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  1. I am from Staten Island and take public transport to LGA, which I absolutely loathe flying out from but do so because of the significant price savings vs EWR and being with UA and DL FF (frequent flyer) programs. If I can get a direct connection from NYP to an AirTrain or a subway to AirTrain (and reverse) - I would absolutely take the LIRR or possibly the especially during certain times of the week or day over the bus. Taking the M60-SBS from the Main Terminal back to 125 for the by way of the Marine Terminal is not fun especially if you have to stand. The Q70 is an improvement, but if traffic is bad or there is a detour, I would prefer another option.
  2. Much better last week on the s62. I had about two customers per day tap with their phone or contactless cards, with a majority who prefer the phone. Some of them are concerned about the transfer and are hesistent to "trust" that they will have one and are requesting paper transfers. Another issue is that the tone it makes for a successful tap is not intuitive, at least for me, that payment was successfully made or there was an error. SILive did a write up on the "11 screens of MTA's OMNY system: What do they all mean?" See the 11 images there (I have only seen 3).
  3. Original post added for clarification. Where in my reply did I state this? During PTI, if defects are found they are brought it to the attention of the yard dispatcher (so the bus is not given out) and it is written up for repairs (so they can... ummm... be repaired), defective buses I find are not put into service.
  4. This is not apart of the pre-trip inspection (PTI) process at NYCT. There is absolutely no room in the SI Division depots, for examples, to cycle a wheelchair lift for a coach bus. We do not check off on working items. Items that are discovered as defective during a PTI are brought to the attention of the yard dispatcher and written up for repairs. Defects discovered on the road or post trip are either called in as a road call depending on severity as dictated by procedures or are simply written up for repair upon pull in. We have 8-10 minutes to pull a bus out of the depot.
  5. So far the s62 passengers have not had the best of luck with the roll-out: On Friday, I suggested an out-of-towner try a contactless card on the OMNY reader, which he had. It did not work as the reader was still in test mode. He whipped out a pocketful of coins. Yesterday, Saturday, a lady boards with no balance on a standard PPR Metrocard. She sees that the OMNY reader is active and tries paying with her phone. It did not work at first, maybe because she was still on a call with someone. She ended her call and tapped her phone, but it did not seem to work. And earlier in the week one eagle-eyed customer noticed that a base for the OMNY reader was near the rear door. I think it was 8268 or 8286. I am a B/O out of Yukon, whenever I was assigned a 4xxx series bus, very few had them installed. I hope the PATH contactless-card readers can be retrofitted to read them.
  6. Most of my travels in New Jersey are around Hudson & southern Bergen Counties. Buses I use/d somewhat (aside from the 161): 6, 10/119, 62, 81X, 83, 87, 89, 111, 116, 123, 125 (because I had a pass), 126, 127, 161, 166, 167Q, 167T, 190, 703, 772. My favorites are: 81X (usually a quick ride), 83 (you go from urban to suburban - nice contrast), 161 (obviously), 166 (views from Blvd. East) 772 (ahh suburbia). My least favorite: 10/119 (punishment during peak times from JC to Bayonne).
  7. From a TA bus perspective: Barring extinction-level asteroid strike, nuclear holocaust, alien invasion or something to that effect. You are still required to report to your work location - on time. At TA Buses, the only thing they ask is that you a) report on time and you b) pull out your bus on time. They do not want to hear any excuses and there are very few exceptions for excused absence or lateness. In the event of a snowstorm or other extreme weather event, then, in previous cases you report to the work location closest to your assigned work location. Being late on probation subjects you to a violation, receiving a violation along with other factors may cause probation to be extended or may result in termination. If you expect any understanding or sympathy from supervision/management - this may not be the job for you. Can't remember how many you get, but you get a few. Going out "sick" on probation is a no-no. You don't do it unless it is that bad and have doctor's notes, etc.,. For very serious matters, you may be able to resign and come back if you are on probation. You don't have to worry about running out - because you won't have a job at that point if you are on probation. Lateness (see above). I am represented by ATU726 on Staten Island as a bus operator there. So I offer no opinion on the fine folks of TWU100. Nevertheless, when you are on probation, your "rights" are somewhat limited.
