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  1. Some ppl make so much trouble out of a little situation...

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    2. Via Garibaldi 8

      Via Garibaldi 8

      And so he thinks that finding a photo of me and passing it around is somehow going to change the way I am? Keep dreaming. As I said before many forum members already knew what I looked like a while ago because I posted photos of myself. The difference here is I POSTED them, not someone trying to post photos for me to "embarrass" me, which is my whole point. I'm angry at the idea of something taking it upon themselves to overstep their boundaries, not that I'm somehow "o...

    3. Via Garibaldi 8
    4. checkmatechamp13


      The last time you mentioned the incident was yesterday at 10:50PM. The last time you mentioned it was today at 11:43AM (not to mention you making a whole rant about it in the chatbox). And I'm the one who "continues to press the issue". Enough said.....

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