prior to not following the posted rule. It is the same thing with the "Caution; Bus is turning" as it gives a warning to pedestrians and motorists that either the bus is turning from one street to another or is pulling out of the bus stop. This is another one of those ideas that came out of the failure of either a motorist or most likely a pedestrian to look and wait for the bus to do what it is supposed to do and is an outcome of our litigious society.
  11. I just reviewed both posts and as well as the weather underground 10 day chart and both Accuweather and Weatherunderground have it changing to rain but after a prolonged period of snow changing to ice and then rain. The temperature forecasts for the day indicate that it will be very close to 32 degrees or at the freezing level. This winter, the weather systems have been coming from west to east which precludes large amounts of snow. If this was a normal winter then it would follow the usual pattern of storms coming from the south to north, then the snow amounts will be much higher. Past forecasts do not indicate that the same pattern will be followed on Tuesday and compare it to the November storm forecast and how it changed in a couple of hours. When I read many of the posts on this forum, there are a lot of posts that are pure speculation of what will occur when for example new buses and trains will be going when they arrive, that is basically a management decision that involves specific garages and yards and is done over a long period of time. A snow event such as this is totally different as it change in a matter of minutes. After the November storm, the MTA does not want to hear from every politician and every so called journalist who knows nothing about transit coming out of the woodwork to blame the MTA, forgetting the fact that weather is an inexact science and therefore can change in a New York minute. it is my opinion that the MTA will err on the side of caution and will put chains on bus tires and will replace the artics with the 40 foot buses on Tuesday.
  12. Has anyone checked the weather for this Tuesday? It seems that both of the weather sites that I check on a regular basis are predicting snow with Weather Underground (3-5 inches) and Accuweather (1-3 inches). It maybe a good time for our fellow posters in Manhattan and the Bronx to be on the look out over the next day to see if the 40 foot buses from other garages make an appearance.
  13. Thank you BM5 via Woodhaven for posting the official NYCT statement. When I saw the NYCT statement which was posted upstairs on the southbound Avenue M platform I noted was not posted on the street level. I could not figure that one out. You are not the only one who thought the same thing. I read the statement out loud and my reaction was "Huh!". When i was at the station at 1:54 PM southbound Q trains were running express from Prospect Park to Kings Highway and normal service northbound. The reason that I elected to take the B/9 and B/44 routing as it enabled me to avoid going up and down the stairs at Avenue M, Newkirk Plaza and Sheepshead Bay. Agreed but the way that the NYCT post reads it said "animal", it should have said "injured animal". If I had seen that on the posting my reaction would have more sympathetic as compared with my initial reaction which did not state that it was an injured goose.
  14. Did anyone pick up on the reason that the southbound Q trains running express from Prospect Park to Kings Highway since about 130 PM?? The posted something that service had resumed at about 3:10 PM with delays as there was an animal on the tracks. It seems that when I was at Avenue M station southbound side about 150 PM , it seems that southbound platform sign said at the bottom stated there was police activity at Parkside Avenue and said the reason was "a goose". I am not kidding! I took the B/9 to the B/44 rather than wait.
  15. The answer is no as the Sea Beach Line has two entrances on 2 different streets with a single staircase at each entrance. The exceptions are 86th Street and 20th Avenue. These two stations have two staircases from the same entrance.. New Utrecht Avenue has two staircases and I am unsure about an elevator is being installed The distance between the two entrances is approximately 600 feet apart with Fort Hamilton Parkway having a longer distance. To install an elevator at Sea Beach Stations would require an easement as the property line begins almost at the stairway. The Brighton Line is a can of worms as the express platforms north of Brighton Beach are way too narrow and I offer Kings Highway as an example where an elevator has been installed and the space between the elevator and the platform is about one foot and there are signs not to stand there. Forget Beverly and Cortelyou Roads as the local platforms are extremely narrow. The other local stops are slightly bigger and have been recently rehabilitated. The problem here is the one stairway at many of the stations even though a second stairway was added at Avenue M northbound side. Even though I feel that elevators would have been a good idea to have them installed when the stations were rehabilitated, I feel that it is more important that the funds be allocated for the repair of the signal system and the repair and maintenance of the system. I hear the complaints and do not think that I am not sympathetic as going up and down the Brighton line steps has become quite hard for me so I can relate for the need for elevators and ramps. The question becomes at what cost especially now where there is a need for a dedicated source of revenue to be set in stone so that the monies could be allocated for other projects that are considered more important to the system.
