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  1. The B/3 was extended to East 74th street and Avenue X from approximately 6:45 AM - 9 PM only. 1 of every 2 (possibly 3) buses terminated there with the rest of the service terminated at East 71st Street at all times.
  2. That is the reason that I am furious that this person was let out on bail and only $10,000. Bail was being considered (and it is my opinion that it should have not been offered in the first place due to the seriousness of the offense) if it was it should have been 10 -20 times higher. This man is a danger to society in no uncertain terms and he must be kept locked up through trial. At least with him on Rikers Island, transit riders and employees will feel a bit safer (hopefully) unless we start to see copy cats. If this is the first stage of the judicial process for this person, then I am afraid what will happen at the following stages of the process when the plea bargaining starts occurring.
  3. I just read that he is now out on bail thanks to his mother. The bail was set at $10,000. Just what we needed, this individual back on the streets in two days flat.
  4. 4681 on the B/44 northbound from Avenue U this afternoon. I was on board that bus.
  5. It is Monday and I just checked trip planner for this morning 11:57 AM, and according to the trip planner, I have to ride a northbound train to Newkirk Plaza so that I can ride a southbound train to Sheepshead Bay today,. If a planned service change is cancelled, then trip planner should be updated to show the corrected change immediately. Since the change was posted here, then why was it not posted on trip planner unless the person who updates trip planner works Monday - Friday and thanks to the scared penny pinchers, it has to wait until the person comes in on Monday morning. If this is what happening, then it is no wonder that riders question the accuracy of the MTA providing information as to what is running and what is not? I will be posting a follow up on this change later this afternoon.
  6. There never was enough service on the s/79 on the weekends and I am going back 25 years. I remember when I worked weekends, it was next to the impossible to get a seat let alone sometimes board at Arthur Kill Road so I can imagine what is now. My major gripe when it comes to bus service is that those who plan and make the decisions for the rider must do time in the field. That is if they are going to cut service let them hear from and see the damage (yes) that their decision will do to the riders. It is my opinion that if they had to spend their time with the riders and not sitting in front of their computer screens babbling with the penny pinchers about this and that and came out into the real world, then service would be far better. The S/78 has always had a problem and I had posted information on this some time ago on the forum. What bothers me is that if more buses are added to the S/79 especially on the weekends, ridership would increase as the S/79 one of the few routes where a change from the terminal in St. George (Yes when the s/79 started operations, it ran from from there to the mall) to Brooklyn sent the ridership skyrocketing over the years. The S/78 is needed just like the S/74 is needed to Bricktown Mall with a decent headway as there is nothing else available (except SIRT but that is a considerable distance from both of these routes). south of Richmond Avenue. There is a difference between cutting bus service in the other boroughs as when the route is cut there (in some cases not in all) there is alternative service. Here is there is none.
  7. Thank you for the update on this change. When I posted it last Monday, I could not believe that someone would come up with something like this, knowing full well how heavily used these stations are during the non-rush hours. It made no sense for a rider from Avenue H to have to go all the way to Sheepshead Bay to board a train going to the city. I saw what work was being done and it could have been done late at night without disrupting service like it did this past week. It was crazy on the Q during the non-rush hours last week and when I got off at Sheepshead Bay on both Monday and Thursday in the early afternoon, the northbound platforms were as crowded as the rush hour. If it was that crowded at 2 PM I can't imagine how bad it was for most of the day Pardon me for asking but what genius came up with this total and unnecessary disruption of Brighton Line service at two of the most important stations on the line? In the 40+ years that I have rode the Brighton Line, I cannot remember when these two stations were closed at the same time during the non rush hours for a week (and if it had not been cancelled for the upcoming week) for work that could have been done at night (and for the record, I am not talking about track work). What may have happened here was that the penny pinchers were at work and quite honestly I doubt if they know anything about the Brighton Line let alone the system itself. What were they in state of panic over Cuomo's complaining about the overtime all over the media even the worst offender was the Long Island Railroad and the governor himself should take responsibility as he in charge of the agency and therefore helped settle the contracts which allowed the overtime? If you read the phony media, you will notice that the talk is about new contracts and how overtime has to be curtailed. I seem to have heard this talk going back 60 years and the end result is always that all it is "hot air". The same elected officials who did the most complaining are the same ones who negotiated the contracts over the years only to go through the same ritual with the next contract and the contract after that and after that. That's my opinion.
