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  1. dont quote me on this but when i was in signal school we gotta chance to see new people come in and take the test. it was a simple series circuit that had a trouble and you would have to locate it (blown fuse, short etc...) and use the correct methods to fixing the problem but that was 2 years ago they could have changed it. but if you know how to trouble shoot which is the most important job of a signal maintainer then your gonna do great its a really simple test honestly
  2. Hay congrads on the call back srry dnt know to much about the position but if its ok can I ask when they called u and what qualifications u had on your resume that landed you the job again congrads bro
  3. Thanx 4 the reply I also heard the same info about a shortage of maintainers and having to use a provisional list hopefully it will be soon cause the waiting is killing me lol
  4. dnt mean to sound impatient but man this waiting is killing me! can any one who has recieved employment directly through resume give me an estimate as to how long they waited to get an answer i recieved emails about other positions and how i ddnt qualify but the ones i do qualify for i havnt heard anything
  5. Yes and a few others the car inspector is actually the test I'm banking on to become permanent all I have to do is find the correct study guide and I'm ready to go
  6. thanks for the advice that is gonna be the first thing i do if im hired also applied for a number of different exams so im not playing any games this time around. dnt if you dont mind me askin how long did u have to wait when you went through the process
  7. Hay guys to start off I am new to the forums here just wanna start off by saying hello to you all I applied for electronic equipment maintainer about 2 weeks ago (sent my resume about 8 times). Now I have applied via resume and when I was rejected they sent me an email stating that the qualifications where not on my resume which I already knew just wanted to give it a shot. But this position I did qualify for and I worked for mta b4 in the signals department as a provisional employee this time I did not receive such an email an I'm wondering what this could mean and also if it is a good sign how long would it take to hear back from the TA Thank you guys in advance
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