  16. We'll this is long overdue and as usual it took a series of incidents for action to be taken. Rest assured as the persons who are intent on stealing buses are already working out how to find a way to beat the system.
  17. I was reluctant to post something on this subject when I first read this post I changed my mindas when it comes to the MTA, and the weather, it is damned if you do and damned if you don't. Let's face it, the science of weather is an inexact science so that what looks like one thing one minute can change a minute or two later. I have been a student of the weather since I took a course in high school over a half century ago and has watched how technology has changed forecasting in an attempt to make it more precise. I look at two sites, weatherunderground.com and accuweather.com of which the latter has been a major source of up to date information since I worked on Staten Island many years ago. My guide was Elliot Abrams of accuweather.com on WINS at 430 AM each morning who helped me in planning for the day and his ability to provide accurate information proved to be a life savior for me as I was dependent on the bus system. Taking the Sunday weather event first, the long range forecast at the beginning of the past week was for snow and ice and this continued up and until early last Friday when it changed to rain. In the meantime, the paranoid media played up the snow and ice knowing full well that the longer the time between the forecast, and the actual event the probability of accuracy is low. The MTA had to go with the long range forecast in terms of the ability to plan and it seems that is what happened here. As I stated, as it got closer to Sunday, the forecast changed as the storm path indicated that the storm would be farther west thus allowing warm air from the ocean to come in, thus negating any snow. The November storm was quite different in that the long range forecast was calling for a small accumulation and that the sudden change to the higher amounts of snow occurred on the same day within a couple of hours. I checked the sites early in the morning and then at 11 AM when I noted that there was a significant change between the two forecasts with the higher amount being mentioned at being after 1 PM. I had to go to Avenue M that day and as soon as I read about the change, I left my apartment immediately and by the time I arrived home, I could virtually see the higher totals. For the MTA to be proactive in a storm such as we had in November, it needs time to move equipment and the window of opportunity was not there on that day as the change occurred basically over a three hour period. This is why I am not part of the blame MTA crowd where both the phony journalists and the know it all politicians who blame the MTA for everything had collective amnesia as they were forgetting that weather is an inexact science. If anything, the fault may be in the MTA chain of command as the superintendents all have radios and they knew what was going on. Then based on the weather change, then why were 40 footers not sent out (for example in Brooklyn and Queens) instead of the artics when notice of the significant change in the weather was being reported beginning at 11 AM? In looking at the upcoming weather forecasts, bear in mind that there are two ingredients that are necessary for a significant event The first being cold air and the second a south to north storm.This winter we have had above average mean temperatures as our weather has been coming from the west straight to the east and the split of the polar vortex which provides the cold air did not occur until now. Our weather has been coming from the Ohio Valley and not from either the Tennessee Valley and further south to the Gulf of Mexico where our winter storms get their act together. If that starts occurring from that area, then there will be a significant snow event.
  18. It turns out that the R/42 was testing the timers on the express track. When I read that 4806 was part of the consist, I remembered that particular number was part of unit.
  19. This again! Nothing will change on the B. The B will remain as is with the equipment it presently has now.
  20. It has been like that for as long as I can remember and I go back to the middle of the 1970's and back then it was the air-conditioning during the summer and the heat during the winter. It was though we had air conditioned buses assigned to the island where the air conditioning never worked on the locals . As far as maintenance was concerned, if it was either January or June on the calendar, rest assured that a considerable portion of the local fleet was out of service, It should be noted that they had to borrow local buses from the rest of the city for many years from the late 1960's through 2008. For many years, it was not uncommon to have local buses used on the express routes. The garages were finally built and the water problem at Castleton was finally fixed up after almost a half a century but the maintenance problems are still there, new buses, old buses, it is the same problem that has been going on for fifty years and continue to go until someone will finally do something about it.