  8. Yep LOL.. It reads exactly that! "SIM33 COMBINATION", with combination written very small. In the rear, it reads, SIM, then 33c. The side destination sign truncates the word.
  9. I replied to your comments in the Staten Island Bus Proposal Thread 2012-2013 (post 1376) as the discussion (appears to) digress away from VG8's original purpose.
  10. TA/OA and MTA Bus Company (Spring Creek) are two completely and totally different business entities under MTA . The Michael J. Quill depot, its buses and bus operators, surface line dispatchers and maintenance teams have absolutely nothing to do MTA Bus Company. Personally, I disagree that MTA New York City Transit should operate interstate service. The economic benefits are for New Jersey, not New York. New Jersey should run it, subsidize it (DOT grants, corporate subsidies etc) if it so desires to or bless it (a la any necessary permits -if any etc). As we know, there was only one (or two) private carrier, Red & Tan (a Coach USA "entity" (as I am unclear of their affiliation) in the last 20 years that ran scheduled interstate coach service between Staten Island and Hoboken/Jersey City, which ultimately led to the creation of the s89. As I have said previously. The s89 serves a dual purpose, a somewhat faster ride, being limited service along Richmond Ave with additional capacity for school kids in the AM as well as the commuter purpose. For the most part, except for the long-standing detour onto the Dr. MLK Expressway, the s89 works as intended. As we have seen with the Staten Island Express Bus Realignment - Nobody seems to like or want to transfer. So selling a three system transfer (to Manhattan as many people do) does not appear likely. Getting back to interstate service and NYCT, with respect to the s89, there are only 8, high seniority runs. The runs are straight, they do not interline with anything else meaning, a guy/gal won't do 5 round trips on the s44 and do a round trip on the s89. The folks you see driving only operate the s89. This is because of federal rules, DOT FMCSA (Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) which strictly dictates the hours of service (actual driving and "on duty" time) for that individual - (this also entails a separate medical exam as well). Having only eight folks do these runs keeps things manageable. However "issues" arise when you have operator availability issues such as a B/O having an accident, going out sick or simply going AWOL. Now when these operator availability issues arise, the crew dispatcher than has to utilize a resource, such as an "Extra List" operator, lets say YU XL 64, who was previously not subject to federal DOT regulations, but instead of the somewhat more generous (with respect to hours of service) NYS 19-A laws which all NYCTA/OA/BC operators are subject to (regardless of state of residency) to make service. Given the various complexities of federal law, this will now limit YU XL 64's activities for the rest of the week and this is monitored by the Department of Buses. Further complicating this , while many Yukon B/O's maintain the federal certifications (NJ/PA residents, by default) many NYS residents may not. Living on Staten Island for 30+ years, i don't see these SIM4x and SIM5x proposals gaining any traction, especially for Middlesex service. Maybe an entrepreneur can start something near the hotels along the West Shore Expressway and have both a long-term parking/kiss and ride for EWR service. Workers can use the street/service roads. As I addressed previously: - The 10 (Operated by Academy/22 Hillside), certain trips can be extended over the Bayonne Bridge to either Forest & Richmond Avenues or a "Bridge Plaza" stop and turnaround for connection from Staten Island to Journal Square. - The new Goethals Bridge now has a pedestrian walkway, which will open sometime in the next year or so, while very undesirable given it's proximity to a sewage treatment plant and whatever is being cooked up along the aptly named Chemical Coast, people do have an option. Perhaps Coach USA which has dominance in Union & Essex County could look at starting a service with a sole SI stop being at Forest & Richmond. This could also solve or at least provide help to a long-standing problem for Bayonne and Jersey City residents who rely on public transportation need to travel between Hudson & Union Counties without a trek to Union City if the above is implemented. - I strongly feel that there should be something over the Outerbridge Crossing. Ideally, something that goes to Woodbridge Mall area to the ETC would be good. Again Academy Express which has dominance in Middlesex County as the NJT's contract carrier for the 8xx routes would be best suited for this. Even outside of NJT and the big name PBL's. As I have said previously, nothing, absolutely nothing outside of the requisite federal requirements (unless NYS based (then see NYS Article 19A requirements) prevents anyone with a minibus, coach bus or a van from starting a interstate service. Paterson/Passaic, Hudson Counties still deal with the "jitneys" that traverse their roadways and front run NJT's scheduled service essentially "poaching" fares. For 2018, they appear to have been on their best behaviour as I am not aware of any high profile incidents or accidents that they have been involved in. Every now and then the Port Authority, Fort Lee PD and certain specially trained NYPD units (near the Lincoln Tunnel) will do spot checks on vehicles for the usual safety and license checks - separate from the actual service they provide.
