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  1. Yeah, not for nothing I’d go down there. Sounds like somebody dropped the ball. No quotas from what I experienced. Been a Motor for five, almost 6 years now.
  2. Those being promoted could have come from the OC as well. From what I’ve heard, they are pretty much going down the line as if the list was established. Word is they agreed with the union to establish the list mid month, meaning July.
  3. I know the bulletin and the revised bulletin, I also know that T/O’s have Been denied bringing steel toe boots/shoes. It’s composite toe or nothing. Are you a T/O? And the previous company didn’t offer steel toe to us. I haven’t been here long, but I’ve been through two companies, to include the store front and not one of the Boots/shoes we were offered were Steele toe. I’ve been a T/O for only 5 years and change.
  4. ASTM- F2413, 175/C75, EH, impact and compression. That’s the protective toe requirements. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t think a Steele toe is not EH compliant!
  5. That was rescinded like three months ago! Dr’s lines are completely needed starting in Oct 2018! And if you think steel toe boots/shoes are allowed have fun with that. There is a certain spec followed here. Not sure if you work for transit or what, but by no means are steel toe allowed to be worn as a T/O.
  6. Transit will issue you footwear, that’s their policy. Only way to purchase your own footwear is to have a dr sign a form and give a reason for the other footwear. You will still have to abide by transits rules when it pertains to footwear and they will be signed off by transit as well. They have certain specs. You will show up to the first few days with whatever you have and before the week is over(generally), you will be getting the transit footwear. My suggestion, get the Dr’s lines as soon as you can. Only problem with that is, good luck getting to 130 Livingston when you are in school car. Best bet is to have the form and boots/shoes, with the original box and receipt on the days you have scheduled for 130 Livingston. Other then that, you really won’t have time during school car days. They close at 4pm I believe and it’ll be difficult to make it there by then and have them approved. PS, don’t go to the medical and say you need a certain boot/shoe. You will be placed on medical hold. Wait until you’ve gotten your transit pair and work it out from there. Good luck
  7. Being a T/O, we aren’t allowed to wear steel toe boots. If you ordered them from the transit website, I have no idea how they let you. If you bought them personally, then good luck. They aren’t allowed to be worn by T/O’s
  8. $34 and change. Not sure of the exact number. Road pay is $36.25
  9. Yeah, I’m a motor for 5 years now. I happen to come in at the perfect time. Believe me when I tell you, you ain’t picking with one year in title. I’m willing to bet you won’t be picking two years in title either. As far as picking a decent shift...yeah that won’t happen until at least 3 years. Good luck and welcome. Just expect the worst and enjoy what ever comes.
  10. When you are newly hired, you will be considered yard. You won’t be yard until you pick, you will be considered yard until your 231 road days. After that you are considered revenue/road and your pay is increased to road pay. Yard means yard pay, that’s what you get to start and after school car, plus 231 road days after that you will no longer be yard/ yard pay.
  11. If they are bringing in people for provisional positions, they are done with the promotional list. It would screw up the seniority numbers and create a conflict with pick rights. Spoke with a previous partner who was hoping to be promoted and last he knew was a June Class and hasn’t heard anything since.
  12. Tier 6 is anyone that came from exam 8098 and later. So basically anyone with 5 1/2 years that didn’t come from another title or City/State job. It’s 55/25 for tier 6.
  13. Gherigfan1

    The Schoolcar Experience

    5 years and a schoolcar instructor😂. We are still learning our job at 5 years. I said from day one that it’s a mistake taking new TSS’s from our time frame into schoolcar. Got too many cowboys on the road as new TSS’s and now they are teaching. Shame! Either way, congrats. But we still rookies and I’ll never understand how transit decides shit like this. I know who you are, word goes around like forget it. Maybe you’ll say hello one day at Main. Good luck, I’m a road dog for life! Peace....
  14. Gherigfan1

    T/O Exam # 8098

    Call Barbara Shivers. Number has been posted numerous times, I can't recall it myself. Good luck


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