  21. Another phony program to get John Lindsay Jr. mentioned in the national media. He is running for president along with everyone from here to Hawaii who think that they are the best candidate of the Democratic Party. He will promote this like his phony "vision zero" throughout the country to show that he accomplishes things in this city. Bus service will continue to get worse as this is one of those fly by night programs designed to disappear a couple of weeks after the mainstream media fawned over this press release program. The tooth fairy has more credibility then he does in my book.
  22. Thank you for your comments and I await comments from others on this subject. Your response to item # 1 concerning the B/9 is related to my question concerning how the MTA makes its decisions concerning the number of buses needed for the route. Your response was the reason that I asked question # 4 as to how they get the statistics for each route? Since the route has been carrying 10k per day for at least a decade then why has the route not been allocated more runs and buses as the justification is there? Were the statistics used taken on days when the ridership was much lower such as non-school days or religious holidays? My response as to why I would not extend the B/2 period is that I believe in short routes. Too many routes are far too long and when there are traffic problems, it makes a bad situation far worse. It is for the same reason that I am in total opposition to the drivers driving the first half of the route on one route and the second half on a different route as it insures that if there is a delay on the first route that it will impact on the second route. I remember the days when drivers spent both halves on the same route and the service was far better than it is now as if there was a delay in service, it could be minimized just to that one route. It is also the reason that I believe those in Transit making these decisions should get out from in front of their computers and out of their offices and let them try driving a bus where they have to work a split on two different routes. In my opinion it is far more costly as it does not save money at all but results in a much larger decrease in revenue and a big reason that bus service has gotten so bad. As far as your responses to questions 2 and 3, I will wait for more responses to appear before i will write a response.
  23. Agreed!. If you listen to most of our representatives whether in City Hall and Albany, you wonder if they are aware of anything that the MTA does, let alone other agencies under either the city and state. True! There are some exceptions to the rule and this depends on whether the community that they represent have shown a serious interest in the subject. A reminder to my fellow posters: There is an election next month on February 26 for Public Advocate and I understand that there are 20 candidates running for the position (Thankfully I do not plan to work that day). It will be interesting to read and hear their positions on improving the bus and train service.
  24. i have read the responses to my suggestions and comments and I appreciate the points that the posters have raised whether I agree or disagree with them. There are some questions and comments that I would like to raise in reference to some of the responses: 1) The B/9 has been impacted by the N Line partial shutdown of stations. Could this be the reason that the number of riders has increased as many of the riders would rather take the B/9 to and from 4th Avenue heading east as compared with the N Line and thus have decided to take the B/9 on a permanent basis? Could this be the problem with the failure to put more buses on the B/9 during the work? 2) Since the B/64 is quite crowded (and I am referring to the portion between 13th Avenue and the expressway only) then why have the riders not shifted to the B/4 on Bay Ridge Parkway? The portion west of 4th Avenue is too far from the B/64 at that point. If you look at the schedules of the B/4 over many years on the Bay Ridge Parkway portion, it has remained virtually static for many years but the B/34,1, 64 has been cut over the same time period. 3) A s I stated before I remain opposed to the extension of the B/2, However, I would be interested in reading the comments as to changing the route from 65th Street to Bay Ridge Parkway from Bay Parkway west. (Avenue R, Ocean Parkway, Kings Highway, Stillwell Avenue) (Eastbound via Kings Highway to East 16th Street). The reason that I am asking about the change is that the ridership on that portion may already exist and yet is untapped. 4) How does the TA collect statistics for each and every bus route. The bus drivers used to fill in a form that listed the farebox statistics and .then it was the twice a year persons checking the line. How do they do it now and is there a more efficient way to do it today. I will be posting additional questions and comments on other points that were raised here in the future..

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