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  1. She told me that the last appointed # was 1121. But in reading your thread I see that one of the last #'s going to school car for August was 1129.

    My list number is 1125 and I start on Monday. The first two days down at Livingston st then as of Wednesday I'm in Coney Island. I got sworn in after my medical and paper work Checked out. The women made me stand and raise my right hand she read something I don't even remember and asked me to say I DO. Then went for finger prints and pass picture. I already have my pass number.

  2. when you pass your medical they will interview you, look at all your paper work, finger print you, swear you in and give you a start date. It may be Aug, it may be Sept.

    Thanks for the heads up... Will they tell me on the spot if I passed the medical or will I have to comeback? Sorry for all the questions I just want to know so I can prepare myself and my family...

  3. @ptyler hey hun... i was with you in pre employment back in may... how are you??? Here is Mrs.Shivers # (347)643-8218 she is incharger of the conductors being hired. EveryoneI also spoke to Mrs.Shivers today and i was informed i had to report back down on 8/12/13 to redo my DT cause its about to expire and paperwork, because it was lost smh... so i guess there should be more info next week... my list #1169

    @KingNaya that sucks hopefully you will make it into the August class. I have to report on Friday for medical and final processing.

  4. Ok let me know of any new info... I spoke to her last week

    Spoke to mrs. Shivers she said the class is scheduled for August 26 and they will start calling sometime next week. She also told me the class is only 30 but, they call more than 30 she didn't five me a number but, she said I will be called. I'm am super excited right now. As soon as I get the call I will post it so you guys can stay updated. Also, if you get any new info please continue to update us.

  5. @Ladymax Yea she told me there will be an August and Sept class. Did you do your DT and Pre Employment process??? What month??@Ladymax the person in charge of the Conductors list is Mrs. Shivers (347)643-8218 call her and double check to find out the last list # hired and future classes

    Yes I went in on may 21st for DT and pre employment. When I spoke to Mrs. shivers a few weeks back all she had told me was there was a class for August and it would be about 30-35 for that class. And if that number (1091) is correct I should be called for the next class.. Omg that's awesome.

  6. I Spoke to the head of the hiring list for Conductors she told me the last list # 1091. Her name is Mrs.Shivers (347)643-8218@memd78 that's her direct line

    @kingNaya did she say if there is a class coming out soon? My list number is 1125 and they are very close to my number.

  7. Hello all,


    I got called for the medical for C/R yesterday and i was told to report back for final processing on Thursday June 27 and also i was advised that there is another date for medical as well so the two days are june 27, june 28 are medical days. There will also be a class starting on July 29 and there is another class on August as well. Hopefully they keep calling you guys soon. Goodluck

    Congrats.... If you don't mind what is your list number? I'm just looking to see how long of a wait I have or should I be getting a call soon. My list number is 112*

  8. just got out, went through medical and had to retake the drug screen, was told it will expire before class starts. They said the class is supposed to begin july 1st. But I still need to go back for final processing since i qualified for medical. So now im waiting on yet another phone call. Any of you receive calls for medical yet?


    Are you going for the bus operator or conductor?

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