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  1. Are there any plans for other elevated stations to get the glass treatment like Astoria, or is everyone else just stuck with the somewhat ugly pre-fabricated station walls?
  2. Provided that someone at the MTA doesn't drag out something bonkers, if they actually want to attempt to fix anything I expect they'll propose some kind of stop-gap service between Nassau and 95th Street; they're probably not looking to turn the entire B Division upside down, as positive as it might be in the long term. It's incredibly unlikely any reasonable service changes will come out of this complaining though. Enjoy the garbage 3-borough local.
  3. Just played catch-up on this thread and the issues at hand. I'm not familiar with the Montague issue and I didn't see much elaboration on it so could someone explain? I assume it has something to do with the reconstruction work that was done after Sandy. After actually reviewing the issues and the proposals, I'd probably say the and the are the best options for the R32s/R42s, although the being a primarily underground route poses its own issues with HVAC failure, the relative isolation allows any disruptions caused from failures to remain isolated to the - not great for those riders but prevents widespread delay in the rest of the system. While these cars have run on the for years, I really don't think it's fair to say that was the best place for them in any remote capacity, considering the maintenance issues as well as the route being entirely underground.
  4. There is more than enough reason to make the connection, but I'd imagine it would be a difficult structural matter to pull off.
  5. Yeah, I'll just leave this one here since it's relevant... http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/49021-fantasy-nyc-subway-alternate-history/
  6. This is not a route I realized even necessitated SBS service at all. Rather surprising, but someone who actually lives in the Bronx probably would know better.
  7. This doesn't really tell me anything so I could possibly help you. - (X) (X)
  8. I'm not particularly concerned with how this is done professionally because this works just fine for me. I'm just doing this for fun. Here's a sign I just put together today.
  9. To prevent buses getting slowed down under Broadway, which is a huge choke point for the route right now. I'm more concerned with why there is no SBS stop between Avenue N and Kings Plaza... seems like too much of a gap to me.
  10. Random historical question... any reason why Jay Street-MetroTech on the (formerly Lawrence Street) has no trackside tile? It's out of the Dual Contracts style to neglect this and there's no real documentation on why this station got passed over. It's especially weird when the mezzanine is completely tiled.
  11. All of the new branding going on does remind me of a lot of European networks where they have branded routes and buses everywhere. Apparently it's supposed to make the buses more attractive to riders but I doubt this is going to cause any serious increases in bus ridership.
  12. OOS transfer completely unnecessary when you could just transfer at 125th Street. TA wouldn't do that.
  13. for various reasons i think it is best to use a transit related avatar on this site, even if it doesn't reflect the one i use anywhere else

  14. Not the typical thread posted in this subforum. Consider this a bit of a tutorial for those looking to make their own custom route bullets or signs. So, in an attempt to create some signs for my Alternate Subway History, I decided to get a bit into graphical design. My plans require route bullets that obviously are not currently used in the system, so I was in a bit of a predicament as to how to make them. I tried starting with ones that I could simply recolor, but this did not go as well as I'd hoped. Note the clear artifacts on the bullet, as it was an attempt to recolor from the normal 8th Avenue colors that the bullet once bore. Antialiasing on the text made this a pain in the tail, so I ultimately felt it would be easier to make my own. I knew going into this that the uses Helvetica as their font system-wide, so acquiring the correct font was a simple task. I found image editing for this purpose to be extremely finicky and tedious and I wanted a somewhat more precise way to go about it, so I looked into SVGs. Turns out that SVG files are just fancy XML. XML, being relatively similar to HTML, was easy for me to pick up, so I was able to create images using markup code with some experimentation. The process for me went something like this: 1. Create a circle. (I created a 100px circle on a 120px canvas as it is very versatile in scaling, but you can do whatever you feel would work) 2. Set the circle to be the proper color (I pulled official colors from this page on Wikipedia, save for 2nd Avenue and 6th Avenue which I sampled directly from a bullet using the eyedropper tool in GIMP). 3. Add text for the route letter/number. (Helvetica Bold, 70px, should reflect the size of your circle) 4. Estimate x/y alignment for text. Open in an image editor (I used Inkscape since it natively supports SVGs but most anything should work) 4. Readjust alignment if necessary. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the letter/number appears relatively centered. As you can tell, it's a bit of a crapshoot and ultimately the bullets aren't perfect. Perhaps it's a bit more accurate since misaligned bullets are surprisingly common on signs, even ones made today. I think the ones I have made are relatively accurate, and if they aren't, I welcome someone to make the alignments a bit more precise. Here's the same sign above remade with the new bullets: Using XML you can essentially create your own bullets. To help anyone else who might want to do this, I've provided a ZIP file here that has bullets for each letter within (All current official bullets plus a couple for my own fantasy plan. Any unused letters I simply made white on black.) as well as a text file containing the hex values for the colors of all of the current lines. You can edit any of these bullets in any text editor. I would personally recommend Notepad++ if you're on Windows or TextWrangler if you're on OS X. SVG files are great for route bullets because they can be easily scaled without loss of quality, so you can create bullets for use on signs or as avatars. They're also far smaller than normal images since they're just markup text ultimately, so they're also efficient. Here's a bullet which is completely original in letter and color, for the Triboro RX: I should note that I'm not taking requests, mostly because this post serves to help people create their own bullets by themselves. I am open to having this thread be used for people to post things they create in this method. DOWNLOAD THE PACKAGE HERE One last note, I do plan on making diamond bullets soon. It's simply a matter of drawing a rhombus instead of a circle, which isn't difficult in the slightest.
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