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  1. First day of orientation is September 15th then I have to report to signal training on the 17th.
  2. I go in on Wednesday for final processing. How soon after final processing did they call you back?
  3. Didn't you get called back in April to go for your medical?
  4. A little more progress...they graded my practical and I received a 100%. I'm number 1 on the list!
  5. Anybody ever take this test? Just wondering what to expect. I was given some material to study but wondering how deep they go on the electrical knowledge part of the test. I was told that there is a very low passing rate for this exam.
  6. Looks like they're making some progress finally! I received a letter confirming that they accepted my appeal and they'll grade my practical exam! I received a 97 on my multiple choice and I know that I aced the practicle. Hopefully I'll be hearing from them soon!
  7. I'm in Astoria Operations in the Tech Services Lab. I test equipment for the #9 crews all the time. Thanks Brownhornet78 I filed that appeal over a year ago...they're in no rush lol.
  8. How did you make out? I never heard anything back from my appeal. I was told that I inadequately described my work experience so I had to file the appeal with a more detailed explanation of my work experience. I've been working for Con Ed in the mean time so it hasn't been on my mind until I saw your post today.
  9. I just took my practical exam today. Went pretty well. It was very straight forward and pretty easy. What does everyone else think?
  10. I haven't checked in here in a while, but it looks like nobody was called back for the practical test yet?
  11. Haha, we're WELL past that kind of timeline. Application filed in September 2011, testing in January 2012, and test results received in July 2012. Everybody is still waiting to be called back for the practical exam. Looks like we'll have to wait some more.
  12. What kind of timeline was your hiring process? From testing to hiring?
  13. I also received the letter two days ago. I spoke to someone that received the letter three weeks ago! I wonder why such a delay for some? Not 100% sure but I believe they give you a few components and have you build a ciruit. Than you're required to make some measurements and possibly solve a problem within the circuit.
  14. I don't have a phone number but can say that they still need to administer a practical exam for anybody that passed the written exam. After that they will put out a list based on the people that passed both exams. i wouldn't expect anything any time soon.
  15. Yeah, on the 21st of last month. They only had three testing days. The 21st was for our test as well as a promotion to signal maintainer test. Than according to the answer keys they had the Sabbath testing date of the 23rd of last month and a make up date of the 23rd of this month. If you remember the test, you will recall that there were three tables to return your test too. Numbers 1-100 for table one, 101-200 for table two, than 201-300 for table three. And I can't imagine that there were more than that for the Sabbath or Make up day tests. Hopefully it will be a short list.
  16. I figured there would be more interest and feedback for this position also. But there was only around 300 people that took the test on the day that I was there. Don't know how many took the test on the makeup day. I can't imagine it was too many.
  17. So is there anybody that can take us through a timeline for this position? How long after the test do we receive a letter giving us our official grades? How long until we are asked back for the practical exam? How long until they generally start hiring from the list? Any insight would be great. Thanks.
  18. The answer key is now up on the MTA website. Based on their answer key and my record of answers, I only got 2 questions wrong. That should put me at 96.666. How did everybody else do?
  19. So how does everyone think they did on the test? It was pretty much how I thought it would be except for a few questions and topics. I'm pretty sure I did very well. We'll find out soon though.
  20. From what I understand, the test will be electrical knowledge, proper use of tools, related math, safety, etc. Nothing related to the actual specifics of the signaling system. Hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong. I too will be taking the test January 21st. Good luck.

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