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  1. How often is the certification list updated?
  2. Hi were you sent an email to have your name restored to the list? I know the list was recertified recently and people were told to contact DCAS to have their names restored to the list for upcoming classes.
  3. Hope it all works out for you, but as far as the defensive driving course If I remember correctly its only for insurance purposes not sure with MTA though. Also If the 6 points are 3 or more years you should be good, if not you might want to consider letting the points mature a bit. Good luck!
  4. My medical may still be good, but the drug test I know definitely will have to be done over.
  5. Thanks for the update @Young, I went to the webpage and my name still appears on the list. In addition, I also sent an email to have my name restored as was suggested by 180 Livingston. As of this post I have yet to get a response saying my name was restored. I'm aware that they don't move as fast as I would like lol, so hopefully I'll get a response soon saying whether restoring my name was necessary or not. It look like I'll have to do the paperwork, medical and drug test over again smh. I'll keep you guys posted.
  6. Hi, did anyone receive an email from 180 Livingston requesting they restore their name back to the list? I was last down their Feb 9th for final processing however, I was not put into the next class which if I remember correctly was Feb 14th nor the class that started Feb 28th. Now I received an email today with this message : NYC Transit is expecting approvals to fill new bus operator vacancies in the next two months. Please contact the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) to restore your name to the list. Please send an email to certificationunit@dcas.nyc.gov and provide them with your full name, address, phone number, email, exam and list number so they may put your name back on the list. Please do this as soon as possible. Thank you, Ronald Saint Jean I emailed him back and he said this is what needs to be done. No arguments from me!! Anyone else get this email?
  7. Any word on an upcoming class?
  8. Congrats on your day 7 qualification. Good luck on the road. Hope there's another class soon.
  9. Anyone know what list number their up to from exam #7300? Thanks in advance..
  10. Hey,were you contacted for the next class? Thanks..
  11. Not yet, hopefully when the Feb 14th class is about to end.
  12. Went to 180 Livingston this morning did the medical and passed. Filled out more paperwork, only to find out I wouldn't be in the Feb 14th class, it more than likely filled up. Had to do a second urine test the same day. Now waiting for another email for the Feb 28th class

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