  8. Transit and politics go hand in hand on Staten Island and I am talking for about over 50 years. I have posted here sometime ago the saga of Borough President Robert Connor and his refusal to grant the MTA more than one year on express bus routes as he wanted to unload his ex-wife (a Pouch who owned Pouch Terminal). Then there was late Senator John Marchi who put into law 15% of all bus purchases must be sent to Staten Island, it did not help. I remember when they sent new buses to Staten Island and the right side mirror went crash as it went through the Bridge toll booth. It seems that nothing has changed on SI.
  9. An update on this change as it will be going on all week during the non-rush hours and will be in effect on this weekend as well. Q trains are running express northbound from Sheepshead Bay to Prospect Park. I went with the bus option going to Avenue M and ran into sewer construction on the B/9 from Nostrand Avenue to the Brighton Line. What this proved to me which was never look at the MTA website until I am about to leave home to take the trip.
  10. Today is Monday and for me, it means that I do a trip from Sheepshead Bay Station to Avenue M Station and back. I decided to check the MTA website as I usually do to see if the Q train will be stopping at Avenue M in either direction at about noon. When I entered the two stations northbound on their website, i saw an entry that the B is not stopping at Kings Highway and Church Avenue due to station maintenance and that I had to change at Newkirk Plaza for a southbound Q train. Fine but I asked about Avenue M and the Q train, not the B train and not about Kings Highway. Based on what was written, I have to read into the post that both the B and Q trains are running express in the northbound direction via the express track and that there is no local service from Sheepshead Bay to Prospect Park. If that is what is happening why is there nothing mentioned about the Q running express just like the B and not stopping at Kings Highway and Church Avenue? If I cannot understand this post then how can anyone who is not familiar with the system or speaks another language understand what is happening here? For the record, I will be checking MTA info before I leave and if the post is the same thing as it is now, I will go with my alternate route of the B/44 SBS to the B/9.
  11. The B/36 does not need to be re-routed as the Nostrand Avenue corridor is where it gets the bulk of its riders and almost all of the riders that transfer from the B/44 transfer at Avenue U and not further down the route. The B/36 is already crowded by the time it reaches the Avenue X stop and in many cases during the non-rush hour loaded with standees. As far as the Sheepshead-Nostrand houses are concerned, those closest to Avenue V they take the B/3 on Avenue U or walk to either the B/36 or B/44 local on Nostrand Avenue as they have for many years. Those closest to Avenue X go to either the B/36 or the B/44 local and SBS stop. There is another reason as on the corner of Nostrand Avenue and Avenue X there is a Dunkin donuts/Baskin Robbins where many of these riders pick up Coffee and other things prior to boarding the bus. As far as the high school (there are two schools as the high school is at Batchelder Street and there is a Junior High School at Brown Street) , many of the students take advantage of the Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts in the morning and many of the fast food places in the afternoon. If you look at the B/44 Local and SBS schedules, there is a large number of buses that terminate at Avenue X that are available for the students. What this does for this community is that it provides reverse service in the morning (to the Plaza in the morning and from there in the afternoon . When others say that this community needs or will benefit from something be added to this community, they fail to understand how this community has changed over the years. First of all, it has the highest percentage of seniors in Brooklyn and and second many of the young people who live in this community now drive either to and from work or to go to other places. This provides the added mobility that enables the person to go to places outside the community. If you compare the B/36 schedule from 20 years ago wit today, you will notice how the ridership has changed since that time. For those who want further information on what I just wrote see my previous post on the subject and look at google maps for Nostrand Evenue (#s 3500 -3700) and then compare it with Knapp Street (2200 on down).
