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  1. Thank you for the clarity, in addition I wanna thank you @Young and SeveenEleven for the encouragement, motivation and the invaluable resource you guys provide. Good Luck to All!
  2. Hey, I really appreciate you responding to my question, however the answer was very vague. I certainly know that they'll pull my abstract however, my concern was whether or not they would count points that are exactly 3 years old. Thanks again..
  3. Hopefully someone can answer this question. I would like to know how MTA calculates points on someone's license? Is it the same way DMV does it? If points are 3 years or older will MTA still count them? Thank you to anyone that can provide accurate information.
  4. Yes I'm #21xx, I probably should be a bit clearer in my question. As far as gaps in employment how do they expect it to be written on the application if you were supported by family at certain times. Do they expect you to write the family members info? Or just put supported by family from month/year - month/year? Please help!! Thanks..
  5. Received a letter to come in for P/E 7612 on 3/4 and I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have a few gaps in employment as a teenager and as an adult. What do they expect as far as filling in the gaps of employment? Can anyone give an example of what they expect on the P/E application? Thanks in advance...
  6. Thanks Young, much appreciated....
  7. How does one decline but remain on the list for this exam. I am being called for pre-employment, but unfortunately I have to decline. I want to reinstate my name to the list before the list expires. Do I just show up to decline or is there a number to call?
  8. Just got a recorded message from MTA telling me that the list for exam 7612 has been established. It also said they my name would be added to the list and the letters will be mailed in a few weeks. The recording then said that they plan on hiring from the list immediately. Good Luck to everyone !!!
  9. Thanks for the reply Young. What's the process when you decline/reinstate your name to a particular list? The reason I'm asking is I declined 7300 pre-employment a few months back. Thanks in advance..
  10. How much advance notice does MTA give when they call you for 10 day training?
  11. My list #7xx. I didn't have to take the boss. I was exempt from taking it due to taking it and passing it for other exams, all within the same year.
  12. Question? I recently declined this position, and I plan on reinstating my name to the list at a later date. How many times can I decline and reinstate my name to the list? A more clearer question, can I reinstate and decline every 4 months?
  13. Only you can determine whether it's beneficial or not.. Maybe you can consider declining the position for now and keep your option open, you can maybe reinstate at another time. As for me, I have no choice but to decline for the moment.
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