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  1. Articulated Q10 and More. Enjoy.
  2. Yup I am a member here and thank you. Yes I have no idea what was up with that Articulated move.
  3. LMFAO Not so "NICE" To your buses now are you ? lol.
  4. Make the Q18 Run Straight up 65th Place to Borden Avenue make a left Follow Q67 Route to Fresh Pond Rd and Metropolitan Avenue (terminus) (It can also be a Q18A Service) Adds Astoria service between 69th Street/Grand Avenue and Fresh Pond Road Metropolitan Avenue Gives a new Connection to the Q58 Q38 Q54 and Q67 (gives people along fresh pond a service to Astoria) By eliminating the 50th Avenue turn and avoiding turning on Grand Avenue it will save time This can be a Q18A Service while the Regular Q18 Resumes and has normal route Add Express stops along the I-495 LIE Service Road At Grand Avenue Improve Express service in the Maspeth Area around Grand Avenue.
  5. Sorry I was gone for a while I believe it was 39th Avenue.... (the picture I uploaded) And the current picture we are all guessing on I'm gonna go with Kings Highway like some of y'all said.
  6. With a detour involved in the beginning of the trip this bus was Extremely loud.
  7. Thanks to everyone on here who post a comment saying such, It means allot.

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