  12. As my fellow posters have written on this thread, Knapp Street is one of those two way streets that has nothing for most of its length. Yet it seems like it comes up on the radar for a bus route every so often. This is one of those ideas that unless research is done on the community, it will pop up as a proposed bus route that makes no sense at all. Some time ago, it was the extension of the B/4 to Avenue U via Knapp Street which landed up being destroyed and rightfully so. Nostrand Avenue (for those who are not familiar with this area) from Avenue U to Avenue Z is the center of business activity in this area which is known as Kings Bay. There are some scatter sites on Avenue U and V close to Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue X near the schools as well but for the most part Nostrand Avenue is the center of the community. People come from both sides of the Avenue to do their business here as this is the cultural and commercial center of the community. There are many people who live close to Knapp street who walk or drive to this area to shop. There are some streets such as Avenue U west of Nostrand Avenue and sheepshead Bay Road that are the other commercial centers of this part of Sheepshead Bay however, it is Nostrand Avenue that is the eastern center of this community
  13. It is a Queens division proposal that impacts upon Brooklyn and while you may think that it should not be posted there, it has to be posted there as your proposal will impact upon where I live in Brooklyn.This is why it has to be posted there as well as while your proposal is listed here , some persons who are not interested in Queens but are interested in Brooklyn will not see it. As far as any extension from the Rockaways to Sheepshead Bay, it has been talked to death on the Brooklyn Proposals thread. It is bad enough that the parking situation has gotten worse as had the traffic at all hours and there is no place to turn the bus in the area. . The q/22 has it own problems in Rockaway and since it is the only route that operates on the peninsula for its entire route and to extend it into Brooklyn will exacerbate the problems even more.
  14. If you want to discuss the extension of routes on the Rockaway peninsula to Sheepshead Bay Station, I would suggest that the extension to the station be discussed on the brooklyn bus Proposals thread as it impacts upon the B/3, B/4, B/41 which are Brooklyn routes. Checking through some of the previous postings on that thread will reveal that this subject has been covered there as well. The subject of the Q/79 to Bellerose station has been mentioned and I think that there was a proposed extension to Floral Park station which was shot down by the NIMBYS there some time ago.
  15. Thank you as about 8:10 am, I saw it headed toward Avenue U at Nostrand Avenue and Avenue X and about 8:30 AM, it was on its way back to Coney Island. 5108 was observed going toward Coney Island at about 1:25 PM. It seems that Monday was the last day that these two RTS were in service as they are now in Eastchester
  16. Happy Easter to all the posters who are celebrating today and will be celebrating over the next couple of weeks. Happy Passover to all those posters that are celebrating the Passover holidays this week.
  17. I have been using the B/9 a lot over the years and for anyone to say that the route is lightly used is quite mistaken. Though I take the route from Nostrand Avenue to Coney Island Avenue now and vice versa and have taken it from 8th avenue to either Coney Island Avenue or Nostrand Avenue many times over the years, no matter what time during the day I have taken it, it has always been crowded during the day in both directions. The B/9 may be lightly used on days like today (a religious holiday), the sabbath and this Friday (another religious holiday) and even then the different communities at the end of the route have been known to make sufficient use of the route on those days.
  18. The reason that many riders prefer taking two buses instead of a bus and a train as if there is no elevator at the station, then climbing the stairs is tough especially if you have packages and cannot walk that well. As our population ages, climbing stairs becomes more difficult so the alternative of two buses especially now with all local buses low floor very soon becomes an attractive alternative to a bus/train routing. Do a search of previous threads involving access to subway stations and right there is the best argument for keeping parallel bus service to subway lines. In the era of providing better access for all riders, it is incumbent that if it means that parallel routes to subways be kept, then so be it. My advice to those that are thinking about it to think twice as while you are able to walk steps with no problem right now, think of yourself when you become a senior and are the position of a person who has to travel for medical appointments or shopping. Right then and there, unless the person making the decision is without a heart, they would keep the parallel bus routes.
