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  1. This is the third night that I am going to bed at 7am, my sleeping patterns are already 100% opposite from normal, and its only July 10th?? wtf??

    1. JubaionBx12+SBS


      I went to sleep at 9 am one morning.

    2. Astoria Line

      Astoria Line

      Oh no i could never do that.. I would get bored before 9, thats why i go to sleep at 7 thats when the day gets boring.. One day, I got no sleep and then I went out (the day before my bday), I fell asleep on the Q85 and it was hard to walk lol

    3. checkmatechamp13


      I remember once, I pulled an all-nighter. I fell asleep in the library for 20 minutes and people kept slaming books on the table and still couldn't wake me up. I think I did that another time as well, but it wasn't as bad.


      In any case, I guess the advantage of having a part-time summer job is that it keeps your sleeping patterns from getting too out of whack. At least I'm waking up at 7AM not 3PM.

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