  11. The Huguenot SIR Station P&R is completely full with people taking the SIR to Downtown (via Ferry), we even see vehicles with New Jersey license plates - they are not getting on buses. However, there may be more people now using the P&R due to miscreants who think the public parking spaces in front of their homes on public streets are theirs and causing issues for people who feel the need to drive to the bus stop - but overall that number using that specific P&R for buses is very small. (I live in the immediate area for 30+ years.) The reversion back to Arthur Kill and Arden between Arthur Kill and Woodrow makes total sense as the various townhouse developments are where many riders originate. Specific to the SIM4c, an off-peak extension to Woodrow & Bloomingdale could be beneficial and at minimal cost as the buses return to Charleston Depot. Going anywhere further on this route and making loops is unnecessary. But we can always converse about the scheduling.
  12. A few picks ago, I drove the s79-SBS, a lot. One evening, I pick up a passenger at Hylan & Winchester going towards 86th, she tells me she missed her stop which was Hylan & Seaview. I say, just listen for your stop, I make all stop announcements, she sits in the back, behind the rear door, this is a wrapped s79-SBS 42xx bus and made announcements. So I approach Seaview, I say "The next stop is Seaview" (because who the h-ck knows where Liberty (or Jacques Ave) is - another TA screw-up) get to Seaview and say "Seaview", a few people get on/off, and there are about 15 or so people on the bus. At Old Town Road, guess who comes up to me?
  13. According to the "short schedules" we have, the full paddles are *still* not available right now, which may lead to some buyer's remorse for some of the senior folks who might find a surprise trip in their picks if they are not careful enough, the SIM4c, CPS6A, remains a terminal stop.
  14. Unfortunately, I triple checked and could not find any additional trips. I live in the SIM2 service area, use the bus off-peak and now dread using the SIM4c. Usually there are 7-10 passengers per trip at various times between 13:00 - 15:30 to Manhattan during weekdays; I haven't used the service on weekends as I work, but I could definitely concede that ridership is extremely low, if not non-existent (late afternoons on weekends to Manhattan). Personally, I would be happy if we had :30 headways off-peak on weekdays until 11:00 and hourly service until 17:00. I would be OK with an elimination of weekend service, but increase the weekend service on the SIM4c to end at around midnight (which, to the surprise of no-one, the last trip leaves Central Park still leaves at 20:50, leaving the SIM1c to get pounded with folks to the Eltingville Transit Center.)
  15. Based on what I could manually comb through from our upcoming Winter 2019 pick, effective 01/13/2019 regarding SIM2: The first SIM2 bus out of HYLAN/CRAIG appears to be 04:35 and the last bus out of HYLAN/CRAIG is 09:00. The first SIM2 bus departing WORTH appears to be 15:05 and the last bus out of WORTH is 20:15. There appears to be slight service reductions in the 16:00, 18:00 and 19:00 hours. Trips from 15:00 - 15:59 and 17:00-17:59 remain unchanged. Again, this was manually reviewed, there could be additional trips. However, the CA, MA and YU schedules show nothing. It should be noted that the former x19 started at around 13:30.

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