  19. Kingsborough has had over 50 years to resolve this problem and they did nothing. I attended KCC from 1966 - 1968 and in the 1967 - 1968 year, I was at the Manhattan Beach Campus (the year before the college had a branch at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center where I attended classes) and the same problems involving the students were around at that time with the difference being the two routes that served Mackenzie Street (the old, old B/1 with 20 minute headways and the B/21). Since that time they have built this beautiful campus but yet KCC did nothing for those students that were taking the bus to school such as incorporating a bus loop which would have alleviated many of the problems. As posted here, other colleges have helped their students by providing either substitute bus service or by working with the MTA in terms of providing a place for the MTA to have its buses stop close to the campus. This is another case where another unit has pushed its problems on the back on the MTA and is forcing the MTA to resolve a problem that they did not create. It is about time that the MTA pushed the problem back to where it belongs onto Kingsborough and get them to resolve a problem that is of their own making and make it abundantly clear that it is their problem to solve and not the MTA. After all, Kingsborough has had over 50 years to resolve the problem so KCC cannot tell the MTA that they will continue to do nothing.
  20. Nothing new on NYCHA as the top position still has not been filled by the Mayor's office. My opinion is that all of the hot air produced by the city, its officials and media was to get more federal funds to bail out the authority. HUD and the president did not bite as it is a city problem and why help New York City (and New York State) when the top elected officials and those in the legislature are only interested in going after the president for his tax returns or for this and that thing that happened before he took office. The president knows that no matter what he will do to placate these individuals they will still vote against him in the presidential election, so the odds of winning the state are slim and none. What disturbs me more than anything else is that the individuals who talk about the federal government helping NYCHA are the same ones that are responsible for the problem in the first place and should be held accountable. They were in charge of HUD and this area under Clinton where there was talk of selling the apartments to the tenants in many of the developments. Just think if this had happened in the trendy neighborhoods of the five boroughs where the tenants who now were owners could have sold their apartments for a nice profit which unfortunately will never happen as the two of them (Cuomo and deBlasio) did not want to do as it would not help fund their useless campaigns for office (or for that matter, higher office). The end result is nothing will be done as the media is not interested as neither is the political establishment as to them it is a non-story. A couple of months from now, we will read a one column item in one of the local papers that will be forgotten about the next day.
  21. Let me update as construction has started on the south parking lane of Avenue Z just east of the bus stop on the east side of East 15th Street. There is no parking on the north side of Avenue Z at that location and all eastbound traffic on Avenue Z is diverted into the westbound lane at that point. The eastbound bus stop at East 15th Street remains in use at that point.
  22. Ferrer must have lobbied some politician to get the position as the odds getting a person who knows something about transit on the board are slim and none. I know there are some exceptions but for the most part anyone who was the chairman was picked by the governor and was either a friend or someone who was owed a favor. Since this is a political position, then he could have resigned a lot sooner if he did not feel that he could support the decision. I think that it is the lure of the camera and microphone that politicians crave no matter if they are retired as for some reason they still want to keep themselves in the eyes of the public that prevented him from resigning sooner. The difference between the previous governors and the emperor is that for the most part, they were not micromanagers like this one who practices "my way or the highway" to the fullest.
  23. I agree with you as for the eastbound/northbound routing but then what happens when the entire street is closed off at that point? When Sheepshead Bay Road Road was two way from East 17th Street to East 15th Street then there was no problem as the buses could be rerouted. That does not exist now as it is one way from East 14th Street to East 17th Street and the portion from East 14th Street to the Station has become a taxicab parking lot. This is why I posted what I did with the hope that someone in the MTA will look at the post and try to figure out a solution that would be implemented before it becomes one big headache,
  24. I remember when Metrocard was rolled out and the first place was Staten Island. I was working on Staten Island at that time and opted for the unlimited card as soon as it went systemwide along with the tax benefits. It must be about 20 years..
  25. I tried to find the appropriate thread for this change which is coming and thanks to the post that the people who are in charge are reading our post, I hope that someone will see this post. Today when I was at East 15th Street and Avenue Z, I noticed pipe and the the big concrete thing that is associated with sewer construction on the south side of Avenue Z near East 16th Street. When I see these things, I get worried as the B/36, B/4 and B/49 operate on that street and there are no real alternative streets if construction will be done.

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