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  1. The pre employment didn't ask about it but the booklet does
  2. I'd call HR and ask them to be sure. I think you would have to put them down since its been less than 10 years
  3. Hey I got a moving violation when I was a bike messenger do I have to report that before I hand in my booklet ??
  4. My uncle was a safety superintendent at Jackie Gleason Depot
  5. Check this out not only did I see the shirt and vest. But I also found the TAB fine from 2004. It was a copy of it with school ID and my Law Enforcement Explorers card. Bam God is great.
  6. True ... Funny thing I was unpacking putting stuff back in my closet and I saw my MTA short sleeve and orange reflector vest. And thought to myself. Shit its like its supposed to happen.
  7. But doesn't the one in three rule apply to how many stay on the job or get inschool car
  8. I'm just gonna write the letter giving details about all those mishaps and hope for the best. I'm not a bad guy I'm not a criminal. I WAS just irresponsible.
  9. No lol The open container was this year I'm 26. The TAB fine was for smoking on transit property. I was 17, I could've been 18. That's the thing I don't remember, and I didn't know you can't smoke on above ground platform's
  10. Summons was for open container .. fyi. And I was 17 with no job when I got that fine from TAB. It's not that I didn't intend to pay, I just forgot about it. I never wanted to do anything to jeopardize my chances. If I can take it all back I would. I really need this job. People are depending on me to get it. Failure to obtain it isn't an option.
  11. Ok so Monday I'm gonna go in and submit my disposition for the summons from Jan. 2012. Add a employer I forgot to list, submit a letter that explains the convictions. And birth certificate. Now finally I have a fine issued by tab I got in 2003. I was 17 and totally forgot about it. You guys think I'll have to pay before I proceed ??
  12. RTO your a senior member you think I'll get disqualified ??
  13. Plain and simple I didn't commit serious offenses. I really shouldn't be disqualified and I'll make that plea in the letter I'm gonna write them. I want this bad really bad I'm going to see this through to the end.
  14. 3 employees told me they do. It comes down to the details of each case.
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